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Watching the leaders' debate live. It's pretty cool to be watching British politics from the outside. It's interesting, but I'm not so invested, which is nice. And I like Nick Clegg. :p

Tomorrow is Shakespeare's birthday, and I will be in Stratford-Upon-Avon for it! And I'll get to see King Lear! This is going to be so awesome.
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So nothing much has been happening lately. I finished a six-page paper today that I did not completely hate writing, so that was nice. XD I've got another paper to write before Monday, but it's just a one-page abstract for an article that I did, actually, read, so no worries.

There are two weeks until spring break. I'm going to be going home for most of it, but the first few days I'm going with my school's Young Democrats club to the Washington YD convention in Spokane. I think it'll be fun, though I'm not certain what exactly we're going to be doing. :p

(Though speaking of political organizations, I've not yet heard from Grassroots Campaigns. They told me they'd contact me within a few days, and that was on Monday. I'm not sure if I need to be more patient, or assume that it's a no go. *sigh*)

But for other, fic-related news, there are more fics I'm planning in what I'm going to call the Wanderverse, which idea comes from a line in Tolkien's Aragorn poem, "Not all those who wander are lost", because seriously, how much is that just exactly what I want this series to convey? :D So I'm officially calling it Those Who Wander, and unofficially calling it the Wanderverse.

The thing is, I want to be writing bonding fics between each pair of characters--I just did Ten I and Rose, so I want to write fic around Ten II and Rose, Ten I and Donna, Ten II and Donna, Ten I and Ten II, and Rose and Donna. Eventually I will totally get into the threesome stuff, and also general fic with Donna, but I want a fic devoted to each pair, well, bonding.

I even have something of an idea with the Rose and Donna fic, but I'm a bit nervous, because I was just looking at the list of my fics and you know, I've never actually written female friendship fic. My sixth year of writing fics, and I've just never really managed it. This is depressing and must be remedied, but of course there's a reason behind it, which is that for some reason I feel so much more comfortable with the male point of view. Looking at my fic list again, I've written like fourteen fics from female POV--fourteen. Out of over 150.

I don't know why I feel so comfortable with male POV, since I'm not male and my closest friends are women. And of course I want to write more women, but for this Rose and Donna fic I have a bit of an idea for, I imagine writing scenes in my head (which is what I do), but they feel stilted and unnatural. Which is odd, because like I said, my closest friends are also female and so I personally am very comfortable with female/female interaction.

Of course, probably the best way to get over awkwardness in writing is to practice it. So I will, especially since I really do need to write more women. It's just...gah! Why is it so hard? XD
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YAY PRESIDENT OBAMA! I'm trying not to be cynical. The campaign is over, and now he has to actually live up to those promises--or not. He's a man and a politician, and compromise and failure are inevitable. But when I watched the Inauguration and the camera panned over the crowds, I occasionally saw people wearing shirts that said "YES WE DID", I thought, yeah, we did that, but it's not the most important thing. Obama's speech said it--there are more challenges ahead--there always are--the important thing is the belief that we can.

I watched the Inauguration for a couple hours, though I had to go to class before I could see Bush get on Air Force One (or whatever it's called when the president isn't on board), which made me a bit sad. :p But while watching I saw one of the guys in Young Democrats, and he invited me to the celebration tonight at a pub downtown.

Experiment in social interaction )

So now I'm watching The Brain of Morbius. Y HELLO THAR, FOUR! I love Four. I know he's a common favorite Doctor, but there's a reason for that--he's just so awesome and quirky. :D
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Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] thistlerose! It may not be your birthday anymore where you are, but it's still the 17th here, at least. :p I hope you had a lovely day.

In other news, back at school. Not only was my plane on time (unlike when I came home for winter break, when it was a two hour delay), but it landed twenty minutes early. I hate flying, so this made me happy. I also did not get queasy at all (except during take-off and landing, but I always do), so that was great. It might be because I was watching The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit on my iPod, and I love those episodes. I didn't get to finish TSP because we landed early, but under the circumstances I wasn't going to complain, and though I didn't get to "I believe in her", I did get as far as "Oh, she knows" and "He said your name", so that was nice.

Now I'm very sleepy, which is ridiculous because I've had caffeine and I didn't even cross any time zones, so I have no idea why traveling makes me so tired. Eh.

Have gotten some preliminary emails from a couple teachers this semester, and for my Presidency and Congress class, watching the Inauguration is an assignment. :p Of course I would have done it anyway, but I am so excited about this class. A class about how Congress and the President work together, during the first 100 days of a new administration--how utterly awesome is that?

