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Happy Halloween! Apparently this is going to be my second post of the month. XD

It's not so much that things haven't been happening as that nothing particularly interesting has been happening, and I've not been posting because frankly I've bored myself at the idea of rambling on about how I'm pleased with my grades.

Study abroad stuff is coming along well, though. Last week I turned in a packet of forms and information, and I got my International Student Identification Card, so I think what's left for me to do is pay the deposit and figure out plane tickets. Which is actually turning out to be something of an ordeal, because England's gonna want me to have a set departure date when I first arrive, but I want to do some traveling after the program's over, but I don't have concrete plans yet. Since I don't want to travel by myself, I don't really think I can have concrete plans until I make friends with people in England who might want to travel with me. It's becoming a bit of a mess, and I've emailed a student travel agency to see what advice they can give me, but I haven't heard back from them yet, gah.

(Though [livejournal.com profile] heart_of_man, still interested in me coming to Germany for a bit after the program's over? The program ends May 15.)

In terms of fandom, Waters of Mars is beginning to fill me with dread. I want new canon, but on the other hand, I'm scared it's going to be something I won't like. Of course this applies even more to the last specials, but aadskgl. Getting scared. :p

I haven't been watching Sarah Jane, mostly because I haven't seen S2 yet. That'll be out on Netflix November 10, so I'm sorta torn between waiting for that and them moving to S3, or just starting S3 now. I think I'm patient enough to wait, though. For now, at least. XD

Also, somehow I got back into reading epic Harry Potter fics. *sigh* I do this every few years, since that makes time for good stuff to build up again, but now I've got an idea I like for an epic Harry Potter fic myself and I feel like staring at my brain in disbelief. It's been three or four years since I've written a HP fic outside of Remix, and I couldn't even finish the one long fic there I started. WTF is up with my brain now?

Well, there are at least more DW fics I'm going to try and write, hopefully soon. It'd be nice to get them done before Ten's run is over so that I can just be Jossed rather than writing AUs.
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I had a very full day. Very much fun.

A couple friends and I went downtown to hang around the river since it was nice outside. Apparently everyone else in the city agrees, because it was packed there. And there were lots of people with tattoos, including one guy with one on his throat. Dude, I cannot even imagine getting a tattoo there.

We also went into this antique store, and I? Found a first edition Goblet of Fire, wand order mistake included. This made me ridiculously happy because GoF had been the only HP book where I didn't have the first edition hardcover. I used to have one, but then my younger sister lost it several years ago and eventually I bought a paperback version of GoF, but I had always been very sad because it rather ruined things. But now I have a complete set of first edition hardcover Harry Potter books, so go me!

Then we hung around Borders for awhile, because that is what my friends and I do: hang around bookstores for fun. But there was nothing new that I wanted, so I was sad, except not really because first edition GoF! Then we went to World Market, which is hiring! For some position having to do with wine! If I have to work, I'd love to have a job working in World Market with wines.

We went out to sushi for dinner, and mmmmm, sushi. I love sushi.

And then we watched Star Trek.

Some spoilers for Star Trek )

Also, I applied to work at the theater. Since one of the managers is my best friend's boyfriend, and I've known him for like eight years, I'm hoping I have an edge. Though it was sorta weird, 'cause it was a computer application that I did right in the theater. They didn't ask me for any references, and also on the page with school, apparently they were just asking for high school because they wanted to know my last completed grade and only accepted numbers, so I could only tell them that I'd graduated high school, not that I was now a senior in college. They apparently didn't want to know about college at all. Very odd.

It is also the Glorious 25th of May, which is quite appropriate for being Memorial Day. I need to go reread Night Watch now.
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i. I feel like doing Roman numerals today.

ii. I just got finished watching a movie and doing a write up of it for a class. It wasn't even a very interesting movie! Well, the content was interesting, but the performance was boring. Eh.

iii. Last week the school had a career fair, and I went because, well, not too long before I'm done with school. I talked to this guy from Grassroots Campaigns, which does things for groups such as Planned Parenthood, the DNC, the ACLU, Amnesty International, and so on. I expressed interest. Then today they were in the student union building again and I talked to them and they said they were doing interest meetings for summer internships today! With interviews! And I should come!

