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I know I've not been posting much recently, but I promised myself I would post today. So have a big long update. :p

i. First, Remix! The fic I received was Full of Grace (the human wisdom remix) by NEStar, West Wing, a remix of "All Human Wisdom." It's Josh-centric and about his relationships with some of the women in his life, so of course I loved it. What's funny is that the person last year remixed the same fic, but in a very different way. It's really, really interesting to see what two different people will do with the same fic.

I wrote The Camera Steals Your Soul (The Leading by Example Remix), Narnia, Susan-centric Pevensie sibling gen. I really enjoyed remixing this one. I knew as soon as I read the fic how I would remix the story, and I ended up quite happy with it.

That was the only fic I wrote for Remix this year. I wasn't quick enough for a pinch hit and nothing in Remix Madness really called to me with the amount of time I really had. That week happened to be the week of my Legal Research and Writing final brief. Speaking of...

ii. Law school! It's exams season. My exams are all on Tuesday and Friday this week and next. I'm...sort of having a hard time caring? I mean, my first one this Tuesday is the only in-class exam -- all the others are take-homes where I'll have an extra five hours to spend on them. Of course I've been studying, but I'm not really stressing about it. I've been far more interested in making up a schedule for next year. XD

What really makes me excited is that I got into the legal clinic I wanted for next spring. It's called the International Women's Human Rights Clinic, and from what I understand, what I'll be doing is in-depth research on another country's laws regarding women, actually going to that country during spring break for fact-finding, and then writing a report on our findings. There might be some drafting legislation in there too. It's going to be so cool! And speaking of other countries...

iii. Uganda! I need to send in my visa application this week, but otherwise I'm pretty on track. I am so looking forward to this. I can't believe I'm going to be spending three months in Africa, working on human rights. Wow.

iv. Okay, so...how do people find places to live that are not student housing? XD I've only ever lived with my parents or in dorms, but I need to find a place for next year. It's complicated by me not being in the country for the summer, so my parents are on my case about doing it now. I've just never done it before, and don't really know how it works. Hmm. I think I might just check out one of the apartment complexes nearby.

v. Writing! I've been doing it. I finished another fic in the Start Infinity Again series -- the planned final fic, in fact. That means it's not going to see the light of day for a long time, and it's probably going to change a lot between now and when I can finally post it, but it's a big relief to have it done. It ended up about 9000 words, and I actually still quite like it. :p

Now this means that I only have two more stories I have to write in order for this to feel like a complete and coherent universe. Both stories are chaptered with plot, so I'm probably going to have to save writing them for this summer. I don't anticipate having regular internet access at home, so that will leave me with little to do but write. :p

Also, I signed up for [profile] ksbigbang. My second Big Bang! My story is fleshing itself out in my head more -- I know the basic plot trajectory of the story, and last night I thought up several key scenes. Once I've got all the scenes basically plotted out, I can start writing, and it will go a lot quicker.

Hmm, think that's about it for now. I'm...going to try to be better about updating. :p
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Am in New Orleans for spring break/pro bono trip. It's awesome so far. Our hotel is just off Bourbon street, close enough to...see the sights, but far enough that we don't hear it all night. Tonight we're going for dinner and jazz. And today I went to work at the public defender's office, where I did research in preparation for writing an actual memo. Good trip so far.

I signed up for Remix again. I love it, but I really hope I can manage it this year. It's probably the first one where I'm dubious. And I'd been hoping to finish more Star Trek fics so I could qualify there. :p And speaking of that...

At risk of sounding like a huge broken record -- I seriously need a beta for more fics in the Start Infinity Again universe.

More details under the cut )
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Okay, I said I was going to cut down talking about my Big Bang, and I will. This will, in fact, probably be my last post about it for awhile. Because...



It is 76,000 words. Thirteen chapters. DONE.

You know, I think I actually wrote the last 40,000 words in a week. Wow.