So yes. I am sad that there's no more vacation (and already I mourn not having my own room--I am so glad I'm going to be a senior next year so I won't have any trouble getting into the suite-style dorms when it's time to sign up for next year's housing), but I'm really looking forward to my classes.
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Canada, WTF? Are you having a coup?


I understand my government much better than I do yours, but this coalition thing is significant, yes?

Also, Thailand.

This is a bit crazy. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton is going to be the Secretary of State. Sounds good to me.

In much less global news, [livejournal.com profile] heart_of_man and I watched Smith and Jones and The Shakespeare Code today.

Two things I noticed about Smith and Jones: Martha's supervisor (is that what he is?) is Mr. Stoker. Stoker! And he gets his blood sucked out by a vampire plasmavore. I never noticed that before! XD Also, when the plasmavore tells the Doctor that she thinks he's laughing on purpose at the darkness, she says she's going to give him peace. Awww. I don't think of S&J as one of his S3 suicide attempts (when he first met Martha, he would have understood that she was talking about him in the future, so he would probably figure he'd live through getting his blood drained), but still. I do think he wants peace, though maybe not the permanent kind. XD

TSC I love as much as always. Shakespeare! The power of words! Lovely Rose mentions! That episode makes me happy. :D But now we're getting into the "eh" streak of S3, so...eh. :p I am looking forward to watching Utopia again though.
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Am dead tired since woke up before six and worked for more than twelve hours, then went to a party, but.


Am still waiting on the results for my local races since apparently my county is the consistently the slowest one to get ballots in and counted, but.


I do not have to disown my country, which I still love despite the very vocal minority (hah, they are a minority!).

And Nevada went blue. NEVADA WENT BLUE. OMG for probably the first time ever I am proud of my state! And I get to be proud of my country at the same time!


*falls asleep*
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Tomorrow I'm going to be at the office by 6:45, so I'm going to bed now. I had a paper due on Wednesday that I got extended to Friday, and an exam on Friday extended to Monday, so tomorrow I don't need to worry about anything except, you know, the future of the country. XD

Tonight when I was doing GOTV calls, I called a John Smith. I'm still sorta amazed I found a real John Smith. And of course the first thing I think about is the Doctor. :p

But yeah. Going to bed now. We're so close to being done with this election, finally. Now if any of my fellow Americans haven't voted yet, make sure and do that as soon as possible!
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So today I ended up writing that paper I'd been putting off and got an extension on. Now I remember why I'd been putting it off--it sucked. This was for my Oceanography class, so it was more of a report, with a bunch of questions I had to answer and data to include as well as a two-paged (single-space with half-inch margins, of all things) paper. That consumed pretty much my entire afternoon and half of my evening. It ended up a bit half-assed since I really don't care what grade I get on it as long as it's not a zero, and doing the assignment assures me it won't be. I've been getting As on things in this class this semester, but I wouldn't be surprised if this was a B or a C, and I don't care enough to try and make it better. Mostly I'm just pleased to have it done.

And to reward myself for finishing that thing, I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide! I ♥ [livejournal.com profile] yuletide, and I'm really looking forward to my assignment this year. I just hope I'll be able to put as much effort into it as it deserves, since the semester finishes up about the time the stories are due.

Speaking of writing fics on time, I think I'm already giving up on writing a fic a day. Today was that paper, and I was going to go to bed early tonight so I could get up early tomorrow. Tomorrow I'm going to get up early and spend a lot of time doing assignments as well, because on Tuesday my entire day will be eaten by politics. Seriously. I actually promised my boss I'd work from 7am to 8pm, and this is a promise I actually don't think I'll have a problem keeping, much as I like my sleep.

This does make me so glad I'm on the west coast, though. I'm probably going to be up late on Tuesday night, but not as late as people on the east coast might be.

Now I'm going to bed. Maybe I'll manage to write more fic tomorrow, in between assignments.
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Felt sicker today. Could not bring myself to go to work today. I am feeling better now, but dunno how long that will last. [livejournal.com profile] shinyopals and I had a conversation where I got her to write about bears and she got me to write more crackfic in the With a Little Help from My Friends-verse (a universe which desperately needs a good name, btw), except which will definitely end up more cracky than the first fic. I'm not entirely sure how this happened. XD

Also, because apparently I haven't had enough of politics and campaigns yet, I'm watching The West Wing. Right now I'm watching 2162 Votes, and then I'm going to go through season seven. I'm going to try and finish it before election day.

