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Last night I finished that third fic -- 22,400 words. It actually feels very bare, though -- not a skeleton, but certainly a very gaunt body. I think there might be more to this story, but I also think I need either some distance, some help, or both, to bring it out.

I think that's it for the longer fics in this series, though! Everything else I have planned will be one-shots, and much shorter. There's only one that I think might pass 10,000, but that's still a might. That will make things much easier -- I can do one-shots. :p

But I also think I'm going to take a break from this universe. There are still things I want to write this summer, while I still have time, but those things have nothing to do with Kirk Prime. That will be nice. XD

In more real life news, my job finally decided to actually PAY ME. It's a stipend, but it applies retroactively to the entire time I've been there, so when I'm done in a couple weeks I will actually get a check. So totally awesome. :D

On the other hand, though, they did want me to start coming in an hour earlier. And I agreed, because I would like to be paid. But getting up an hour earlier is going to be hard until I get used to it. *sigh*

I only have less than a month left in Reno, though. In less than a month, I'll be in DC! But this does mean I have to finish the things I want to do before my life gets swallowed up by law school, and I just hope I can get to the things I most want. I think I might. This has pretty much been my most productive summer ever. :D

Oh! And in another awesome turn, there is actually going to be a sci-fi convention in Reno next month! Anyone coming to WorldCon? :D
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Okay, I said I was going to cut down talking about my Big Bang, and I will. This will, in fact, probably be my last post about it for awhile. Because...



It is 76,000 words. Thirteen chapters. DONE.

You know, I think I actually wrote the last 40,000 words in a week. Wow.

Now comes the hardest part -- waiting. I was in such a hurry to finish this thing that I didn't care that the rough draft isn't due until September and that my posting date won't be until October at the earliest, but now I'm sort of looking at the fic and thinking...I have to sit on this for four months? I'm an idiot.

But whenever I think that I didn't have to start it so early, much less finish it so early, I remember why I did -- I was afraid that if I didn't start it now, and finish it now, I never would.

But I don't have to worry about that anymore, BECAUSE IT'S DONE!

And, hah, it hasn't even been a month. I remember I told [livejournal.com profile] ladyblahblah when I was a week or so into it that I didn't think I could finish in May, but I could probably finish in June.

Hah. It's still May. The very last day of May, but still May.

It's too bad that May isn't NaNo month, or else I would totally have won. 76,000 words in three and a half weeks. Totally a new record for me, in many different ways.

Now what I'm going to do is close my document and not open it again for at least two weeks, probably closer to a month. I am not going to poke and prod at it. I am going to read some books and play some video games and just not think about it.

I do, at least, have plenty of time to deal with all the revisions it will need later. For now I'm just going to exult in OMG I FINISHED IT AND IT'S EPIC OMG.
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My parents are the most awesome parents in THE ENTIRE WORLD.

Not only did they pay for my entire undergraduate education, at an expensive private school, they are going to pay for TWO THIRDS of my law school. My dad and I spent some time tonight going over my loan requirements for next year, and he said that they can pay about $50,000 EACH YEAR. I will only have loans of roughly $20,000 a year (why is law school $70,000 a year why why why), and they will be the loans with the lowest interest rates and the subsidies and the forgiving repayment plans.

I can graduate from law school only $60,000 in debt. Hah. Only, I say. Except that compared to being $200,000+ in debt, that is an awesome number. And Georgetown has a great loan repayment assistance program for people wanting to go into public interest work, so I think $60,000...will be something I can handle.

My parents are just...so incredibly full of awesome and also foresight. They set up college funds for us before we were born, and have always lived below their means so they have money for things like putting their daughter through law school and letting us go study in Europe and Africa. (Twin is now an intern at CERN in Switzerland, and Younger Sister is going to study in Africa next year.)

