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Family has left, but today we leave to go visit more family. Back on Thursday, after which I have three priorities:

1. Actually get started on the summer job search.
2. Play more Zelda: Skyward Sword while I still have access to my sister's Wii.
3. Outline and maybe get started on the fourth fic in the series started by Start Infinity Again, which has been developing itself further in my head. It's...another one of those fics with plot. *headdesk*

Otherwise -- LiveJournal, I've put up with a lot over the eight years I've been here -- the eight years I've been paying for this site. And I'd still put up with this latest fuckwittery, even though I had to change my journal style to keep the actually good comments page...but your customer service is for complete shit.

I'm not abandoning LJ, but I think I'm finally going to stop renewing my paid account. And I'll give that money to Dreamwidth, who cares more about their user base.

So...first, can someone remind me how to import my journal entries from LJ to DW? Last time I did it was in 2009.

Second, I am, unsurprisingly, rynne on DW. If I don't already have you added there, could you give me your username?
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Last night my best friend and I watched more ST: TNG, and I think I finally understand why I'm not as engaged with it as I was with TOS -- it feels like it's far more technobabble-heavy. I mean, TOS has its share of technobabble, but TNG really takes it to another level. There are a lot of times when the solution to a problem in TNG is figuring out the science behind it and therefore how to fix it, but for me, technobabble tends to go in one ear and out the other. TOS seems...a lot more character-based.

Of course, TNG is pretty character-based as well, or I wouldn't still be watching it. They've got their ensemble cast who continually develops, and that's awesome. But the technobabble bores me, and it seems like there's more of it in TNG than in TOS.

I've also finally gotten far enough for a better understanding of Picard and family (with some help from my best friend, who is a huge TNG fan), which I appreciate because it gives me a new perspective on Generations. This does mean that I have to rewrite the Generations section in my ST movie essay (which has passed 25,000 words, btw XD), though. But the person who was looking that over finally got back to me, so I think once I fix up the Generations section, I'll be ready to post. Whoo!

I need to get some more Star Trek icons.

In other news, I had a sudden urge to play Final Fantasy VII again, but when I started a new game...the D-pad on my controller wouldn't work anymore. So I had to go out and get a new controller. I know my PS2 is old, and FFVII is old, and old electronic systems do not like to work very well, but my old video games are still awesome and I still want to play them!

I am going to be very sad when my systems are all finally too old to keep working and there's nothing to replace them.
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Okay, so...it's been over two months since I last updated. Um. I'll try not to do that again. It's not so much that nothing has been happening as much as I just haven't really felt like posting.

But anyway! There's one very important thing going on and a few other things that have just grabbed my interest.

i. Big important thing is that I've decided I want to go to law school. It was sort of a spur-of-the-moment decision (my mom's bugged me about the idea for the past few years, but I hadn't really thought about it), but it actually feels really right. I've been adamant for a long time about not wanting grad school because I'm tired of school, but I'm really getting excited about law school, so I think it's a good decision. Especially after studying abroad, I'm really wanting to go into international law. I think that'd be awesome.

I'm signed up for the LSATs in October. Ack! Normally I do very well with standardized tests, but I've only been getting about 160 on the practice LSATs I've taken, which is not good enough. The Logical Reasoning sections keep kicking my ass. I'm doing great with Reading Comprehension and Logic Games/Analytical Reasoning (I've seen that section called both ways), but I keep making mistakes with the Logical Reasoning. *sigh* I've only been studying for about two weeks, which is maybe too soon to expect real improvement, but whether or not it is too soon, I'm going to look into taking an LSAT class when I get back to Tacoma.

I've updated my resume and wrote my personal statement, though the personal statement needs definite editing. I might ask around here for concrit at some point. But I really need to do well on the LSAT. (Obvious statement is obvious. :p)

ii. I finally saw Avatar: The Last Airbender! The show, not the horrible movie, though I did see that too. (I only went because I knew I wouldn't have to pay for it, and after it was over I was so glad I hadn't spent money on that thing. There were some things adapted that I didn't mind, they made sense, but mostly it was a big pile of DO NOT WANT.) And the show was awesome! Thank God it's on Netflix Instant, because I've already watched the whole thing twice and my favorite episodes several times.