Months ago, I was so amused at how closely this current campaign was paralleling the one in season seven of West Wing. Non-white Democrat vs moderate Republican? Except then John McCain showed how much of a sleazeball he really is, whereas I could have been more than all right with Arnold Vinick as a president. *sigh*

Also, I love Donna Moss. Why do I have no Donna icons?
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Sorry, let me glee about this a bit more.



I've been worrying about this a bit--you know, what if I don't get it in time? and that kind of thing. But now the worry is ended, because it was in my mailbox today, so I can fill it out and send it in definitely in time for election day.

Also, for an even odder thing to make me glee...tomorrow I have a midterm in my American Lit class (and btw, this week is midterm week, which means we're half-way through the semester, which is a big pile of wtf? because how did this go so fast?), and we had a take-home essay for part of it. I wrote mine today, and felt so much glee for not being restricted to two pages, which was the maximum length for the longest paper I've had to write in that class so far. Two pages! XD But anyway, there was no such restriction on this take-home essay, so I could go longer! And that made me happy. :p

So today I had to work, and then I had to write that essay and study for the midterm, and tonight I had to watch an adaptation of The Tempest for another class (because, obviously, we read that this past week and a half, but you know, whenever I heard the name Sycorax, I was always startled, because to me, that meant Doctor Who. XD) It was two and a half hours and not a very close adaptation, so I was rather bored and a bit pissed off, and now I don't have as much time tonight to write peer-editing comments on stories for tomorrow's workshop in my creative writing class, and also more studying for the midterm.

And now I need to get off LJ because I have too bloody much to do. *sigh*
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I've only been on this job for four days, but last night's debate irritated me enough that I really did not want to go bug people about voting.

(Sigh. This is my conundrum with working for political campaigns. I would not like getting phone calls and visits from volunteers all the time--it feels like nagging, and I hate being nagged. But I want to get these people elected, and statistics say that this works. I hate doing it, but I want to be active. Bah.)

Of course, I did go tonight, since I'm not a volunteer; I'm going to get paid for this, and therefore need to show up.

But the thing is, we've got two 13-year-old volunteers. I think it's great--go them if they want to be active.

Apparently, however, people object to this. One of the kids was telling me today about how he got yelled at on the phone by this guy who thinks that people who aren't old enough to vote have no business working for political campaigns. And tonight another person called with the same issue and had to talk to a manager.

Oh my God, people, are you serious? You actually object to kids volunteering because they can't vote--even though volunteering is about the only thing they can do to affect an election? They have as much of a stake in any election as any other citizen, and here they are, trying to get their voices heard, and you think that because they can't vote, they can't do anything. I'd think people would be glad to see kids with a social conscience!

Jesus fucking Christ. My faith in humanity today is about nil.
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So for the past several days, I've been eagerly waiting for books I ordered from Barnes and Noble. They were scheduled to be delivered today, so when I woke up this morning, I checked my email, saw that I had a package notification, and was like YAY.

Except when I picked up the package, it was...not a box full of books. Which made me sad. And I was like o.O what is this? On the back it said something about financial institutions, and I thought, bank? But I got my debit card yesterday--why would my bank send me a package?

I'd forgotten that I'd ordered more deposit slips over a week ago. XD And you know, of course I need the deposit slips, but I WANT MY BOOKS. I just checked my order status, and it says the package was delivered an hour ago, but I guess it just hasn't been processed at the mail center here yet. *sigh* I want it to be done soon, because I have to work today from 12-4, and the mail center package pick-up closes at 4:30, so I'd be cutting it close if I had to rush there after work to get my package, and I really don't want to wait another day. Gah. *impatient as hell*

Also I saw in my email that Netflix received one of the DVDs I sent back, which makes me a bit worried, because it made me realize that I didn't get that received notice for the DVD I sent back a few days ago. And normally that'd be like, eh, whatever, except that I sent my absentee ballot request form at the same time. So if Netflix didn't get the DVD, did my county clerk get my absentee ballot request? I think I should check, especially before it's too late to get another one, but I'm not sure if I can reasonably expect them to have gotten it yet anyway. And I'm not sure how to properly check, if I should call them or what...

Gah. Bloody postal services...
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Palin needs to never speak again. Or at least learn how to talk without saying "Gosh darn it" and all other things of that nature. OMFG that got annoying. And to be bipartisan (ahahaha), Biden also annoyed me with his numbering.

