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So there are some actually interesting things going on in my life.

First, hah. I've finished the sequel to my Big Bang now as well -- 33,500 words in six chapters. I have two one-shot side-stories defining themselves further in my head right now, and I expect those to come out within the next few weeks. I pretty much definitely have an actual universe going here, which is so awesome. Also, that universe already has a current word count of 110,000+ words, which is also awesome. I don't think I've ever written that much (purely in word count) in any single fandom, only counting complete fics. Star Wars is approaching that total, but it took me a lot longer than two months to get that far. And given the other Star Trek fics I've already written, that's 120,000+ words, and only going to continue to go up.

Hah. Not that anyone else cares about my word counts, I'm sure. But I'm amazed, so :p.

Second, I have my class schedule for next year. You know, I've known that this is happening for months, but now it finally feels real. I look at the classes on my schedule and realize that I'm actually going to be taking those.

First semester I'm taking Constitutional Law, Contracts, Legal Writing and Research, and Torts. Second semester I have Criminal Justice, more Legal Writing and Research, Civil Procedure, Property, and an elective.

I am...trying not to be terrified.

I am, at least, getting back into the school swing of things starting next week, since I signed up to take a macroeconomics class at my local public university, mostly because I think it'll help the study of law in some way to understand how economic systems work. I just hope it'll be interesting, though, whether or not it ends up being especially useful.

But mostly I'm at the point where I keep thinking, oh my god I'm starting law school in less than two months. I have to write as much as I possibly can before that happens! :p

I really need some sort of law school icon. Hmmm.
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Officially all signed up for [livejournal.com profile] startrekbigbang. Fic itself is still going well, though I've slowed down this weekend on account of being busy with graduation stuff.

Speaking of, I graduate in about four hours. It's nice, but I'm not too fussed about it. Maybe because I've been out of school for months already and this is just the ceremony.

Back to writing in the little time I have before I need to get going for brunch. I think about all I have left for this chapter is reunion porn, so let's see how that goes. (Dude, Star Trek is making me a lot pornier than maybe I've ever been. Both of the pairing fics that I've written so far have been rated adult. But I refuse to feel shame for this! I think I'm just going to enjoy it. :))
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Broke 10,000 words on my Big Bang, and sign-ups haven't actually even opened yet. And I've finished the second chapter, out of a planned ten to twelve. Go me! I am so excited for this fic you have no idea.

Also, this weekend is my official graduation. I finished the degree last December, but I walk on Sunday. This means I have to go back to Tacoma, but it'll be nice to see my friends there one last time. My best friend here is also coming, driving up specifically to see me graduate (she is driving 700 miles to watch me walk across a stage for two minutes. How awesome is that?), and so is most of my family, though not Twin. Twin is in Europe. But since I was in Europe for her graduation, it's probably only fair. :p

But it is also an outdoor ceremony, and there is a 70% chance of precipitation. Gah! Please don't rain during my graduation!
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Got my grades for my final semester and straight As, though it's three A- and an A. But dude, I got an A- in Theory of International Relations. I hadn't gotten better than a B+ on any of the papers I wrote this semester, so I thought I'd get a B or a B+ in the class, but my participation grade was great and then I got a 95% on my final paper. This would be an 18-page paper that I wrote in a day and a half, and I kicked so much ass on it that it kicked me over into the A- range. Considering how hard a grader my professor had been all semester, I am very proud of that.

So...now I'm trying to find something to do in between now and the new school year. Hopefully a job, but also hopefully a job that makes use of my shiny new BA. *snorts* Good luck to me. I'm trying for some online writing tutor positions, but we'll see how that goes.

Tomorrow, and actually in just over twelve hours, is my interview with an alumnus from Georgetown. I am nervous because I've never really had such an important interview before, but my parents helped out with questions I am most likely to be asked, and advised me to make notes of my talking points. It helps that it's a phone interview, so I can have all my notes on hand. I am still nervous, though. I do tend to be an articulate speaker, which is why I agreed to this interview even though it was optional. But still. Important. I am nervous. I really want to get into Georgetown!