I agreed, because I need a summer internship. But then it was just omg unexpected interview! And I don't even have a resume!

So I put together a resume. And I got dressed up in interview clothes, and brought my resume with me to the interest meeting. No one else who showed up was in interview clothes, or had a resume. I hope that bodes well for me.

I think the interview went pretty well. My resume centered on my political experience and volunteer work, which is basically what this organization is about. I think I came across fairly well.

And the guy said they're going to let me know within forty-eight hours! Eep. Much sooner than I was expecting. I'm going to be nervous until then.

This is actually not the internship I want the most--I still haven't done applications for editing positions, which is what I really want. But if I do get this, it will be a big relief that I at least have something, even if I can't get my first choices.

iv. I FINISHED FIC TODAY. More than that, I finished another fic in the With a Little Help from My Friends universe, so now I officially have an actual series going. I also have a better name for the universe itself, but I don't want to reveal it yet. :p

But the fics in this series seem to just grow. Like, the first fic I was thinking would be about 3000 words when I wrote it, and I ended up with 10,000. This new fic I was thinking would be 2000, and it ended up at 5000. I'm not complaining since I'm pretty happy with the pacing as it turned out, but wow, quite the discrepancy between my expectations and the reality. :p

v. I did the association meme, and [livejournal.com profile] shinyopals gave me these five things:


University stuff )

Doctor/Rose cuteness )

Harry Potter )

The X-Files )
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I just read the most awesomely brilliant fic. And I found it via [livejournal.com profile] fanficrants, of all things.

Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness by [livejournal.com profile] thanfiction is Deathly Hallows from Neville's point of view. It's very long, but totally amazing. Definitely a must-read for Neville fans, or anyone who is even somewhat fond of him.

It also apparently has more in that universe, which I am going to start on now, but dude, people need to read this fic.

I'm pretty sure there's been more happening this week, but I can't really think of anything. XD This weekend, though, I hope to finally write some fic again. Let's see how that goes! :p
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Happy birthday to Harry Potter and JKR! :)

The past couple days I've been writing my fic for the [livejournal.com profile] goin_my_way summer ficathon. I've already passed 6000 words, and I've still got one full section left to write. This will be the section with the sex, and it's literally been years since I've written sex, so this'll be interesting. Right now I'm debating how explicit I should go. On one hand, I like reading explicit sex, and I know other people do too. On the other hand, sex is something that can easily sound generic, and already I know I'm going to emphasize emotions more than what's physically happening, so I don't think I need to be that explicit at all.

Hmmm. I'll think about it. It's not due for two weeks, so I have time. In any case, though, this will almost certainly end up the longest one-shot I've ever written, so that's cool.

On Saturday, I'm going to Santa Cruz with some family and friends, and will be gone until the Saturday after. There is internet access, but it's dial-up, so don't expect me to spend too much time online. Though tonight at dinner, my mom brought up the idea of getting wireless there, which is kag;dklgakdjsa YES PLEASE. Dial-up is just...arg.

We usually see a movie while we're there, and we've already seen Mamma Mia, so I'm going to suggest X-Files. I've been looking forward to this movie for months, but have been waiting to see it until I could go with a friend. I've heard good things about it, and now I'm really anticipating it.

Now I'm going to shut up and get back to writing, since I'm pretty sure I can finish this tonight. :D
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I always love a good crossover, but it's rare that I find a really good crossover. And I just finished one that's...really damn good. Good enough that I just have to make a post reccing it.

Browncoat, Green Eyes by nonjon is really one of the best crossovers I've ever read. Dunno if the title gives it away, but it's Harry Potter/Firefly, taking place two years post-Serenity, and written post-OotP. