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I win! Mostly.

Today has been very busy because I have this paper due tomorrow and it took me until about 4pm today to think of a topic for it, because that thing just did not want to be written. But I did manage to write it, and take it to the writing center to get edited, so it's also been revised, and might actually be an all right paper. Whoo!

I also have a poem due tomorrow for my poetry class, so I wrote one about working at the movie theater and how people who leave their trash in the theater suck. :p

I do still have about thirty pages on international politics to read, plus the world section of the New York Times, because apparently I have a quiz on that tomorrow. (Gah, two papers and a quiz in one day? What is up with that?)

But I am still happy and full of win, because this week I applied for a copy editor position at the school newspaper, and today I got notice that I got it! *dances* And it's a paid job! Finally I have a paid job relating to what I want to do for a living when I get out of college that I can put on my resume as actual related experience! Okay, I don't really want to work with newspapers, and I'm sure it's not going to take long before I'm gnashing my teeth at how badly people use grammar, but OMG I FINALLY HAVE A REAL EDITING JOB! :D:D:D

This does mean that I have two jobs this semester, which sort of amuses me because this is actually the first semester where I've even had a job at all, and now I have two. But both are supposed to be about five hours a week, and one's daytime while the other is evenings, so I'm sure I'll be fine.

Damn, this semester is going really well for me so far. :D
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Right. omfg. Just wrote an entire 10-page paper today. As in, the entire thing, because I was stupid and procrastinated forever.

Still, now it's done, and it's due tomorrow, so I'm not going to be late. It's certainly not the best paper I've ever written, and I have no idea how coherent it is, but I've done papers for my other politics class that I didn't think were very coherent and I ended up with A-s, so maybe I'm not the best judge of my own coherency.

But on the other hand, I think it's worth at the very least a C, if my teacher is a particularly hard grader (which I don't know, because this is actually the first paper I've had to turn in for him). And honestly I don't really care about the grade because I just want to turn something in and not get a zero.

And! This means that I am done with all of my assignments except for finals! So awesome! I really need a good sleep in celebration. XD

ETA: And my professor emails us at 11 at night to say that we've got an extension on the paper until Monday. Dude, you couldn't have told us this before I spent seven straight hours writing the damn thing? Now I just need to decide if I want the teacher or the writing center to look at it and give me feedback, or if I just want to be done with it and don't care if it's not the best it could be. *sigh*
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Trying out this crossposting-from-dreamwidth thing. Let's see how it works...

Been awol for awhile. Well, in terms of posting, at least--I've been online every day. I just didn't feel like talking. We're now in the last three weeks of the semester, and all I want to do is bury my head in the sand and pretend it's a dream. *sigh*

I am so tired of school right now. SO TIRED. Which is annoying, because hello, I just took a year and a half off school, so I should be able to finish it up without becoming Apathetic!Girl the way I was in 2006. But on the other hand, I'm not skipping classes and even if I am procrastinating I've not been late with anything yet, so I'm still doing much better than I was in 2006.

Okay, the plan: today I worked out the details for the presentation I'm giving tomorrow on my final paper (which thankfully isn't due for two and a half weeks, but I still have to present on the topic, sigh). Tomorrow I write the last paper I have in this other class that's due on Tuesday. Then on Tuesday, I start the ten-page paper I've got due on Friday, and as I write it I'll figure out how much research I need to do. The rest of this week will be devoted to that paper, and to all the damn reading I still have to do for class.

This weekend I will beta stuff, because I dislike not having done that yet. Also, write the Support Stacie fic.

Next week (which is omgfinally the last week of classes!), I will write the 10-20 page paper that I'm talking about in my presentation tomorrow. Also probably studying for finals. And then finals week will be...finals. XD

Have not been able to find a bloody internship (bloody job market...), so I'm going home for the summer and hope I can find a job there. I'm going to try to do the drive in one day (it's about twelve hours), though that will probably not be fun, and get home in time for [profile] velesia's graduation.