So of course I went to look for fic, as you do. I like the canon pairings, but was bemused to look on ff.net and find myself in the minority. Usually canon pairings are not the minority. But I did find some good fics, and I will always have the show, so I'm happy.

iii. Twin was home for the middle two weeks of August, but she left on Saturday. My parents decided to give us our birthday presents a month early, while we were both home. I did not object to this, because I have a brand new XBox 360, and Final Fantasy XIII. Finally! I have been waiting months to play this game!

Even though I know I should be studying for the LSAT, I couldn't resist starting the game. It's very fun. The battle and leveling systems remind me of a mix between the FFX and X-2 systems, though I appreciate the addition of the AI. I'm really enjoying the characters and the story, and I think Lightning is full of awesome. Right now I'm in the middle of chapter nine, but I'm probably not going to get the chance to play much in the next few days because I am leaving on Saturday for Tacoma and I have to clean and pack and say goodbye to friends. And study for the LSAT. Bloody Logical Reasoning...

I think that's about it for new stuff in my life.
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For Shakespeare's birthday, I went to Stratford-upon-Avon and saw King Lear, and it was seriously awesome. Then on the train ride back a bunch of us played MASH, which I don't think I've played since middle school, but according to MASH, I'm going to marry Gordon Brown. GAH! It's better than a choice between George W. Bush, Steven Moffat, and Davros, but not by much. *shudders*

But I brought my PSP and Crisis Core on the trip and now I'm like WHY DID I DO THAT? Now I've spent most of today playing Crisis Core, even though I've got a presentation for tomorrow to work on and betaing to do. Well, at least the presentation shouldn't take that long to write up, but the betaing I am determined to get to tonight. *fingers twitch towards PSP* Just...a bit later. XD
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As might be somewhat apparent from my last few entries, I've been getting back into Final Fantasy VII lately (that fandom has some of my favorite time travel redos. :p), and today I thought I might try playing Dirge of Cerberus. I got it back when it came out, before I realized it was a third-person shooter, but that genre really isn't my thing so I never actually played it. It's just now that I've been reading more FFVII fic that I see it rather heavily used, and I want to know what happens in more detail than Wikipedia tells me.

*sigh* I couldn't even make it through the tutorial before I got annoyed and pissed at the controls. Especially the camera. People were shooting at me and I couldn't even figure out how to get the camera to look at them so I could shoot back. I've only ever played one third-person shooter in my life (Jet Force Gemini--old N64 game), and I liked that one well enough to replay it several times, but on the whole it's never been a genre I found particularly attractive.

Maybe I'll try it again over the next few days--see if I can at least make it through the tutorial before wanting to throw my controller against the wall. As frustrating as the camera was, it's equally frustrating to think I'll be defeated by being unable to figure out a damn camera. And I really do want to see the story. It's just--it's a Final Fantasy! Why'd they have to make it a damn third-person shooter? *trying not to gnash teeth*

In other, much less frustrating news, today I spoke to my roommate in London. Her plane gets in about half an hour after mine does, so we're going to share a mini-cab to our homestay. It'll be nice not to do the entire trip alone, even if it's only for the very last leg that I'll have someone with me.
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I did end up buying the PSP. And Crisis Core. Both were $88 after all my gift cards, so in the past two days I've bought $220 worth of video games and only paid $88 for them, so I think that's a damn good deal.

Especially since I finally figured out the insurance thing. I called an agent today and figured out a policy that will completely cover my baggage (which is mostly what I want covered since I've got some expensive gadgets), but only will do the bare minimum of medical and trip cancellation and so on, and all for $90-$100. Score! My mom said she'd be happy with a $100-$150 policy, so I think maybe me finding a cheaper insurance policy that still gives me everything I want will make up for splurging on the PSP.

...Dear god, you know you've grown up when you're talking about buying insurance. How boring is that? Is it mitigated by talking about buying video games as well?
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So I finally gave in and bought Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Off Amazon, since I got $100 of gift card for Christmas and apparently I'd already had like $30 of credit to my account. (I don't remember how it got there, but I'm not complaining.)

Now the question is, should I get a PSP as well? I've still got about $100 of credit, so that'd shave the price of a PSP to maybe $50, but with the two other games I want to buy (FFVII: Crisis Core and Dissidia: Final Fantasy), I'd be spending about $100 on video games. And this is normally an awesome price for three games plus a new system, but...I am about to go to England.

On one hand, handheld video games would be useful things when traveling--they do not take up much space but still provide hours and hours of entertainment. They could get lost or stolen, though, and I still need to get some personal insurance (that does not come automatically packaged with health insurance, which my program gives me). Note to self--get on the insurance thing. Less than a month now!