Time to go make notes now.
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Last post of 2010! However silent I've been over the past months, I had to post now.

So, things of significance since I last updated...

All my law school apps are in. Most of them are still being considered. I got waitlisted by Fordham, and no news from anyone else. Well, except for Georgetown, because they wanted one of their alumni to interview me. That's happening on Tuesday, so I'm practicing for interviews. I've never had such an important one before.

I'm done with my undergrad! Grades are supposed to come out on Monday so then I'll know how I did, but considering I've done all my work, I can't have failed, so. I won't get the diploma until the ceremony in the spring, but I've finally earned my BA.

I saw Voyage of the Dawn Treader today. I did enjoy it, though it could totally be subtitled My Plot Is Pastede On Yey.

I got a new computer! Shiny, shiny Macbook Pro. I am very happy with it, and more happy that I'm done with the old one, because the old one was certainly about done with me.

I've been getting really into Star Trek TOS/XI. I don't know why now, but a few months ago I watched the movie again and something clicked. So then I watched the original series and the TOS movies and OH MY GOD I can totally see why Kirk/Spock started slash fandom. They're like, the most canon pairing to never actually be canon. So, there we go. It really was inevitable. I always go after this kind of ship. And at least, it being such an old fandom and pairing and having just been revitalized by the new movie, there's plenty of fic for me to read. I don't particularly want to write fic myself at the moment, but I am trying to resist the urge to meta.

I have no plans for tonight right now. One of my friends is going barhopping with her boyfriend, and I don't like barhopping, so I'm not doing that. I'm not sure about the other friend, since she hasn't texted me back yet. I would not be opposed to a quiet night at home, but we'll see what happens.

Happy New Year, everyone!
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Okay, so...it's been over two months since I last updated. Um. I'll try not to do that again. It's not so much that nothing has been happening as much as I just haven't really felt like posting.

But anyway! There's one very important thing going on and a few other things that have just grabbed my interest.

i. Big important thing is that I've decided I want to go to law school. It was sort of a spur-of-the-moment decision (my mom's bugged me about the idea for the past few years, but I hadn't really thought about it), but it actually feels really right. I've been adamant for a long time about not wanting grad school because I'm tired of school, but I'm really getting excited about law school, so I think it's a good decision. Especially after studying abroad, I'm really wanting to go into international law. I think that'd be awesome.

I'm signed up for the LSATs in October. Ack! Normally I do very well with standardized tests, but I've only been getting about 160 on the practice LSATs I've taken, which is not good enough. The Logical Reasoning sections keep kicking my ass. I'm doing great with Reading Comprehension and Logic Games/Analytical Reasoning (I've seen that section called both ways), but I keep making mistakes with the Logical Reasoning. *sigh* I've only been studying for about two weeks, which is maybe too soon to expect real improvement, but whether or not it is too soon, I'm going to look into taking an LSAT class when I get back to Tacoma.

I've updated my resume and wrote my personal statement, though the personal statement needs definite editing. I might ask around here for concrit at some point. But I really need to do well on the LSAT. (Obvious statement is obvious. :p)

ii. I finally saw Avatar: The Last Airbender! The show, not the horrible movie, though I did see that too. (I only went because I knew I wouldn't have to pay for it, and after it was over I was so glad I hadn't spent money on that thing. There were some things adapted that I didn't mind, they made sense, but mostly it was a big pile of DO NOT WANT.) And the show was awesome! Thank God it's on Netflix Instant, because I've already watched the whole thing twice and my favorite episodes several times.

So of course I went to look for fic, as you do. I like the canon pairings, but was bemused to look on ff.net and find myself in the minority. Usually canon pairings are not the minority. But I did find some good fics, and I will always have the show, so I'm happy.

iii. Twin was home for the middle two weeks of August, but she left on Saturday. My parents decided to give us our birthday presents a month early, while we were both home. I did not object to this, because I have a brand new XBox 360, and Final Fantasy XIII. Finally! I have been waiting months to play this game!