Whew. My next month is going to be...interesting. *sigh*
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Things to do this weekend:
-Answering comments
-4-5 page paper
-Write Support Stacie fic

Well, the fic writing I might not get to this weekend, but the others I am determined to do. The paper at least needs to be done before Tuesday, so the deadline there is less self-imposed than real. Urgh.

Though on the other hand, this is one of the last three papers I have to do this semester. Today I turned in my last American Lit paper, so there's a good month left until the final where I don't really have to do anything for that class. When I turn in the paper due this week, all that's left in that class is also the final. Then for one class I have a long paper and no final, and for the other, a long paper and a final. *sigh* Well, at least I'm getting close to being done.

I am also totally getting my act together for study abroad next spring! I need a faculty recommendation for the application, so today I went to my adviser and asked her. I don't actually need it until September (when the application's due), though I told her it'd be nice to have it at the end of this semester (which is still a month away, so plenty of notice). But then she emailed me this afternoon, only a few hours after our meeting, and said that she'd finished the recommendation. I hope the speediness of my academic adviser bodes well for how likely I am to get accepted.

So basically, if all goes well and according to plan, next spring I am going to be IN LONDON FOR FOUR MONTHS.

Though note to self: I do need to have a good GPA for this, so must do all my bloody papers. Yes. *firm nod*

And for some other minor happiness, I think I got flirted with today. Flirting I did not initiate! Yes, this is rare enough to merit a mention. XD It went nowhere because I am so out of practice that it took me forever to recognize flirting, and okay, maybe he was just being friendly, but I prefer to think of it as someone wanted to flirt with me. And I will probably never talk to him again so he can't tell me different. :p
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Just finished the paper I've been procrastinating on for a week. Whew! It had to be at least five pages, and it ended up at eight. XD I'm hoping it was coherent and logical and all, but if nothing else, at least I turned something in so I won't get a zero.

Now I just have...one more five page paper to write before Wednesday, an op-ed due on Thursday, then two ten page papers due in a month, a five page paer due in three weeks, and a couple other smaller assignments.

Gah. I hate the last month of the semester. Gah.

Well, at least I register for next semester tomorrow! Which means that I can look forward to this sort of pressure for at least one more semester! XD

Why do I want a degree, again?
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I am very tempted to not go to class tomorrow. Very, very tempted.

On the one hand, I've not missed a single day of class all semester, which is a good thing. At the end of the semester I would feel quite proud of myself for a perfect attendence record (which has never once happened in, well, all my years in school), and also it means I won't fall behind, and won't put my participation grade in any danger.

On the other hand, I am procrastinating horribly on a couple papers and if I skip class, I can have more time to work on them. Or, more likely watch a ridiculous amount of Buffy episodes, hopefully enough to saturate myself on them for awhile, thereby letting me write the papers.

I have a month left of school--why did I let myself start a new, long, show now? *sigh*

I just started season two, and I was wondering, Buffy fans on my flist--so far I'm not feeling especially connected to any of the characters. Is this usual for the aftermath of the first season? Should I assume myself safe, or should I just wait for Joss to tear out my heart and stomp on it?

Gah. I will probably go to class tomorrow, if only for the perfect attendence record thing. And I will also probably watch a lot more Buffy tomorrow too. But I need to write at least one of the papers too, or else I'm going to go minorly insane this weekend.
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omfg my jaw hates me. I think I pretty definitely have TMJ considering that joint is sore and swollen. And I think it's doing something to one of the tendons in my neck (or at least, I'm pretty sure it's a tendon). And my ear constantly itches. This weekend has not been fun, since I am also crampy, and I lost an hour of sleep because of stupid daylight savings, and there's research that I should have done this weekend except I am so not in the mood for trying to figure out the legislative process of Bush's faith-based initiatives.