On the other hand, what I spend on video games I cannot spend on necessary things like food (only about half my meals are provided by my program) or awesome things like travel.

It's only ~$100, but that's...still $100. And I just had to pay off an effing expensive speeding ticket, too, sigh. I am still waiting on my last paycheck from school, which should be here in the next few days, but I'm not sure how much it is apart from less than $100.

Christmas has just passed, and my birthday's not for another nine months. By the time my birthday comes around I'll be wanting FFXIII and a console to play that on anyway (still haven't decided between XBox 360 and PS3--neither has other games I absolutely need so it might just come down to which is cheaper by September), and that'll be bad enough.

Gah! I'm not sure what to do! I want these games, but I also want an awesome travel experience. My parents are willing to fund my trip, and I do have several thousand dollars in my savings account so not everything is on my parents, but...can I really justify these games? *sigh*
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Happy 2010. :)

Today I went shopping for new clothes for England with Mom and Twin. Wow, that was exhausting, mostly because my mom bought this vacuum thing that shrinks clothes so now she wants me to bring a lot. Well, I did get some very cute outfits out of it, and also the COOLEST SHOES EVER. THEY ARE SPARKLY RAINBOW CONVERSE AND I LOVE THEM OMG.

I'm going to have to take a picture of these shoes and post it here, because OMG COOLEST SHOES EVER.

I stopped in at GameSpot when Mom and Twin went off to buy some jeans and why did I not know that Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days existed? A new Kingdom Hearts game! WITH ROXAS. I have been so out of it in terms of video games. Well, at least this is a DS game, so I can take it to England with me. (I've been sort of frantically replaying some of my favorite games recently because I can't take my consoles to England. But my DS is so coming with me.) Er, once I buy it, that is. :p I need to see how much PSPs are, because I also saw Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core in there, and I wants it, precious, yesssss.

I have not watched End of Time yet, though I have read some reaction posts because I don't care about spoiling myself this time. :p But [livejournal.com profile] velesia is recording them off BBCAmerica so I think I'll be watching the last three specials with her. That'll be fun, at least, and I'll probably be glad to have someone to cling to as I watch for the first time. :p
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Finally took care of my backlog of comments.

I woke up today with a sore throat, ugh. It wasn't that bad, though, and I actually had an appetite today, which I usually don't when I'm sick. But I talked to a friend right before I had dinner, and he said that he was also sick, that he'd had a sore throat a few days ago and then it got worse, so that might be the same thing I have. I hope not. I have class tomorrow, so I don't have time to be sick! XD

I decided to grab some pizza from the Cellar (our campus's pizza place) for dinner tonight, and there I saw [livejournal.com profile] heart_of_man. We talked for a bit, and then she said that she started watching Torchwood S1 this summer, and that she'd been reading me talk about Doctor Who on LJ for so long, that she was curious, and she wanted to watch them from the beginning. SCORE! Another convert! So tonight we watched Rose and The End of the World, and that was fun.

I got a new DS power cord, and have been playing FFIII. Fun game! Not the biggest fan of the changable job-class system, since my favorite jobs aren't always the best for the task at hand, but eh. Still fun. Though wow, I'm amazed at how little characterization there is. Final Fantasy is normally really good on the characterization front, but III has four main characters who have a few personality traits, but mostly they're rather interchangable. I forgive it, though, since this is a remake of a much older game.

I think I'm going to go to bed earlyish tonight, to hopefully make sure the sore throat doesn't turn into something worse because I don't get enough sleep. Good night. :)
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I'm feeling a bit annoyed right now, at myself and at the world. Today I started playing Final Fantasy III for my Nintendo DS, except my DS ran out of battery power. And I must have obviously left the power cord for it at home, because I forgot it needed one. All my other gameboys use regular batteries! XD So I left the cord at home, and I can't really call and ask my parents to ship it because I have no idea where it might be, and I probably have enough cords in my room that they'd grab the wrong one. So I ordered a new cord off the internet, but it's going to take a few days to get here, and in the meantime I can't play my brand new game. *sigh*

Also, I feel a bit urgh with fic. I want to read fic, but it feels like I've already read everything a million times, and I don't feel like wading through a bunch of crap on archives to find something new and good. And preferably long. I love DW dearly, but it has so few really long (as in, over 100,000 words) fics, and those are my favorite kind. So I've been sort of rereading some old HP favorites, but they also fall into the "read a million times" category.

