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Okay, so...it's been over two months since I last updated. Um. I'll try not to do that again. It's not so much that nothing has been happening as much as I just haven't really felt like posting.

But anyway! There's one very important thing going on and a few other things that have just grabbed my interest.

i. Big important thing is that I've decided I want to go to law school. It was sort of a spur-of-the-moment decision (my mom's bugged me about the idea for the past few years, but I hadn't really thought about it), but it actually feels really right. I've been adamant for a long time about not wanting grad school because I'm tired of school, but I'm really getting excited about law school, so I think it's a good decision. Especially after studying abroad, I'm really wanting to go into international law. I think that'd be awesome.

I'm signed up for the LSATs in October. Ack! Normally I do very well with standardized tests, but I've only been getting about 160 on the practice LSATs I've taken, which is not good enough. The Logical Reasoning sections keep kicking my ass. I'm doing great with Reading Comprehension and Logic Games/Analytical Reasoning (I've seen that section called both ways), but I keep making mistakes with the Logical Reasoning. *sigh* I've only been studying for about two weeks, which is maybe too soon to expect real improvement, but whether or not it is too soon, I'm going to look into taking an LSAT class when I get back to Tacoma.

I've updated my resume and wrote my personal statement, though the personal statement needs definite editing. I might ask around here for concrit at some point. But I really need to do well on the LSAT. (Obvious statement is obvious. :p)

ii. I finally saw Avatar: The Last Airbender! The show, not the horrible movie, though I did see that too. (I only went because I knew I wouldn't have to pay for it, and after it was over I was so glad I hadn't spent money on that thing. There were some things adapted that I didn't mind, they made sense, but mostly it was a big pile of DO NOT WANT.) And the show was awesome! Thank God it's on Netflix Instant, because I've already watched the whole thing twice and my favorite episodes several times.

So of course I went to look for fic, as you do. I like the canon pairings, but was bemused to look on ff.net and find myself in the minority. Usually canon pairings are not the minority. But I did find some good fics, and I will always have the show, so I'm happy.

iii. Twin was home for the middle two weeks of August, but she left on Saturday. My parents decided to give us our birthday presents a month early, while we were both home. I did not object to this, because I have a brand new XBox 360, and Final Fantasy XIII. Finally! I have been waiting months to play this game!

Even though I know I should be studying for the LSAT, I couldn't resist starting the game. It's very fun. The battle and leveling systems remind me of a mix between the FFX and X-2 systems, though I appreciate the addition of the AI. I'm really enjoying the characters and the story, and I think Lightning is full of awesome. Right now I'm in the middle of chapter nine, but I'm probably not going to get the chance to play much in the next few days because I am leaving on Saturday for Tacoma and I have to clean and pack and say goodbye to friends. And study for the LSAT. Bloody Logical Reasoning...

I think that's about it for new stuff in my life.
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I have to read the first half of Great Expectations...sometime before Monday. Gah. I "read" (for a given value of read, meaning a few chapters here and there) it my senior year of high school and didn't like what I read, so I've been putting it off and putting it off. But I'm going to actually try and read it this time.

In my theatre class we've been reading Christopher Marlowe's Dr. Faustus, which has been interesting. My only previous exposure to the Faust myth was actually the Wishbone episode about Faust, so I've been getting all nostalgic about Wishbone. Ah, Wishbone. Half my exposure to great literature like Faust or Cyrano de Bergerac or Red Badge of Courage has been through Wishbone. That was such a great show.

This Friday the entire group is going to Birmingham, mostly for the Cadbury's factory. God, I hope the entire place doesn't smell like chocolate. We're supposed to spend several hours there, and I might well be sick if I have to spend hours in a place that smells like chocolate. Ugh. Everyone else is talking about eating themselves sick, but if I do get sick, it will be because I find the smell of chocolate nauseating.
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I have been rather obsessively watching Criminal Minds all day. The last show I did this for was Buffy, but hopefully with this one I won't get so annoyed halfway through that I have to stop. :p

Also, go me for starting it while still on vacation, rather than during school. Of course I'm probably still not going to be finished with it by the time school starts, but probably by that time I'll at least be able to slow down.

I like the entire team so far. My favorite seems to shift from episode to episode, which is actually quite unusual, since normally I'm drawn to someone early on and stick with them. I am very fond of Reid (he's rather like a more empathic Zack Addy from Bones), but I like them all! They're not very deep yet, but I'm only halfway through the first season, so that'll probably come in time.

Now off to watch more! XD

eta: Randomly, for some reason, I've got Joy to the World in Spanish stuck in my head. Wtf, brain?
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It snowed again. Gah! The snow from a month and a half ago had only just melted, too. There's less of this stuff so it shouldn't hang around so long, but I'm pretty sure there's supposed to be more before I leave. *sigh*

I just started watching Criminal Minds. This show watches very like reading a John Douglas book, and I'm very sure that Agent Gideon is supposed to be based off him. But John Douglas is one of my favorite nonfiction authors, so the similarities are a definite draw. I think this will be my kind of show. :)
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Today's Thing of Awesome: my parents typically send me stuff for Easter (though not because we're religious, because we aren't--they send me stuff for Valentine's Day too). My mom sent me an email telling me that this year's offering would be "pitiful" due to the worsening economy. I didn't much care because usually they just give me candy and maybe jewelry, and I don't eat much candy or wear much jewelry. Except today I get my package and it's one of those cool pretty glass/ceramic/whatever eggs that open, and inside it was a few pieces of candy and $100.