The student health center is not open on weekends, which I think is stupid. I might go in tomorrow to see if they can do anything to help, but last time I went they could really only give me a tentative diagnosis and tell me to set up an appointment with a dentist. Which I did, but my own dentist back at home, so it's going to be a week before I can get to that. And if my jaw acts like this all week, I don't know what I'm going to do.

Damn. I really think I should be too young for chronic pain disorders. *sigh*
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I win at school!

*cough* ;)

This week I had a paper, a presentation, and a test. The paper and the test were for today, and the presentation was yesterday. But due to my distraction at finding shiny new author, I procrastinated on preparing for those things.

The presentation I hadn't really been worried about--I was just supposed to find a newspaper article relevant to the class and report on it with a few discussion questions. Took about ten minutes of preparation, and the actual presentation went pretty well.

The paper and the test, on the other hand, I just did not want to do. I wanted to read fic! Awesome fic! Fic so awesome I was reading it for the second/third time in as many days! In the face of that, who would want to write a stupid paper, or study for a test on material only about two-thirds of which I'd actually read?

The paper I did manage to do yesterday. It was only two pages, and I managed to bust it out in forty minutes, and I think it ended up being fairly good for a forty-minute paper I barely bothered to reread. XD

The test I was more worried about. It was supposed to be short answer and essay, and I was pretty sure the essay was going to be about what the author of this particular book would think of how Bush handled the Iraq war (which was indeed one of the essay options), and I'd only read maybe a fifth of the material on that. But I just went on reading fic rather than studying, figuring that hey, it was short answer and essay, I could just BS my way through it if necessary.

But in the hour I had free before my class, some other people in the class and I ended up meeting and having a sort of impromptu study session. So I both got to have someone else explain stuff to me that I didn't read, and I realized how well I understood the material I did read, through explaining it to other people. And then I went and took the test, and felt prepared, and now even after it's over I feel like I did not bomb the test!

TOTAL win. Minimal effort for school + doing well despite minimal time + spending that time instead on reading awesome fic = WIN.

And tonight [livejournal.com profile] heart_of_man and I are going to see the school's benefit production of the Vagina Monologues, which I've never seen and always wanted to.

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Yesterday it snowed. There's still snow on the ground. I WANT IT TO GO AWAY. It's too cold. *whines*

But in other news, I am done with my American Lit final omg. And I think it went well! I actually felt prepared, and continued to feel prepared throughout the test, which is always a good thing. XD What frustrates me is that I also got my final paper back and got a B on it. Gah. I even took that thing to the writing center for help improving it! And a few weeks ago I wrote a paper that I took to the teacher for opinions on the first draft, and she told me it was a strong paper and would be stronger with a few changes, which I made--and then I got a B also. *sigh*

So that class is pretty much a definite B, unless I totally bomb the final (which isn't likely). Oceanography is also done, and that's pretty much a definite A, maybe even if I bomb the final. :p English Studies and Intro to Writing Fiction are most likely As, but I haven't yet turned in my final assignments for those classes. Still, today I went to my English Studies teacher with a draft of my paper and she liked it with just a few suggested changes, so once I make those, I'll be done with that class and probably have an A. For Intro to Fiction, I just have to write an introduction for my portfolio and finish up a couple quick hand-written writing prompts and then I'll be done with that too. Two days before I leave, and I have very little work to do. Whoo!

This evening [livejournal.com profile] heart_of_man is going to come over and we'll finish up Doctor Who S3. Yay for that! And afterwards, I think I will finally get started on my [livejournal.com profile] yuletide. XD I have a plot! I just need to write it down. :p

So, things that need to be written soon:
-English Studies stuff
-Intro to Writing Fiction stuff
-[livejournal.com profile] yuletide
-[livejournal.com profile] writerinatardis challenge this week
-Fourteen/Rose/Ten smut for [livejournal.com profile] shinyopals because for some reason she's picked me to bug into writing that for her and I need to not want to do it so much
-That multi-Doctor fic I keep wanting to write
-More in the "With a Little Help from My Friends"-verse
-Fic commentaries I haven't done yet

Winter break is SO CLOSE. *impatient*
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Today I turned in my Oceanography final, which makes me done with that class. Now the question there is should I go to the last class or not? If I don't go, I won't miss anything, and I'll get a chance to sleep in and have time to go to the de-stress fest the campus is offering. (They offer head and neck massages, which I could totally use.) Really, the only reason I would go to class is for a sense of duty, but when I've already turned in the final exam...