And also, in a slight Big Bang update...37,000 words. This story is so awesome! In this chapter it took me off on a tangent I didn't expect but ended up loving. I am so happy with this fic. :D
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I just got into Georgetown. Georgetown. That's one of my top choices, so dude, I am so happy and excited right now. I'm going to law school! I've been a bit nervous since I applied months ago but omfg I got into Georgetown. I'll only have a tough decision to make if I also get into Columbia and/or NYU, but otherwise...going to Georgetown. Oh yeah. :D

I opened my letter on my way back from the mailbox, and I think I might have scared my neighbors with my jumping up and down and shouting YES. XD
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11 full pages of paper, the one that I couldn't even think of a point for yesterday, DONE and sent off to teacher for feedback.


This means I am DONE with both of my final papers this semester, and before finals week has even properly started! I still have to revise them, of course, but unless my Lit and Gender teacher thinks it needs a substantial revision (OH PLEASE NO), that'll be a lot easier than the initial writing and I can get them done over the next couple days.

So now what I need to do is revise seven poems for my poetry class, which will also be easy, and study for my one test, in a class I've been well prepared for all semester.


Today was also nice for reasons other than paper-finishing. I decided to get some of my Christmas presents this year at the Tacoma Glass Museum, cos the museum store has some pretty awesome stuff. I took the bus because I didn't want to deal with parking (I hate driving downtown--it's hard to find parking spaces, it's even harder to find free ones, and it's too hilly), and I didn't want to deal with transfers so I decided that once I got to the main transfer area downtown I'd just walk. It was a bit further than I'd thought, but not much, so it was only about a fifteen minute walk, which was rather nice.

But the best thing was, after I was done with looking at the exhibits and shopping, it started snowing. So I was downtown, walking back to the bus stop with my Christmas shopping, in the snow.

I don't normally even like snow, but I was really struck by the atmosphere, I guess. Downtown, Christmas shopping, snow. What more did I need, really? :D

Okay. I've finished my papers and am right on track with my finals week personal schedule. Now I'm going to reward myself with Terry Pratchett.
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Hah! I figured out what to do for my paper, and am now two pages into it with an outline of the rest of it in my head.

I win!

And I may even get it done this weekend, which gives me more time on Monday and Tuesday to revise. Whoo!

This makes things much better. I may even find the time to write my [livejournal.com profile] yuletide fic before I go home (I've got a good idea for that; I just need to find the time to write it), and, if I'm especially productive, I might even be able to do more betaing.

I'm in a much better mood now than I was earlier today, even if earlier I wasn't writing a paper and now I am. XD
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Today I finished my last couple of regular assignments. From here on, all I have left are final tests and final papers. This makes things much easier--or at least, it will once I think of topics for my final papers. XD

I find myself...surprisingly free of obligations at the moment. I think the only outstanding obligation I have right now is [livejournal.com profile] yuletide, and I've got a month to finish that. Still, I think I'm gonna try and do it soon just to have it done, and then I might actually try to finish up some of my WsIP. (Hah! We'll see how that goes. XD)

In the meantime, I am going to READ BOOKS FOR FUN!
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God, I am so glad this week is over. On Monday I had a take-home test due and a presentation, on Wednesday I had to write a form poem (as in, a poem using forms like sonnet, villanelle, etc., rather than free verse, which is so much easier) yesterday I had a presentation on a paper, I got sick on Thursday and had a test, and I've had 2-4 hours of dance (well, 2 on Sunday and 4 the rest of the week) every night this week because it was tech week for the dance group I'm in and we had our performances last night and tonight.

So basically this week I had: two tests, two presentations, one paper, one poem, ~370 pages of reading, and about twenty-two combined hours of dance stuff. And I was sick. Gah. Monster week.

But actually, despite being really tired right now, I am really quite pleased with myself because I managed my time very well. I didn't really have that much free time this week, even with doing pretty much all my assigned reading at dance when I wasn't actually dancing, but I started things early enough that I didn't get stressed. I am especially pleased because I did not have good time management skills when I came to college (I was used to coasting), so I'm glad I finally seem to have learned some.

Now there are just some fandom things to do, and I think, now that Monster Week is over, I will definitely get some betaing done.