Now comes the hardest part -- waiting. I was in such a hurry to finish this thing that I didn't care that the rough draft isn't due until September and that my posting date won't be until October at the earliest, but now I'm sort of looking at the fic and thinking...I have to sit on this for four months? I'm an idiot.

But whenever I think that I didn't have to start it so early, much less finish it so early, I remember why I did -- I was afraid that if I didn't start it now, and finish it now, I never would.

But I don't have to worry about that anymore, BECAUSE IT'S DONE!

And, hah, it hasn't even been a month. I remember I told [livejournal.com profile] ladyblahblah when I was a week or so into it that I didn't think I could finish in May, but I could probably finish in June.

Hah. It's still May. The very last day of May, but still May.

It's too bad that May isn't NaNo month, or else I would totally have won. 76,000 words in three and a half weeks. Totally a new record for me, in many different ways.

Now what I'm going to do is close my document and not open it again for at least two weeks, probably closer to a month. I am not going to poke and prod at it. I am going to read some books and play some video games and just not think about it.

I do, at least, have plenty of time to deal with all the revisions it will need later. For now I'm just going to exult in OMG I FINISHED IT AND IT'S EPIC OMG.
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Yes, ramble ramble more Big Bang. I can't help it. I am excited!

And also progressing amazingly well, wow. I hit 30,000 words today. I started this fic two weeks ago. That is incredibly fast for me, but this fic is just in my head and really wants out.

I finished the fifth chapter, which is a point at which I could end the fic if I wanted to. I wouldn't even have to worry about word count, since I already passed the minimum. But that would only be telling half the story in my head (actually, just slightly less than half, since I'm estimating this will have about twelve or thirteen chapters), and I have plenty of time before the deadline, so I'm definitely going to tell the whole thing.

So...new estimates are 60,000 to 70,000, and possibly more. IDK. It depends on how long the chapters run in the second part. But it is pretty definitely going to break my previous record for longest fic, which is awesome.

Okay! Now to get back to writing!
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Yes, more Big Bang stuff. Possibly this is going to consume my journal for the foreseeable future. But I can't help it! I'm excited!

16644 / 20000 words. 83% done!

Hah. I may be 83% done towards the minimum, but I'm maybe, at the most, a third done with the story. Probably closer to a fourth. Considering it's already passed 16,000 words, which means it's already passed the count for my second-longest complete fic...yeah. This is going to be seriously long.

I am so stoked. :D

I've now finished the third chapter, including the troublesome porn. Next chapter is something I've had in my head for months, so I'm looking forward to getting it written out. I just hope it sounds as good written down as it does in my head.

But I'll be getting on that tomorrow. After my nice burst of productivity today, it's definitely time for reading fic, not writing it.
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Officially all signed up for [livejournal.com profile] startrekbigbang. Fic itself is still going well, though I've slowed down this weekend on account of being busy with graduation stuff.

Speaking of, I graduate in about four hours. It's nice, but I'm not too fussed about it. Maybe because I've been out of school for months already and this is just the ceremony.

Back to writing in the little time I have before I need to get going for brunch. I think about all I have left for this chapter is reunion porn, so let's see how that goes. (Dude, Star Trek is making me a lot pornier than maybe I've ever been. Both of the pairing fics that I've written so far have been rated adult. But I refuse to feel shame for this! I think I'm just going to enjoy it. :))
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Broke 10,000 words on my Big Bang, and sign-ups haven't actually even opened yet. And I've finished the second chapter, out of a planned ten to twelve. Go me! I am so excited for this fic you have no idea.