I've been so desperate for things I haven't read/done before that I even DID MY HOMEWORK today. Two papers that I started, and finished, more than a day before they're due! Truly desperate measures. XD

So, anyone want to give me some recs? Preferably long fic, plotty with romance being my favorite, though I will read shorter fics, as long as they're not ones I've already read a bunch. Fandoms I'll read are: Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Star Wars, X-Files, West Wing, Legend of Zelda, various Final Fantasies, Kingdom Hearts, and...probably a few other things. XD Anyone giving me recs will be much loved.

I also have a bunch of comments to answer, but I'm not really in the mood right now. I'll probably get to them tomorrow.
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Homework has been finished! Well, with the help of a fortuitous call from my parents, so I could ask my dad if I was doing my math right. Scientific notation and exponents (and addition/subtract/multiplication/division thereof) can get confusing when I haven't dealt with them for five years. XD

Last night I went to game night in another dorm, where I played Apples to Apples (which I'd never heard of prior to last night) with a bunch of people. After most people had left, I played Wii Mario Kart with the RA who organized game night and a friend from freshman year. I have had very little contact with a Wii, and had never played Mario Kart for that system, but I still managed to beat both of them. Hah! My satisfaction was increased by the fact that both are male, so score one for the girl gamer. :D

I also have people who will spend my 21st birthday with me, which is a big relief. I'd worried I might spend it alone, as I had my 18th and 19th, for lack of knowing anyone who didn't already have plans. Before I went to college, I'd never spent a birthday alone--of course I'd always had family and friends, but more than that, I had Twin, and we celebrated together. It's been very odd, not having her around for our birthday.

But yes! I am not going to celebrate my 21st birthday alone. :D

Now I think I want to go get ice cream.
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Went to a barbeque at a friend's house. It was very fun. Towards the end we watched episodes of South Park, Futurama, and Reno 911!, which I never actually watch unless I'm with friends and they're watching it. Those shows are all right with friends (well, sorta), but I could never sit through them by myself.

And actually, I've never seen Reno 911!, which is sorta funny. I mean, I know why--it's definitely not my kind of show--but I'm sorta surprised I never watched before just for the Reno thing. Except that it's pretty obviously not Reno--I heard they film in LA, and it shows. No matter how many shots of downtown, the arch, and the Silver Legacy they show, Reno does not have palm trees. It just...really didn't look like Reno. Also, in the episode tonight, they were doing a prostitution sting, which was...what? Seriously? Did they just completely miss how prostitution is legal here? Though really, I suppose this show's greatest draw is not its accurate portrayal of life here. :p

Over the past couple weeks I've been playing Final Fantasy XII again, and right now I'm fighting Yiazmat. Seriously right now--I'm letting my characters and their gambits go at it while I make sure I'm not about to get a game over. I commented on this the first time I played this game, but really, 50 million hit points isn't hard, it's tedious. I do it because I like the accomplishment of having done it, but I can't play through this battle without either my computer or a book.

Now I've had a few beers and no caffeine today, so I'm off to bed.
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I hate thinking of titles. Some very few times, they come to me and they're perfect, but that's not often. Sometimes I have to settle for something really stupid because I can't think of anything better, but I don't like doing that. Lately I've been searching out quotations for good titles, and frequently I find them. But I just spent a couple hours today looking through quotes and various other things to find a good title for my Parting of the Ways essay, and nothing really fit. I found a couple things I sorta wanted to use, but nothing that encompassed the entirety of the essay. *sigh* I suppose it's not exactly made easier because of the fact that the essay doesn't really have a theme or topic beyond "this is why PotW is awesome". It has multiple sections, and while a prospective title might work for one section, or even most, I haven't yet found one that fits them all. Gah. Frustrating.

I started playing Zelda: Ocarina of Time again today. Oh, Zelda. I love this game so much, even if this year is the tenth anniversary of its release. Also, my N64 is getting old and temperamental, which is very depressing. It might not be very long before it decides to stop working altogether, and then I will be very sad.

I only have one more day of class left before the finals. The semester's gone by so quickly! Also, I've pretty much got As in the bag for both my classes, which is nice, even if it's only because they were really damn easy. :p
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Nevada Caucus was today! I went, and was totally one of the youngest people there. (Well, youngest of the people there to vote. There were some kids there whose parents brought them along.) My precinct only had twenty-four people voting, and in the first round it ended up being a three-way tie between Hillary, Obama, and Edwards. This amused me. My precinct ended up going for Edwards, but I am not displeased that Hillary won in Nevada. I actually like all three (Hillary, Obama, and Edwards), and I'd be happy if any of them ended up the nominee.