I think my mom and I have different definitions of "pitiful". Whoo, unexpected money! :D

In other news, I stopped watching Buffy. I made it to early S3, but I kept getting annoyed with the relationship stuff. Heh. I was expecting to get depressed, if Joss made me care about a ship and then smashed it to pieces, but instead I'm annoyed. Last weekend I was obsessively watching it--watched S2 in two days--and ignoring important papers and all that. Now I just don't really care about watching it anymore.

That does not, however, stop me from wanting to read fic. WTF, self? Well, okay, Joss did depress me a bit because I find myself wanting to read Buffy/Angel, but it's a very new and odd thing for me to want to read fic about a show I lost interest in watching because it annoyed me.
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So today I finished and revised my paper before I expected, leaving me more time. I decided to watch due South.

[livejournal.com profile] shinyopals, have you SEEN this show? If not, YOU NEED TO WATCH IT.

A few very minor spoilers from the first few episodes, not really plot-related )
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I am very tempted to not go to class tomorrow. Very, very tempted.

On the one hand, I've not missed a single day of class all semester, which is a good thing. At the end of the semester I would feel quite proud of myself for a perfect attendence record (which has never once happened in, well, all my years in school), and also it means I won't fall behind, and won't put my participation grade in any danger.

On the other hand, I am procrastinating horribly on a couple papers and if I skip class, I can have more time to work on them. Or, more likely watch a ridiculous amount of Buffy episodes, hopefully enough to saturate myself on them for awhile, thereby letting me write the papers.

I have a month left of school--why did I let myself start a new, long, show now? *sigh*

I just started season two, and I was wondering, Buffy fans on my flist--so far I'm not feeling especially connected to any of the characters. Is this usual for the aftermath of the first season? Should I assume myself safe, or should I just wait for Joss to tear out my heart and stomp on it?

Gah. I will probably go to class tomorrow, if only for the perfect attendence record thing. And I will also probably watch a lot more Buffy tomorrow too. But I need to write at least one of the papers too, or else I'm going to go minorly insane this weekend.
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I never was a big fan of April Fool's Day, but I think this was the first one where I can't recall encountering any jokes. I didn't notice any ridiculous stuff on my flist, and LJ didn't even do anything (that I noticed, at least). Nothing IRL either. Huh.

And for another surprise, I...started watching Buffy. I was always reluctant to do this because I'm pretty sure Joss Whedon is going to play with my heart, but I couldn't help it; I gave in.

My overwhelming thought after seeing the first few episodes is that I'm so glad I'm not in high school anymore. XD

Now I'm ridiculously tired even though it's not even midnight yet, so I think I'll watch one more episode and then go to bed.
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Today's been a pretty good day. I didn't have to do anything in class besides listen, I'm now offically a Politics and Government minor, there was a gathering of the English department where I got to glee with my professors about the classes I'm taking next semester, I had pizza for dinner, and then I found old Rainbow Brite episodes. Rainbow Brite! I loved that so much when I was a kid. XD

Also, [livejournal.com profile] shinyopals and I are apparently going to cowrite something in her Fourteen-verse. I'm excited! I've never cowritten anything before, and I've always wanted to.

I'm completely updated on Bones now, so I suppose I'll just have to keep watching along with everyone else now. Next up in my Netflix queue is due South, and since [livejournal.com profile] ariastar has been raving about it recently, I'm looking forward to that.

I think right now, though, I'm going to go watch more Rainbow Brite. Hello, my childhood. :D
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Today I watched more Bones. I think I'm almost done with season two, and I know season three is shorter and season four isn't done yet. Gah. I like watching complete shows, so I can spoil myself early and stop worrying about where the writers are going to go. *sigh*

Hmmm, complete shows, complete shows...maybe I really should give Buffy a try. Have not seen a single episode of it, because I've always been scared off by all the ships and, well, Joss Whedon. I'm not sure I want my heart played with. Hmmm.

I did try to watch Kings after watching Bones. Emphasis on try. I got about forty-five minutes into it, but I was so bored. I think maybe I shouldn't try to watch retelling-myths/histories shows, because I also tried to get into Merlin and couldn't.

I...need to go do research now. *sigh*
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I am home. Yay, home! No classes for a week, no roommate and snoring...

And yay for internet! My computer decided that it didn't like the wifi at the hotel I stayed at in Spokane, so I had little to no internet all weekend. This was very sad. But I did a bit more writing, and am motivated to continue on that particular fic, so that's good.

Also, I have been watching more Bones. And I just watched an episode where Brennan compared Jesus to a zombie and said that people aren't so scary when you poke them in the eye. WIN.

And Angela and Hodgins are really quite adorable. I am not so much into the Booth/Brennan (or rather, I don't really care), but I am definitely seeing seeds of Guy I Love To See In Love in Hodgins, because, like Josh Lyman and the Doctor, he is SO CUTE about it.