Also, this weekend is my official graduation. I finished the degree last December, but I walk on Sunday. This means I have to go back to Tacoma, but it'll be nice to see my friends there one last time. My best friend here is also coming, driving up specifically to see me graduate (she is driving 700 miles to watch me walk across a stage for two minutes. How awesome is that?), and so is most of my family, though not Twin. Twin is in Europe. But since I was in Europe for her graduation, it's probably only fair. :p

But it is also an outdoor ceremony, and there is a 70% chance of precipitation. Gah! Please don't rain during my graduation!
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i. Post #1,500! Um, that's a lot. Less so considering it's over almost eight years, but still. A lot of posts.

ii. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms on my flist! My parents and I went to visit my grandparents, and then Younger Sis called and Twin skypped from Switzerland, so that was nice.

iii. Remix reveals are up! Finally I can claim my fics. I wrote:

Like a Rolling Stone (The Metamorphic Remix) for [livejournal.com profile] framlingem. Star Trek Reboot, Gaila gen with Sarek and Amanda. This was my assignment.

A Bad Habit (The Master Never Learns Remix) for Hokuto. Doctor Who (1963), various incarnations of the Master and the Doctor, plus a few companions. Pretty much gen but you're welcome to see Doctor/Master subtext, because that was not entirely unintended. :p This was my pinch hit.

Justification (The Psychoanalysis Was So Twentieth Century Remix) for Ineffabilitea. Star Trek Reboot, Kirk/Spock, R-ish. I wrote this for Remix Madness.

I've already put them up on my website. I don't have time right now, but I'll be putting them up here over the next few days.

iv. I have definitely decided to do [livejournal.com profile] startrekbigbang this year. I've even started it! I've got the first chapter done, and it's already a quarter of the minimum limit for Big Bang, so I'm definitely not going to have any trouble meeting the word count. I imagine it's probably going to hit at least 40,000, maybe 50,000 words.

And I love my idea. This is going to be so awesome. :D
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Happy May Day! Yay for May! Maybe it will finally start consistently being warmer.

Remix is open! The story written for me is Waiting and Hoping (The Schubertian Remix), a remix of my single West Wing fic, All Human Wisdom. Danny Concannon is totally one of my favorite minor characters. ♥ Great fic.

I actually wrote three fics for Remix this year, my assignment, a pinch hit, and something for Remix Madness. Remix Madness isn't open yet, but if someone wants to try guessing the other two, you're welcome to that. Fic prompt of your choice to anyone who takes me up on it and manages. :p

Also, apparently Osama bin Laden is dead? I don't know what to say about that. I do have to wonder how many problems it will actually fix.
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[livejournal.com profile] remixredux09 authors have been revealed! I'm going to post my stories a bit later tonight, but I wanted to say a few things about them first.

Anyway, I wrote:

Battle (Cast Out the Shadows Mix) [Doctor Who, Ten/Rose, PG]

This was my assignment, and I am very fond of it. I had to get an extension for it, because I worked a lot the entire month we were given for Remix, and the story just kept growing. It was 6500 words when I sent it to beta, and 9000 when finished. Second-longest one-shot I've ever written. XD Also, I think anyone who read this fic and who also knew anything about me would have been able to tell I was the author. :p

Some spoilers for my fic )

I also wrote:

Poor Little Lamb (The Draco's Choice Remix) [Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy and others, PG-13]

This was my pinch hit, and I'm rather fond of it as well, though I didn't have as much time to spend on it and this is actually only about the second time I've ever written Draco Malfoy. Also I haven't written HP fic since last year's Remix, and had to reread parts of the books to refresh my memory.

I'm not entirely sure why I latched onto the fic that I did to remix. Normally Draco just doesn't interest me, and my author has written a lot of fic, several in different fandoms it might have been fun to write in, and most of her HP fic was about characters and pairings that interest me more than Draco tends to--the author wrote both Remus/Sirius and Harry/Ginny. I thought about doing a Harry/Ginny fic, but the Draco one just kept bugging me to write it.

Some spoilers for this fic )

I'll post the stories in a bit. Need to go eat dinner now.
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[livejournal.com profile] remixredux09 is live!