Even though I know I should be studying for the LSAT, I couldn't resist starting the game. It's very fun. The battle and leveling systems remind me of a mix between the FFX and X-2 systems, though I appreciate the addition of the AI. I'm really enjoying the characters and the story, and I think Lightning is full of awesome. Right now I'm in the middle of chapter nine, but I'm probably not going to get the chance to play much in the next few days because I am leaving on Saturday for Tacoma and I have to clean and pack and say goodbye to friends. And study for the LSAT. Bloody Logical Reasoning...

I think that's about it for new stuff in my life.
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I finished my Remix. I'm done with two of my three finals and two of my three papers, and tomorrow I'll be doing both the last final and the last paper.

I made reservations for all of my hostels in Europe except for Munich, and I'll be getting to that soon. I still need to make reservations for specific trains, particularly the sleeper trains, but I think it'll be easier to do that once I actually get into Europe at a train station there. But otherwise, I have places to stay!

I also checked my bank account and I have more money than I thought I did. WIN! Then I checked my credit card statement and it's smaller than I thought it was. DOUBLE WIN!

I feel very accomplished, and now it's time to go eat dinner and see Avenue Q. Tomorrow I can think about papers and tests and packing. Gah.
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Spring break starts tomorrow! This semester has gone by so quickly. How am I halfway done?

I've got...pretty much all my preparations done. All of my essays are finished and turned in. I printed out maps and directions from train stations to my hostels and to my tour and have the phone numbers of all these places.

Tomorrow I'll be in Ireland! For a week! I've always wanted to go to Ireland. This is going to be so awesome, even if apparently it's supposed to rain the entire time. *sigh*

I just have one test today, and then I'm done until next Tuesday, because Britain is awesome and gets Easter Monday off.

I should have internet in Ireland--it's at my hostels and I think possibly on my trains as well, but my computer might like it as well as it likes the wireless at my homestay and school (which is to say, it doesn't). I hope I will have internet, but I suppose we'll see. I have to go take my test soon, so I think I'll try to answer my long-unanswered comments tonight. XD

Ireland! Whoo!
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My first class today was supposed to be an hour and a half, and instead it ended up being two and a half hours. We're not having this particular class one day next week, and he said he'd add some time on the next few classes to make up for it, but that ended up being half an hour yesterday and an hour today rather than half an hour over three classes, which is what I thought would happen. Two and a half hours is a very long class.

A couple days ago I mentioned to my host mum's daughter that I was going to Ireland for spring break, and she advised me to book a tour. I thought about it and decided that was a good idea, so today I started looking at tours. I found a 5-day one that fits over my spring break that takes me most of the places I want to go and takes care of my accomodation and so on, for a really great price (getting there and traveling around for five days and all that for £212!), but when I tried to book and pay for it, it seems there's something wrong with my debit card. I don't even know what it was, since I was entering everything correctly. I didn't bring my credit card today, so I'm going to hope that that tour doesn't fill up by tonight or tomorrow when I can try my credit card.

And it is only five days, when I have a good nine or ten for my spring break, but this tour is only Republic of Ireland. That's fine with me, since I can take a few days after that to go to Northern Ireland, because I want to see Belfast and the Giant's Causeway and then come back on my own. There are some things I still some things I have to plan myself, but a tour will make things much easier.

Gah! Stupid debit card! Hopefully I can still get this tour.
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Spring semester starts tomorrow.

Or at least, it does at UPS. Hah! I am feeling somewhat smug because I've got another three weeks before I have to go back to school. And when I do, it'll be in London. Hah!

Of course, a shorter semester means less time actually in London, but then I'm taking another three and a half weeks to wander around Europe. Germany is a definite, since I'm visiting [livejournal.com profile] heart_of_man, but after that I'm planning on Austria (Vienna! Salzburg!), Italy, and France. Italy and France I've been to before, but I haven't been to Venice and I definitely want to go there, and I only spent like two days in Paris. Also I really want to see Versailles. I think my parents are willing to buy me a Eurail pass, which will hopefully make things easier.