However, Joe Biden is my hero for calling them out on the maverick thing. Also, I hope people realize how many questions Palin dodged and/or ignored. It felt to me like she'd been taught the talking points and didn't know what to do beyond them, so she always had to bring things back to what she knew.

I think Biden won, but Palin didn't do as badly as I was hoping she would.

But in other political news, I now have a paid internship to work for a local candidate, and for Obama here. They want me ten hours a week until the election, and for that I'll get $300, which is pretty damn good--and if I want to work more hours, I'll get compensated for those, too. Good deal! I'll of course be doorbelling and phone banking and just getting out the vote, which is not my favorite thing, but it's what needs to be done, so I'm fine with doing it.

But yes. I'm very pleased. I can make some money and be politically active, which is great. :D

Now I have to do some homework, which is not so great, but I'm going to start on Saturday, and I'm looking forward to that.
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Seven years ago today, I woke up as I normally did, and when I went to get some breakfast, the TV was on and the World Trade Center was burning. I was a freshman in high school, and all that day normal lessons were mostly suspended and all the TVs in the classrooms were on so that we could see what was happening. We were across the country from New York, but I could hear friends and classmates talking about family members who lived and worked there, and despite our distance from the scene, we were not untouched.

I do think this day should be remembered, but I wish people would stop using it for political manuevering. We don't need to capitalize on and profit from terrorism and tragedy.

And in other news, today was the introductory meetings for both Crosscurrents, the school's literary magazine, and Young Democrats (self-explanatory), both of which I've been part of all of my semesters at school. They also both had more people tonight than I've ever seen at meetings before. YD was not a surprise, though, considering it's an election year--a presidential election year, no less.

And at YD, I won an Obama poster for knowing how many total votes there are in the electoral college. Also they talked about voter registration and how they could help people registered in other states register in Washington instead, but Washington is pretty much bound to go Democrat, and I'm registered in a swing state, so I'm definitely sticking with that. One vote may not do much good, but it'd do more good in Nevada than it would in Washington.

So, yes. I knew about the electoral college (though why most of the other two or three dozen in the room didn't seem to, I don't know, since it seems pretty basic information), and after the meeting was over and most people were gone, the officers and a few other people stuck around to discusss the campaigns, and so did I. And I think I came across as knowledgeable in general, so I am happy with that.

A couple days ago someone recced me on [livejournal.com profile] crack_van, which is always awesome. This makes five stories of mine recced there--two Star Wars, both of my Narnia fics, and now one of my X-Files fics. I really love [livejournal.com profile] crack_van as a resource, so I always feel very happy to see my fics there, part of that resource.

Though speaking of fics, my writing brain is being sort of perverse lately. There are two fics I particularly want to write, one of which is a multi-Doctor fic (with Three! And Jo! Because I ♥ Three and Jo), and the other being another fic set in the same universe as "With a Little Help from My Friends". (Which means I need to think of a name for that universe. Bugger.)

So those are what I really want to be writing, but what I actually started was a Torchwood/X-Files crossover that I'm pretty sure is going to end up Jack/Scully. XD

But I have homework to do, so I'm going to get going on that.
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So this morning I took my computer in to ResNet, which had absolutely no trouble getting online with ethernet, so we concluded it's probably the room. I made an appointment for them to come check it out tomorrow, so I hope that fixes the problem.

I wonder if it will, though. I figured that since I couldn't use ethernet in my room, I'd use wireless in the library, but I couldn't get the wireless to work except in the basement. Now I'm wondering if my computer is just temperamental and that's why I can't get the ethernet in my room to work.

Well, my roommate's wouldn't work either, but still. :p

Right now I'm trying to print out some homework in the library, except that the printer wasn't working. It's now in the midst of being fixed, so when it is I'm print my thing and then go do the rest of my homework (just a bit of easy reading), but for now I figure I might as well do my typical internet stuff while I wait. By which I mean dick around on LJ. XD

Last night I called my parents. My mom lectured me on the importance of making friends for a bit, but at the end of the conversation, she brought up the RNC and mentioned how scary she finds Sarah Palin. I sympathize very much with all the people on my flist who have to bear with families who have different political views, and it makes me very glad that my parents are some of the most liberal people I know.
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Whenever I come to school, something up here has to do something frustrating to the internet. Gah. This time I can't get the ethernet in my room to work, and my RA does not seem to be around much. Last night I tried to use the wireless in the student union building, but my computer seemed to think it was an unsecured connection (despite having used it just fine the day before), and wouldn't let me do anything. I'm in the library right now, and my floor in my dorm has a study room with computers, but I want my computer to work right, thanks. I don't really feel comfortable spending a lot of time messing about online on public computers when other people might need to use them for school work.