My story is awesome. Mystery Remixer took one of my Harry Potter/Good Omens crossovers and wrote We Come and Go (The Angels in the Outfield Remix), and it's so funny. It's a remix of Karma, which I think might be my only Bring Back Black fic, and which had a fairly ridiculous premise (Crowley and Aziraphale getting Sirius out of Purgatory), but the remix is more focused on Good Omens than HP, and is so totally what happened behind the scenes of my fic. Awesome character voices, and tons of GO-style humor. Thank you, Mystery Remixer!

I wrote two fics, my assignment and a pinch hit. One of them, at least, is very, very obviously me. Anyone want a guess? *g*

But I had such a blast with Remix this year, despite working so much. This is why it's always my favorite ficathon--I end up writing things I never thought I would, and loving them. :D

Another good thing--I have to work today, but then I get four days off! In a row! I haven't had more than one day off in a row since I started work. So awesome.

I have to get ready for work now, but everyone should check out Remix!
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Urgh. Urgh urgh urgh.

I just came back from taking my dog for a walk. I don't really like walking the dog, but my parents are gone so they can't and I had to. So today I was just walking along, trying not to get too annoyed at the tumbleweeds, when I noticed something in my dog's mouth.

He'd picked up like half a dead squirrel and was chewing on it.

Gah. I tried to get it away from him, but he's strong. I was able to tear away the leg that was sticking out of his mouth, which is BIG FAT URGH all on its own, but I couldn't get the rest of it away. And then he ate it.

I washed my hands when I got back because URGH I TOUCHED DEAD SQUIRREL. But also, my dog ATE dead squirrel. Gah.

Another reason not to like walking the dog. *sigh*

In other news, I have not watched any new Torchwood yet. Yesterday I worked, and today I've been working on my Remix. First I finish Remix, then I can watch Torchwood.

My next day off is next Monday. Gah. I hate working basically full time for only seven bucks an hour... I mean, it does get me more money at even that measly wage, but it still feels like a lot of work for not much reward.
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I have been so tired lately. I have avoided doing almost everything that requires effort. Including writing, which makes me feel guilty, because I still have to do the Support Stacie fic (gah I am so late, sorry, [livejournal.com profile] wiggiemomsi). Also, [livejournal.com profile] shinyopals, I am so going to be on IM more often and get a move on with Vegas-fic.

I don't think I've hit my saturation point for lazing around--I don't think I have a saturation point for lazing around XD--but I need to be more active and not spend all my time reading books and fic and watching DVDs.

School just made me feel so tired. I sort of want to tell my mom that when she starts nagging me about getting out of the house more, but since she's been a high school teacher for thirty years, plus having a Master's when I'm not even done with my BA yet, I don't really have that many grounds for complaint. :p But I was just getting so weary at the end of the semester that I was almost to the point of not caring about school so long as I had time to rest. Which feels silly to me, because I didn't even really have that big a load. My classes were not that hard, since I could keep up after not reading more than half whatever reading was assigned. I didn't have any papers or assignments so onerous that I couldn't just do them the day before. I only really studied for one of the three finals I had. Why was I so tired?

(I mean mentally more than physically, though I am physically tired as well. But I'm pretty sure that being physically tired often comes with being out of shape and having an inactive lifestyle, so I know I'm getting pretty much what I bargained for with that. Is mental tiredness a side effect?)

But on the other hand, I'm pleased I didn't let my fatigue affect me that much. I got the best grades I've had in years, and, I just found out, made the Dean's List for the first time ever. (Whoo!) So hey, even if I do get ridiculously tired, it's nice to know that I can rise above it.

Which means, it's now time to rise above it. I've had a very nice three weeks off, but now I really need to get off my ass and turn in my damn job applications and start writing my fics.

At least [livejournal.com profile] remixredux09 is about to start. My favorite ficathon, yay! I could always write fic I liked for this ficathon, even during my 2006/2007 Years of Deadness.