I spent most of tonight trying to finish my final essay for my American Lit class. This is the one where I had such difficulty thinking of a topic. I did finally think of a topic, and one that I had no trouble talking about for the required amount of pages, but right now I'm in the conclusion and having trouble synthesizing my argument. XD I know exactly what I want to say there, but I can't think of a way to say it. So I think I'm going to take time off of school for a bit and see if the proper words come to me tomorrow.

I also think that my roommate should not set her alarm to go off more than an hour before she gets up, even if she is going to hit the snooze button. I don't even know how much before her getting up it was, but I do know that it was more than an hour before I got up, and I'm always out of the room before she gets up. I don't appreciate being waken up more than an hour before I have to be, especially after I had difficulty sleeping the night before, and especially when I always have difficulty going back to sleep after being waken up.

I'm so tired right now. *snoozes*
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So, a good few hours of my day were consumed with the FAIL Blog today. Most of these are good for a smile, and some are utterly brilliant.

Some examples )

I otherwise spent my day doing my Oceanography take-home exam. Which we got yesterday, and is not due until the 17th. I finished it today, so now I'm basically done with Oceanography--and ALL SCIENCE CLASSES. I'm even debating not going to class the last two days because I already finished the test. XD

I still don't have a topic for the paper I need to turn in on Wednesday though, gah. Stupid class. I NEED TO HAVE SOMETHING TO WRITE ABOUT FOR 5-7 PAGES.

However, I finally have an idea for one of the fic exchanges I've got due this month! I think I will be writing that tomorrow, as well as hopefully thinking of a paper topic and starting the damn thing. *sigh*
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Keith Olbermann ILU.

Had first rehearsal of the week. Two more, and then two shows. Am very tired, and think I will stop studying tonight and just do all my schoolwork tomorrow. Also betaing because I want to do that more than school, though I will be good and do school first.

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So today I ended up writing that paper I'd been putting off and got an extension on. Now I remember why I'd been putting it off--it sucked. This was for my Oceanography class, so it was more of a report, with a bunch of questions I had to answer and data to include as well as a two-paged (single-space with half-inch margins, of all things) paper. That consumed pretty much my entire afternoon and half of my evening. It ended up a bit half-assed since I really don't care what grade I get on it as long as it's not a zero, and doing the assignment assures me it won't be. I've been getting As on things in this class this semester, but I wouldn't be surprised if this was a B or a C, and I don't care enough to try and make it better. Mostly I'm just pleased to have it done.

And to reward myself for finishing that thing, I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide! I ♥ [livejournal.com profile] yuletide, and I'm really looking forward to my assignment this year. I just hope I'll be able to put as much effort into it as it deserves, since the semester finishes up about the time the stories are due.

Speaking of writing fics on time, I think I'm already giving up on writing a fic a day. Today was that paper, and I was going to go to bed early tonight so I could get up early tomorrow. Tomorrow I'm going to get up early and spend a lot of time doing assignments as well, because on Tuesday my entire day will be eaten by politics. Seriously. I actually promised my boss I'd work from 7am to 8pm, and this is a promise I actually don't think I'll have a problem keeping, much as I like my sleep.

This does make me so glad I'm on the west coast, though. I'm probably going to be up late on Tuesday night, but not as late as people on the east coast might be.

Now I'm going to bed. Maybe I'll manage to write more fic tomorrow, in between assignments.

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