I need icons for this show.
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Recently I started watching Bones. I like it very much, but I don't think it'll become a fandom. I really need to latch onto a ship to latch onto a fandom, and I am strangely not OTPing Booth/Brennan. I like it, but not OTP. I just finished episode sixteen of season one, and that's definitely soon enough for me to know--I think I was OTPing Doctor/Rose within the first few episodes of DW S1. XD

Though on the other hand, Booth? Pretty much hits my hardcore kinks of Fictional Guys I Love. Vague bad past over which he feels guilt and for which he feels he must atone? Check. Frequently fights crime/saves the world? Check. Is intensely loyal? Check. Very pretty when he hurts? Check.


I also really like Hodgins, though he does not really hit my Fictional Guys I Love buttons.

Also, You Know You're Too Obsessed With British Things When...it feels odd to watch a show and hear American accents. :p
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I just watched the first episode of Merlin.

Oh, the anachronisms. Oh, the twisting of Arthurian legend.

I'm not sure I like it, but I think I'm as shallow as half the fandom appears to the casual glance. Already I find myself somewhat fascinated by Merlin/Arthur. XD

I'll probably give it a couple more episodes to see if it grabs me. The slashiness is nice as it stands, but not enough to keep me watching on its own.

Tomorrow, I think I will answer comments. I am so bad at doing that in a timely manner. XD
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I need to go to bed, except I just want to keep watching Life on Mars. Note to self: IT WILL STILL BE HERE TOMORROW.

Also, I need to stop thinking in a British accent, one that might be Manchester because I've been watching LoM, or one that might be an amalgamation of all the British accents I've ever heard because God knows I can't properly tell them apart.

I don't know why LoM has me thinking in accents after five episodes when I've seen a lot more Doctor Who and that happened rarely, if even (I can't recall it happening, but I wouldn't swear it didn't).

Also, it would be nice if that particular David Bowie song would get out of my head.

Right. Bed. Though really, it's not like I actually have to be up at any particular time tomorrow. If it was during the semester, that'd be one thing, but it's winter break.


*gives in*
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Watched the Olympics closing ceremonies. They were very pretty, though thankfully not as ridiculously long as opening ceremonies. I don't have many thoughts, other than the Led Zeppelin song was lackluster--my mom and I agreed that they should have used Stairway to Heaven.

For London 2012, I think David Tennant should get to be a torch bearer. Maybe not the final one, but at least one of them. That would be entirely awesome.

Finished another fic. This one's 9000 words, and is actually conducive to being split up (in a way that Rounded with a Sleep wasn't, though it's longer), so now I have my first DW chaptered fic. It's also...sorta cracky. And a JE fix-it fic. And I poke fun at David Tennant's fashion sense. XD It's also with my beta, so it should be posted soonish.

In less than a week I'm leaving for Tacoma. I have to clean up my room. My room is a mess. This is going to be fun. :p
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Today I got The Caves of Androzani and two Six serials from Netflix. This is sad, both because I don't want to watch Five regenerate yet, and because it means I'm running out of Classic Who, and serials are not getting released on DVD fast enough to keep up with me. XD

This means that I need more things for my Netflix queue. Recommendations? I prefer something that won't completely break my heart, thanks. I thought about Buffy, which I've actually never seen a single episode of, but people keep going on about Joss Whedon and angst, so I'm not sure. Umm, for shows I've seen, there's Firefly, House, X-Files, West Wing, Supernatural, and...probably more I can't think of right now. I started Stargate SG-1, but got so bored I couldn't finish the second episode. I don't much care for humorous shows, unless the humor is wry rather than in your face. I usually end up shipping (often the main pairing presented), but would definitely prefer there to be pay-off. I think that's about it, but I'll appreciate any recommendations I'm given.
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Went to a barbeque at a friend's house. It was very fun. Towards the end we watched episodes of South Park, Futurama, and Reno 911!, which I never actually watch unless I'm with friends and they're watching it. Those shows are all right with friends (well, sorta), but I could never sit through them by myself.

And actually, I've never seen Reno 911!, which is sorta funny. I mean, I know why--it's definitely not my kind of show--but I'm sorta surprised I never watched before just for the Reno thing. Except that it's pretty obviously not Reno--I heard they film in LA, and it shows. No matter how many shots of downtown, the arch, and the Silver Legacy they show, Reno does not have palm trees. It just...really didn't look like Reno. Also, in the episode tonight, they were doing a prostitution sting, which was...what? Seriously? Did they just completely miss how prostitution is legal here? Though really, I suppose this show's greatest draw is not its accurate portrayal of life here. :p

Over the past couple weeks I've been playing Final Fantasy XII again, and right now I'm fighting Yiazmat. Seriously right now--I'm letting my characters and their gambits go at it while I make sure I'm not about to get a game over. I commented on this the first time I played this game, but really, 50 million hit points isn't hard, it's tedious. I do it because I like the accomplishment of having done it, but I can't play through this battle without either my computer or a book.

Now I've had a few beers and no caffeine today, so I'm off to bed.

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