So. Soon I will go to bed, but definitely starting tomorrow, I will do job apps, fic, collaborating, and updating LJ more often. *firm nod*

ETA: OMG it's raining! *bounces* It's been raining so often the last week. And thunderstorms! I love thunderstorms. We get lots of rain in Tacoma, but very few thunderstorms. More of those in Reno, for all that there's so much less yearly rain.

ETA 2: Apparently I can't shut up and I'd rather edit my post than make a new one. I was just thinking about some fic reviews I left recently. I've always been a long reviewer when I have the time (as in, reviews so long that they take multiple comments), but I think I've really improved in noticing and talking about the nuances of a story because of my writing classes. Like, really noticing specific word choices and what they add to a story. In reviews I wrote years ago I could rhapsodize about more general things--beautiful language, characterization moments, etc--but I think taking writing classes has helped me become a better reader. My professors have always told me that reading will make me a better writer, but I didn't realize it worked the other way around too. Very cool.
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[livejournal.com profile] yuletide is finished and uploaded. Whoo! (I was the 667th person to upload. Aww! So close to 666. XD)

I've also got most of my Christmas shopping done, and I know what I'm getting the rest, even if I haven't done it yet.

School is over, and except for the Christmas presents, I'm done with things with deadlines for awhile! *flops down* There's still stuff I have to do, but without deadlines, so that makes it easier.

Now I'm going to relax and play video games for awhile and tomorrow I will do some betaing and writing. :)
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Yesterday it snowed. There's still snow on the ground. I WANT IT TO GO AWAY. It's too cold. *whines*

But in other news, I am done with my American Lit final omg. And I think it went well! I actually felt prepared, and continued to feel prepared throughout the test, which is always a good thing. XD What frustrates me is that I also got my final paper back and got a B on it. Gah. I even took that thing to the writing center for help improving it! And a few weeks ago I wrote a paper that I took to the teacher for opinions on the first draft, and she told me it was a strong paper and would be stronger with a few changes, which I made--and then I got a B also. *sigh*

So that class is pretty much a definite B, unless I totally bomb the final (which isn't likely). Oceanography is also done, and that's pretty much a definite A, maybe even if I bomb the final. :p English Studies and Intro to Writing Fiction are most likely As, but I haven't yet turned in my final assignments for those classes. Still, today I went to my English Studies teacher with a draft of my paper and she liked it with just a few suggested changes, so once I make those, I'll be done with that class and probably have an A. For Intro to Fiction, I just have to write an introduction for my portfolio and finish up a couple quick hand-written writing prompts and then I'll be done with that too. Two days before I leave, and I have very little work to do. Whoo!

This evening [livejournal.com profile] heart_of_man is going to come over and we'll finish up Doctor Who S3. Yay for that! And afterwards, I think I will finally get started on my [livejournal.com profile] yuletide. XD I have a plot! I just need to write it down. :p

So, things that need to be written soon:
-English Studies stuff
-Intro to Writing Fiction stuff
-[livejournal.com profile] yuletide
-[livejournal.com profile] writerinatardis challenge this week
-Fourteen/Rose/Ten smut for [livejournal.com profile] shinyopals because for some reason she's picked me to bug into writing that for her and I need to not want to do it so much
-That multi-Doctor fic I keep wanting to write
-More in the "With a Little Help from My Friends"-verse
-Fic commentaries I haven't done yet

Winter break is SO CLOSE. *impatient*
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So I basically just spent an hour and a half writing a post in [livejournal.com profile] theemptywriter on why I don't want Moffat's views in television. With this thing, on one hand, I feel like I should say that I welcome debate, and of course people are welcome to post their thoughts, but...you're not going to change my mind on this issue. You're just not.

I've been busier this break than I anticipated. I spent a lot of time with my friends here, which of course was wonderful and I don't regret that, but it left me a lot less time to get fandomy things done than I'd hoped. I'm going back to school tomorrow morning, and once I get there, I'm going to have to get moving on some things.

I am reviewing my source for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide, though. I've got an idea for the fic, but it's been a long time since I finished the source, so I definitely need the refresher, and I'll be bringing the important stuff back with me.