In other fandom news, I am fairly pleased with my [livejournal.com profile] yuletide assignment. It's not a fandom I've written for before, but I've already got some ideas, and I think I might get started on it once I'm done with my betaing.


Dear [livejournal.com profile] yuletide writer,

This is not going to be an in-depth letter, mostly because what I really want, I already gave you in my sign-up. I will say that I like happy and/or uplifting fic, but really, I'm sure I'll like anything you come up with. Thanks so much! :D

'Kay. Now I think I'm gonna go to bed, and hope my cold goes away soon.
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I win! Mostly.

Today has been very busy because I have this paper due tomorrow and it took me until about 4pm today to think of a topic for it, because that thing just did not want to be written. But I did manage to write it, and take it to the writing center to get edited, so it's also been revised, and might actually be an all right paper. Whoo!

I also have a poem due tomorrow for my poetry class, so I wrote one about working at the movie theater and how people who leave their trash in the theater suck. :p

I do still have about thirty pages on international politics to read, plus the world section of the New York Times, because apparently I have a quiz on that tomorrow. (Gah, two papers and a quiz in one day? What is up with that?)

But I am still happy and full of win, because this week I applied for a copy editor position at the school newspaper, and today I got notice that I got it! *dances* And it's a paid job! Finally I have a paid job relating to what I want to do for a living when I get out of college that I can put on my resume as actual related experience! Okay, I don't really want to work with newspapers, and I'm sure it's not going to take long before I'm gnashing my teeth at how badly people use grammar, but OMG I FINALLY HAVE A REAL EDITING JOB! :D:D:D

This does mean that I have two jobs this semester, which sort of amuses me because this is actually the first semester where I've even had a job at all, and now I have two. But both are supposed to be about five hours a week, and one's daytime while the other is evenings, so I'm sure I'll be fine.

Damn, this semester is going really well for me so far. :D
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Home now. Well, I've been home since Friday night, but I've been too lazy to update. :p

Things have been pretty good. First, I turned in my study abroad application. Now my part is completely done and it's out of my hands and I just wait for the response. I'm gonna be nervous about waiting, especially since I really, really want to go abroad (London! Months in London!), but it is a relief to have it out my hands now.

My last final was eh. I probably could have studied more for it and gotten a better grade, but it doesn't really matter. On the syllabus for this class my professor was kind enough to give us point totals for all the assignments, so I figured out, from the totals and my previous grades, what score I'd need on the final to get an A in the class. And I'd need to fail the final to get less than an A--literally, I'd have to get less than a 60%. Which is not gonna happen. So I have at least one class with a guaranteed A, which is nice.

I planned my drive home very well. I'd wanted to leave school at eight, and, wonder of wonders, I actually did. The drive was supposed to be thirteen hours, but that wasn't counting any stops I made, so I figured it'd be maybe fourteen hours. Except I speeded enough that I did do it in thirteen hours, including stops for lunch, dinner, and ice cream. And I only had to drive in the dark for about half an hour, just when I was getting into territory I really knew and had no problem driving through in the dark.

Saturday I went to [livejournal.com profile] velesia's graduation, then her grad party that afternoon, and then out for drinks that night with our friends. That was an awesome day, and also I had this awesome cocktail called a Juniper Smash. I don't remember what was in it now, besides gin, but one of my friends wrote down the recipe on the menu so he could try to make it himself.

Sunday I slept a lot. I really slept in, and then that afternoon was still tired enough that I needed a nap.

Today I did some shopping and job applications. Gah. I don't want to get a job--I want to laze around my entire summer--but I need one, and I think I can get one if I'm persistent enough, even if it's not the best job in the world. I know that places my friends work are hiring, so I'm probably going to try there as well and see if I can work with friends.

Now this week I think I can get to fandom obligations. Whoo!

But first more sleep. XD
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I've finished the third of the three papers I had due this week. I've paid up on all the auction fics I won (which took more than half of the current contents of my bank account, gah). I've heard from the person who won me, and I have an idea I like for the fic I'm going to write. I've answered comments.