Tonight I went over to [livejournal.com profile] velesia's, and we played Wii Sports. I'm not that good at tennis, but better than I expected at golf. Better than I am in real life, for sure. I played a summer session of golf for PE credit in high school, and I usually ended up at like, nine over par or something. (Of course, it didn't help that the session offered very few left-handed clubs, and I was worse at golfing right-handed than I was with the wrong clubs.) And I like Wii Bowling, too. :p It's not as fun as real bowling, but it's pretty easy.

School starts on Tuesday! I've got my books and my parking permit, and I can't wait to find out how my classes will be--and especially how they compare to classes at UPS. *nervous* :p
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The only resolution I made last year was to write something original. Did that, thanks to my Creative Writing class, but eh, I don't think I would have without having those assignments. So maybe my New Year's Resolution for this year should be to write something original of my own volition. :p

And it'd be great if I could finish Burnt by the Sun, but I'm not counting on that, considering I bet it'll go over 100,000 words. XD

Just now I beat Omega Mk XII in Final Fantasy XII, therefore having beaten all optional bosses in that game, so already the new year's going better than I expected. *g*
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Final Fantasy XII, I love you, but having optional bosses with fifty million (yes, fifty million) hit points isn't challenging, it's tedious. I didn't complain too much when it was one million, or even when it was ten million, but fifty million? Especially when the damage cap is still at 9999, it'll take fucking forever to beat this thing. Its only saving grace is that I can save the game and pick the fight up again later, pretty much where I left off--otherwise, I might not try beating Yiazmat at all, my urge to completely beat the game be damned!

Geez. And I thought what's-his-face in FFX, Nemesis, was bad enough with ten million hit points, but you could hit as high as 99999, so the battle really didn't take very long. But tonight I spent a good half-hour on Yiazmat, and got only maybe an eighth of its HP down before I got bored. I'll pick it up again later, but I might just bring a book out and read while I let my characters (and their gambits! I love gambits) do their thing.
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FFXII = REALLY GOOD GAME. Much better than X-2. It's a lot like FFVI, and not just in that summons are called Espers, and VI has always been one of my favorite FFs.

Battle system takes getting used to, though. I'm about twelve hours in, and it still sometimes trips me up.

Will talk more about it later, when I'm not in "must...play...new...game" mode. *g*
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Happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] drakyndra, [livejournal.com profile] marksykins, and my lovely RL friend [livejournal.com profile] dreamingreader! Of course, the 28th is almost over, but I hope your days were great!

I'm halfway through A Feast For Crows. I don't like it as much as the first three, but I want to know what happens! And then I have to wait for the next book, sigh.

I finished my fifth game of KH2 yesterday...and I want to start a sixth. I've had this game for five weeks. Someone stop me. XD

I also started playing KH: Chain of Memories, finally. I hate the card system, but I love Sora's smirk. *g*

And I just finished the prologue of a chaptered KH fic. *sigh* It won't be novel-length, but I wouldn't be surprised if it turned into a novella. It's more focused on characters than plot (...as if I could write anything else...), but it has one. And I should be able to finish it this summer, despite needing to get a job. And once I finish it, the ideas and snippets of dialogue for it should leave me alone. XD

...You know, I remember a couple years ago, complaining that I couldn't write anything but Harry Potter. Though I love writing for multiple fandoms, I almost miss that--at least I rarely had multiple projects going on at once. Once I can get stuff off my old computer, I need to keep going with Burnt by the Sun.
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'Kay. Definitely writing Kingdom Hearts fic. My fic/plot bunny notebook already has notes on several KH ideas; previously, this notebook was only full of Harry Potter and Star Wars stuff. It's just...the Organization! Roxas! Demyx!

*sigh* Why can't it be two weeks from now, and summer vacation?

(Which reminds me: HOLY SHIT TWO WEEKS OF SCHOOL LEFT. This semester went by quickly.)

I have no self-control, so I started playing a new game of KH, only in Proud mode, 'cause I did my first one in Standard. Proud is supposedly more difficult, but I've really only had a tougher time in one battle. I was hoping for something more challenging...

And dammit, I've got a lot of meta thoughts on KH too. What a time to get a new fandom...

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