I don't have class today, so I've sort of been at loose ends since getting here. Now I want to go to class just for something to do that isn't futilely messing with the ethernet or reading the books I brought. (Not that I object to reading my books, but I don't want to run through them too quickly.)

I was going to talk about Sarah Palin, but my thoughts aren't clarified enough even for me to start getting them out right here, so I'm not going to bother. I do very much hope, though, that all the vetting missteps prove helpful to the Obama campaign, because I do not want John McCain or Sarah Palin at the head of my government.
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I admit, I wanted Hillary Clinton to be the nominee, and I wanted her to win in November. Not because I favor her policies over Obama's (I think both have their good and bad points), but because I wanted that particular glass ceiling shattered. You know, it's awesome and all to have a black candidate, yay for the strides this country is making, but I still wanted it to be a woman I could say that about. I'm not particularly proud that the Democratic nomination has often been about race or gender issues, with cries of racism and chauvinism all over, but I do think that it is valid to want a particular candidate if only to pave the way for such more candidates in the future.

Still, I am glad that we finally have a nominee, and I will have no objections to voting for Obama in November.

In other news, my friends and I got together again tonight. We went bowling, where I did rather more poorly than usual, but it was still fun, and then we went back to one of my friend's apartment and started to watch Superbad. I was reminded of why I've never seen that movie before (it's not a kind of humor that appeals to me), and everyone else had seen it already, so we stopped it like ten or fifteen minutes in. I don't think I'll be trying to watch it again.

And on Sunday, we are going to go to a Renaissance Faire up at Lake Tahoe, whoo! I love Renfaires, though I haven't been to many recently. Now I can finally get my Renfaire clothes out and dress up again! :D
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Nevada Caucus was today! I went, and was totally one of the youngest people there. (Well, youngest of the people there to vote. There were some kids there whose parents brought them along.) My precinct only had twenty-four people voting, and in the first round it ended up being a three-way tie between Hillary, Obama, and Edwards. This amused me. My precinct ended up going for Edwards, but I am not displeased that Hillary won in Nevada. I actually like all three (Hillary, Obama, and Edwards), and I'd be happy if any of them ended up the nominee.

Tonight I went over to [livejournal.com profile] velesia's, and we played Wii Sports. I'm not that good at tennis, but better than I expected at golf. Better than I am in real life, for sure. I played a summer session of golf for PE credit in high school, and I usually ended up at like, nine over par or something. (Of course, it didn't help that the session offered very few left-handed clubs, and I was worse at golfing right-handed than I was with the wrong clubs.) And I like Wii Bowling, too. :p It's not as fun as real bowling, but it's pretty easy.

School starts on Tuesday! I've got my books and my parking permit, and I can't wait to find out how my classes will be--and especially how they compare to classes at UPS. *nervous* :p
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Seasons two and three of Doctor Who came yesterday, so Twin and I have been watching. I think David Tennant is a good Doctor, but I miss Christopher Eccleston. :p

The Nevada Caucus is January 19th. I think I'm gonna go. Last presidential election, I was just barely seventeen, but now I can actually vote, and I want to. I'd also like to see which way the wind is blowing here. I don't have a strong attachment to any particular candidate (though I would like to see Hillary in office, if only to shatter that particular glass ceiling), so I think I'm gonna do a bit more research.
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Damn, I just had a sudden intense craving for cookie dough, even the store-bought kind. To go buy some, or not to go buy some? I have an hour until Raley's closes, and my parents are probably already in bed and wouldn't even notice if I left. Hmmm...

Anyway. I was rather surprised to look at my flist this evening and see no posts about the State of the Union address, not even making fun of it in [livejournal.com profile] metaquotes. Last year, I believe, people were posting drinking games. Is everyone just too tired of listening to Bush yap to even mock him? Like, there were totally times when I burst out laughing during the speech, like when he started talking about having to get rid of the budget deficit. :p

Also, I finally got around to borrowing a power cord to turn on my old laptop and get some old fics off it--namely, Burnt by the Sun. So for the first time in months, I started working on that again. Hurrah!

Okay, I want the damn cookie dough. *is going to the store*

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