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My lecture on Fan Fiction and Feminism today was awesome (though more about fanart and fanvidding than fic). The professor who gave the lecture said she's a member of OTW, so I just looked her up there and she's even a former board member and involved with several committees.

Why this makes me excited is that the lecture wasn't just an academic look at the phenomenon of fandom from an outside observer. I've been to a few lectures and read several articles like that. Today's lecture was from someone who is actually in fandom, and loves and understands it. It was from a legal perspective, of course, but we talked about fair use and the nature of a transformative work and a lot of other interesting things.

Some highlights of things that amused me:
-The very first thing she showed was a Star Trek (2009) vid, so I knew we were off to a good start.
-Clex fanvid (Clark and Lex from Smallville)
-Wincest fanvid
-Apparently the kind of transformative work than will pass the fair use muster most easily is one involving sex. Meaning, porn will get by the courts the easiest.

There were a lot of other interesting things in the lecture, and the professor chose her examples really well. That was totally worth missing the first half of my Contracts class. :D
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Yeah, I suck at updating.

We're getting into exam season, so school is getting busier. I think I'm mostly looking forward to the end of exams just so I know what they're like and what I really need to do to prepare for them. I have been outlining and looking at past exams and all that stuff, but I won't know how effective it is until after I actually take the exams.

In school-to-fandom transition news, I'm skipping the first half of my Contracts class on Wednesday (with my professor's permission :p) to attend a lecture on Fan Fiction and Feminism, which is supposed to talk about gender issues in fanfic, plus some IP and copyright stuff. I'm definitely interested in hearing about this from a lawyer's perspective, and in seeing if there's anything that I haven't already picked up just from being in fandom for ten years. :p Still, I'm mostly excited that my school is actually hosting a lecture on fanfiction. :D

I've got my [livejournal.com profile] startrekbigbang posting date, the 19th. It's one of the last days, which is a bit frustrating because by then I'll have had my story done for almost six months, and I'm tired of sitting on it. I requested a later date because that's what my artist and mixer said they'd be more comfortable with, and of course I want them to be able to have as much time as they need, but I seriously want to post this fic. I mean, I'm losing interest in further fiddling with it, that's how done it feels.

Still, just under two weeks and I can FINALLY POST. :D
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Officially all signed up for [livejournal.com profile] startrekbigbang. Fic itself is still going well, though I've slowed down this weekend on account of being busy with graduation stuff.

Speaking of, I graduate in about four hours. It's nice, but I'm not too fussed about it. Maybe because I've been out of school for months already and this is just the ceremony.

Back to writing in the little time I have before I need to get going for brunch. I think about all I have left for this chapter is reunion porn, so let's see how that goes. (Dude, Star Trek is making me a lot pornier than maybe I've ever been. Both of the pairing fics that I've written so far have been rated adult. But I refuse to feel shame for this! I think I'm just going to enjoy it. :))
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Spring semester starts tomorrow.

Or at least, it does at UPS. Hah! I am feeling somewhat smug because I've got another three weeks before I have to go back to school. And when I do, it'll be in London. Hah!

Of course, a shorter semester means less time actually in London, but then I'm taking another three and a half weeks to wander around Europe. Germany is a definite, since I'm visiting [livejournal.com profile] heart_of_man, but after that I'm planning on Austria (Vienna! Salzburg!), Italy, and France. Italy and France I've been to before, but I haven't been to Venice and I definitely want to go there, and I only spent like two days in Paris. Also I really want to see Versailles. I think my parents are willing to buy me a Eurail pass, which will hopefully make things easier.

God, I'm getting so excited. I still have another three weeks to wait, but after that...four months in Europe! *bounces*

The last time I went to Europe was ten years ago, I'm pretty sure. I think it was 2000, and I was twelve. I didn't appreciate it very much. Well, there were parts I definitely did appreciate (Rome was awesome, and what I saw of Paris, and the traveling around England like to Stonehenge and Warwick Castle), but I was a stupid kid and I carried a book with me everywhere and a lot of the time I'd get bored and find a bench and read. I remember doing that at the Tower of London. I glanced at the Crown Jewels, got bored as my family ooohed and ahhhed over them, and went to read a book by the ravens.

I am going to do so much better this time. Not only have I (thankfully) grown up since my last trip there, but this is my trip, the one that I've planned and worked out and have made a bunch of calls and done so many tiny errands for. I am so going to make it an awesome one.
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I got my plane tickets for London today. Wow, this is getting very real. I'm actually going to London in February, and I'll be there for months. *still slightly boggling*

Also today, in my History of the English Language class, we had a bit of a tangent on Celtic languages. So now I've learned how to pronounce Welsh, and also I sang the Welsh national anthem. XD (By the way, the ll sound in Welsh might just be the weirdest thing ever.)

I have a lot to do this weekend, so I should get started on it. *sigh*
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In which I totally geek out about grammar )

I also now have more concrete plans for tomorrow. I'm going to make banana bread, and I'm going out for dinner with my suitemates. Possibly I will get a couple of them to come have a drink with me afterwards, but not sure about that. Still, banana bread and dinner are definite plusses. :D
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Today has been a good day.

I got my grades today, and omfg I got straight As. Well, two were A-s, but they're still As. It's seriously been ten years since I've had straight As. It wasn't quite a 4.0, but hah, my parents were still happy enough about it to break out a bottle of wine. I was not expecting that, but it was nice.

Straight As! I'm still sorta amazed. I only studied for one of the tests, and the two final papers, I wrote them both the day before they were due. Wow, apparently I'm good at writing papers under pressure with little to no editing. XD
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I just had a 15-18 page paper made OPTIONAL.


Doubly so because I technically have a draft of this paper due on Sunday and I've barely done any research, let alone done any writing.

It's not quite the best thing ever, because if I choose not to do this paper, it means that the other paper is worth 35% of my grade, and the final worth 30%. But that other paper is shorter, more interesting, and due in over a month, and I've gotten As on both the tests I've had in this class. My professor is actually giving us options--we can keep to the original grading, which involves two papers and a final that are weighed somewhat less heavily; we can write only the papers and not take a final; or we can write one paper and take the final. I test well, and I do not want to write this 15-18 page paper, so even if the grades are weighted more heavily, I'm so taking that third option.

Also, it's almost time to register for fall. I was looking up classes I want to take, and what jumped out at me was HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE.

A study of the phonology, vocabulary, and grammar of the English language, tracing it from its Anglo-Saxon roots to its modern status as a world language. Language change is examined in the context of cultural change, and the course may investigate such contemporary concerns in linguistics as theories of grammar, dictionary usage, and bilingual education.


Watch me do the dance of GLEE and WIN. Okay, it's more of an awkward wiggle, since I'm sitting in bed with a computer in my lap, but still. GLEE and WIN.

Also, I am watching Bones. Or at least, I was until I stopped to write this entry, and now I'm going back to that.
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I just finished a paper. Gah. Hate writing papers.

But not even having papers will make me stop loving my school. Becase this week, the school is having this SymPOEsium thing, which is lectures and various things from lots of disciplines related to Poe and his world and the things he wrote about and so on.

This is awesome enough on its own. What's even better is that my American Lit teacher gave us the week off classes so we could go to lectures instead. But what is currently the most awesome is the lecture I went to today, about the philosphy of mind, basically truth in fiction and how close fiction has to be to truth and so on.

The lecturer also talked about various levels of truth. Like the various levels of canon in fandom. Well, he didn't actually use the term fandom, but he did use canon, and he gave us an example.



The lecturer was talking about the movies being primary canon and the books being secondary and how people could accept various levels of canon, and I was just sitting there trying not to explode of glee.


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