God, I'm getting so excited. I still have another three weeks to wait, but after that...four months in Europe! *bounces*

The last time I went to Europe was ten years ago, I'm pretty sure. I think it was 2000, and I was twelve. I didn't appreciate it very much. Well, there were parts I definitely did appreciate (Rome was awesome, and what I saw of Paris, and the traveling around England like to Stonehenge and Warwick Castle), but I was a stupid kid and I carried a book with me everywhere and a lot of the time I'd get bored and find a bench and read. I remember doing that at the Tower of London. I glanced at the Crown Jewels, got bored as my family ooohed and ahhhed over them, and went to read a book by the ravens.

I am going to do so much better this time. Not only have I (thankfully) grown up since my last trip there, but this is my trip, the one that I've planned and worked out and have made a bunch of calls and done so many tiny errands for. I am so going to make it an awesome one.
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Got my grades yesterday. Three A-, one A, 3.75 GPA. Not as good as I was hoping, but it's still pretty good, so I'm pleased.

I heard on the news over dinner that Britain is having the worst winter in like a hundred years or something. Gah. I'm hoping they're exaggerating. But oh well if they're not--I'll manage.
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Hah! I figured out what to do for my paper, and am now two pages into it with an outline of the rest of it in my head.

I win!

And I may even get it done this weekend, which gives me more time on Monday and Tuesday to revise. Whoo!

This makes things much better. I may even find the time to write my [livejournal.com profile] yuletide fic before I go home (I've got a good idea for that; I just need to find the time to write it), and, if I'm especially productive, I might even be able to do more betaing.

I'm in a much better mood now than I was earlier today, even if earlier I wasn't writing a paper and now I am. XD
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Today I rewatched Boondock Saints, which I'd been meaning to do since I saw BDS II: All Saints' Day over Thanksgiving break. (All Saints' Day was, actually, a very good movie. Much better than I was expecting from a sequel. I'll definitely want it when it comes out on DVD.)

I have no idea why I like these movies so much. Normally I'm not into excessive violence, overt religious themes tend to make me uncomfortable, vigilantism creeps me out, and so on. Maybe it's just the extremely charismatic cast. I just find myself laughing along with Connor and Murphy with their...rather extreme jokes, and tonight I just wondered why I find that so funny when ordinarily I'd be horrified and/or squicked. Hmmm...oh well. *shrugs*

Rambling about finals this semester )
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Today I finished my last couple of regular assignments. From here on, all I have left are final tests and final papers. This makes things much easier--or at least, it will once I think of topics for my final papers. XD

I find myself...surprisingly free of obligations at the moment. I think the only outstanding obligation I have right now is [livejournal.com profile] yuletide, and I've got a month to finish that. Still, I think I'm gonna try and do it soon just to have it done, and then I might actually try to finish up some of my WsIP. (Hah! We'll see how that goes. XD)

In the meantime, I am going to READ BOOKS FOR FUN!
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God, I am so glad this week is over. On Monday I had a take-home test due and a presentation, on Wednesday I had to write a form poem (as in, a poem using forms like sonnet, villanelle, etc., rather than free verse, which is so much easier) yesterday I had a presentation on a paper, I got sick on Thursday and had a test, and I've had 2-4 hours of dance (well, 2 on Sunday and 4 the rest of the week) every night this week because it was tech week for the dance group I'm in and we had our performances last night and tonight.

So basically this week I had: two tests, two presentations, one paper, one poem, ~370 pages of reading, and about twenty-two combined hours of dance stuff. And I was sick. Gah. Monster week.

But actually, despite being really tired right now, I am really quite pleased with myself because I managed my time very well. I didn't really have that much free time this week, even with doing pretty much all my assigned reading at dance when I wasn't actually dancing, but I started things early enough that I didn't get stressed. I am especially pleased because I did not have good time management skills when I came to college (I was used to coasting), so I'm glad I finally seem to have learned some.

Now there are just some fandom things to do, and I think, now that Monster Week is over, I will definitely get some betaing done.