I feel very accomplished right now, so to celebrate, I'm going to READ A BOOK FOR PLEASURE OMG. Yay for having time to read fun stuff!
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I win at school!

*cough* ;)

This week I had a paper, a presentation, and a test. The paper and the test were for today, and the presentation was yesterday. But due to my distraction at finding shiny new author, I procrastinated on preparing for those things.

The presentation I hadn't really been worried about--I was just supposed to find a newspaper article relevant to the class and report on it with a few discussion questions. Took about ten minutes of preparation, and the actual presentation went pretty well.

The paper and the test, on the other hand, I just did not want to do. I wanted to read fic! Awesome fic! Fic so awesome I was reading it for the second/third time in as many days! In the face of that, who would want to write a stupid paper, or study for a test on material only about two-thirds of which I'd actually read?

The paper I did manage to do yesterday. It was only two pages, and I managed to bust it out in forty minutes, and I think it ended up being fairly good for a forty-minute paper I barely bothered to reread. XD

The test I was more worried about. It was supposed to be short answer and essay, and I was pretty sure the essay was going to be about what the author of this particular book would think of how Bush handled the Iraq war (which was indeed one of the essay options), and I'd only read maybe a fifth of the material on that. But I just went on reading fic rather than studying, figuring that hey, it was short answer and essay, I could just BS my way through it if necessary.

But in the hour I had free before my class, some other people in the class and I ended up meeting and having a sort of impromptu study session. So I both got to have someone else explain stuff to me that I didn't read, and I realized how well I understood the material I did read, through explaining it to other people. And then I went and took the test, and felt prepared, and now even after it's over I feel like I did not bomb the test!

TOTAL win. Minimal effort for school + doing well despite minimal time + spending that time instead on reading awesome fic = WIN.

And tonight [livejournal.com profile] heart_of_man and I are going to see the school's benefit production of the Vagina Monologues, which I've never seen and always wanted to.

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I am so tired. Pretty much all day I have wanted nothing more than to just go back to sleep. Right now I'm having difficulty staying awake, even though it's not even ten yet and I never go to bed this early.

I wish my body would stop anticipating itself. Whenever I have to be up at a particular time, my body wakes me up at least an hour too early. I mean, it's nice that I pretty much can't oversleep, but when I'm already having difficulty sleeping, waking up too early totally does not help.

What also does not help is writing boring papers. I am writing my paper that's due on Monday--I'm three pages in and the minimum is five. But I'm trying to summarize a book and I'm so tired and it's bloody boring and I just want it to be over. I could stop now, since I still have several more days before it's due, but then I'd just feel guilty for not doing as much as I could right now. And since papers unfortunately don't magically write themselves, me wanting this paper to be over means that I have to do it myself, and really, the sooner I get it over with, the better I'll feel.

I just want to go to sleeeeeep...


ETA: Hah, finished! The minimum is five pages and I did exactly that, but this was just a rough draft and my teacher is going to be poking at it so it might very well grow. But that will just be editing, not me having to write another five pages. Win!
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4/4 papers written.

3/4 papers edited. The last will be edited tomorrow morning because I'm getting up earlier in preparation for having to get up at around 6:30 on Tuesday.

I win.

Tonight I watched The Runaway Bride with [livejournal.com profile] heart_of_man. I think this is the first time I've watched that episode since Journey's End. I kept thinking "DONNA". XD I love Donna so much. I have come to terms with Doctor/Rose in Journey's End, but Donna still makes me wibble.

I really need to write more in the "With a Little Help from My Friends"-verse, because I keep meaning to and it's fun. (Also, THINK OF A NAME FOR IT, because as it is it's very unwieldy.) Hurrah for Thanksgiving break, because I'm hoping to get a bunch of fannish things done then. Also including commentaries, because there were some I said I'd do months ago and I haven't yet, but I haven't forgotten about them!

And [livejournal.com profile] velesia, just so you know, I'll be home around 11:00 Tuesday morning and probably one of the first things I will do is give you a call. If you see this before I get home, just tell me when the best time to call you would be.

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