Here's a little meme, most recently seen on [livejournal.com profile] ariastar's journal, though I've seen it elsewhere as well.

Bit of personal rambling )

Now back to reviewing my [livejournal.com profile] yuletide source before packing and going to bed.
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I AM DONE WITH THE PAPERS. *dances* Four papers in five days. Whew! That was pretty intense. But now I am done with them, and even ahead of the schedule I set out for myself! This gives me time tomorrow to edit them, because though I've finished drafts of all of them, some of them are in serious need of editing. Gah.

Now there's just the rest of the semester to think of. I can do fannish things like [livejournal.com profile] yuletide over Thanksgiving (well, really I can't even start [livejournal.com profile] yuletide until Thanksgiving, because the source for the fandom I was assigned is at home), and my [livejournal.com profile] oh_she_knows secret santa and betaing [livejournal.com profile] shinyopals's fic.

There are only two weeks of classes left, and one week after that for finals. How did this semester pass so quickly? And how did I get so organized? XD
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So today I ended up writing that paper I'd been putting off and got an extension on. Now I remember why I'd been putting it off--it sucked. This was for my Oceanography class, so it was more of a report, with a bunch of questions I had to answer and data to include as well as a two-paged (single-space with half-inch margins, of all things) paper. That consumed pretty much my entire afternoon and half of my evening. It ended up a bit half-assed since I really don't care what grade I get on it as long as it's not a zero, and doing the assignment assures me it won't be. I've been getting As on things in this class this semester, but I wouldn't be surprised if this was a B or a C, and I don't care enough to try and make it better. Mostly I'm just pleased to have it done.

And to reward myself for finishing that thing, I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide! I ♥ [livejournal.com profile] yuletide, and I'm really looking forward to my assignment this year. I just hope I'll be able to put as much effort into it as it deserves, since the semester finishes up about the time the stories are due.

Speaking of writing fics on time, I think I'm already giving up on writing a fic a day. Today was that paper, and I was going to go to bed early tonight so I could get up early tomorrow. Tomorrow I'm going to get up early and spend a lot of time doing assignments as well, because on Tuesday my entire day will be eaten by politics. Seriously. I actually promised my boss I'd work from 7am to 8pm, and this is a promise I actually don't think I'll have a problem keeping, much as I like my sleep.

This does make me so glad I'm on the west coast, though. I'm probably going to be up late on Tuesday night, but not as late as people on the east coast might be.

Now I'm going to bed. Maybe I'll manage to write more fic tomorrow, in between assignments.
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Happy birthday to Harry Potter and JKR! :)

The past couple days I've been writing my fic for the [livejournal.com profile] goin_my_way summer ficathon. I've already passed 6000 words, and I've still got one full section left to write. This will be the section with the sex, and it's literally been years since I've written sex, so this'll be interesting. Right now I'm debating how explicit I should go. On one hand, I like reading explicit sex, and I know other people do too. On the other hand, sex is something that can easily sound generic, and already I know I'm going to emphasize emotions more than what's physically happening, so I don't think I need to be that explicit at all.

Hmmm. I'll think about it. It's not due for two weeks, so I have time. In any case, though, this will almost certainly end up the longest one-shot I've ever written, so that's cool.

On Saturday, I'm going to Santa Cruz with some family and friends, and will be gone until the Saturday after. There is internet access, but it's dial-up, so don't expect me to spend too much time online. Though tonight at dinner, my mom brought up the idea of getting wireless there, which is kag;dklgakdjsa YES PLEASE. Dial-up is just...arg.

We usually see a movie while we're there, and we've already seen Mamma Mia, so I'm going to suggest X-Files. I've been looking forward to this movie for months, but have been waiting to see it until I could go with a friend. I've heard good things about it, and now I'm really anticipating it.

Now I'm going to shut up and get back to writing, since I'm pretty sure I can finish this tonight. :D

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