In other fandom news, I am fairly pleased with my [livejournal.com profile] yuletide assignment. It's not a fandom I've written for before, but I've already got some ideas, and I think I might get started on it once I'm done with my betaing.


Dear [livejournal.com profile] yuletide writer,

This is not going to be an in-depth letter, mostly because what I really want, I already gave you in my sign-up. I will say that I like happy and/or uplifting fic, but really, I'm sure I'll like anything you come up with. Thanks so much! :D

'Kay. Now I think I'm gonna go to bed, and hope my cold goes away soon.
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I got my plane tickets for London today. Wow, this is getting very real. I'm actually going to London in February, and I'll be there for months. *still slightly boggling*

Also today, in my History of the English Language class, we had a bit of a tangent on Celtic languages. So now I've learned how to pronounce Welsh, and also I sang the Welsh national anthem. XD (By the way, the ll sound in Welsh might just be the weirdest thing ever.)

I have a lot to do this weekend, so I should get started on it. *sigh*
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In which I totally geek out about grammar )

I also now have more concrete plans for tomorrow. I'm going to make banana bread, and I'm going out for dinner with my suitemates. Possibly I will get a couple of them to come have a drink with me afterwards, but not sure about that. Still, banana bread and dinner are definite plusses. :D
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Today I cooked dinner. This is significant enough to merit a mention because it is actually the first time I have ever cooked by myself. As in, real cooking and not microwave stuff. It's not the first time I've cooked ever, because I've cooked with my mom, but she was always there to make sure it came out all right. Today it was just me. Heh.

So there are two main things I learned about cooking, things that seem obvious in hindsight:

1. Don't fill a pot practically up to the brim with water if you're going to boil things in it. Get a bigger pot, or cut the recipe in half. XD

2. I think I will remember this time what boiling water actually looks like. I've never boiled things that often, but now I will try to remember that boiling water is actually bubbling and not just steaming.

I just made tortellini, since that's pretty easy--though apparently I can come close to screwing even that up. :p The whole time I was pretty much watching my tortellini with the water spilling over the sides of my pot and steam rising and being afraid something was going to catch fire and we'd have to evactuate the dorm. But that didn't happen! :D

The tortellini was all right. It probably could have boiled a bit more, but well, I was afraid I'd set something on fire with every increasing minute. But it was fine and I ate it and I have leftovers that I'm going to make into pasta salad for lunch tomorrow.

On Wednesday I'm planning to make banana bread, since I like that more than cake. Probably my parents will send me a giant cookie, because they usually do on my birthday, but I like banana break more than cookies. Though one thing I noticed about our oven is that it...doesn't seem to keep track of temperature. I'm sure I'll figure out how to heat the thing to 350 degrees (I'm still pleased with myself for getting the stove to turn on tonight XD), but eh. Not a nice oven.

In other news, I am going to be very busy this semester. Very busy.

I got into two dances for RDG (the school dance group), each of which practices two hours a week, so there's four hours just for dance. This is good, because it will keep me active, but I don't even know when practices are yet. Also I'm a bit miffed. There are three tap numbers this year, at each of the basic levels (advanced, intermediate, beginner), and I ranked my choices in that order. I am an advanced dancer, for all that I'm not in the best shape and I can't do double or triple turns, but the dances I got were the intermediate and beginner ones. There are probably a variety of reasons I didn't make the advanced dance--there are a lot of people in that dance already, and I fumbled some of the audition piece (though the auditon piece was only jazz, lyrical, and hip hop, which are not my styles)--but I danced with the choreographers last year as an advanced dancer and I did just fine. So I'm trying not to be miffed, but I am a bit. *sigh* Well, at least I'm still dancing.

Also two jobs. Both have very limited hours (up to five a week), but still. Also various clubs. And I haven't even mentioned homework yet. XD

But I think I'm happy to be busy now. It feels good to have a lot of stuff to do.

And I'm getting along with my suitemates very well. We've already had several scattered hours where we just sat around and chatted, and tomorrow we're going to Costco to get various supplies and a pizza. This is a huge improvement from my roommates of previous years. :D

We're only two weeks into the semester and I'm already having a good one. I just hope it keeps up.
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I posted exactly once in August. Damn, that's a new low. But things have happened now! Lots of things!

i. Vegas trip was fun. Not quite as fun as last time because there were a few immature guys staying with us, but still fun.

ii. Green Day concert was AWESOME. So totally awesome. It was also nice spending time with my aunt and uncle, and also having lunch with [livejournal.com profile] heart_of_man.

iii. Back at school now. I'm happy enough, but I'm going to miss the very little lazing around I managed this summer. XD

iv. I have a new job! One of my teachers from last semester got injured and needed an assistant for a class now, so I applied, and I got hired. It's only like five hours a week (if that), but it's about ten bucks an hour, so I'm making decent money for how much I'm working. Especially since it's a really easy job -- writing on the board, running errands, filing, that kind of thing.

v. I applied to graduate. Eep! I'm not graduating until next fall, but everyone who intends to graduate in 2010 has to apply these first few weeks of school. So I did. Graduation. From college. How did that happen?

vi. Last, but most definitely not least... I got accepted into the study abroad program I wanted.


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I have been so tired lately. I have avoided doing almost everything that requires effort. Including writing, which makes me feel guilty, because I still have to do the Support Stacie fic (gah I am so late, sorry, [livejournal.com profile] wiggiemomsi). Also, [livejournal.com profile] shinyopals, I am so going to be on IM more often and get a move on with Vegas-fic.

I don't think I've hit my saturation point for lazing around--I don't think I have a saturation point for lazing around XD--but I need to be more active and not spend all my time reading books and fic and watching DVDs.

School just made me feel so tired. I sort of want to tell my mom that when she starts nagging me about getting out of the house more, but since she's been a high school teacher for thirty years, plus having a Master's when I'm not even done with my BA yet, I don't really have that many grounds for complaint. :p But I was just getting so weary at the end of the semester that I was almost to the point of not caring about school so long as I had time to rest. Which feels silly to me, because I didn't even really have that big a load. My classes were not that hard, since I could keep up after not reading more than half whatever reading was assigned. I didn't have any papers or assignments so onerous that I couldn't just do them the day before. I only really studied for one of the three finals I had. Why was I so tired?

(I mean mentally more than physically, though I am physically tired as well. But I'm pretty sure that being physically tired often comes with being out of shape and having an inactive lifestyle, so I know I'm getting pretty much what I bargained for with that. Is mental tiredness a side effect?)

But on the other hand, I'm pleased I didn't let my fatigue affect me that much. I got the best grades I've had in years, and, I just found out, made the Dean's List for the first time ever. (Whoo!) So hey, even if I do get ridiculously tired, it's nice to know that I can rise above it.

Which means, it's now time to rise above it. I've had a very nice three weeks off, but now I really need to get off my ass and turn in my damn job applications and start writing my fics.

At least [livejournal.com profile] remixredux09 is about to start. My favorite ficathon, yay! I could always write fic I liked for this ficathon, even during my 2006/2007 Years of Deadness.

So. Soon I will go to bed, but definitely starting tomorrow, I will do job apps, fic, collaborating, and updating LJ more often. *firm nod*

ETA: OMG it's raining! *bounces* It's been raining so often the last week. And thunderstorms! I love thunderstorms. We get lots of rain in Tacoma, but very few thunderstorms. More of those in Reno, for all that there's so much less yearly rain.

ETA 2: Apparently I can't shut up and I'd rather edit my post than make a new one. I was just thinking about some fic reviews I left recently. I've always been a long reviewer when I have the time (as in, reviews so long that they take multiple comments), but I think I've really improved in noticing and talking about the nuances of a story because of my writing classes. Like, really noticing specific word choices and what they add to a story. In reviews I wrote years ago I could rhapsodize about more general things--beautiful language, characterization moments, etc--but I think taking writing classes has helped me become a better reader. My professors have always told me that reading will make me a better writer, but I didn't realize it worked the other way around too. Very cool.

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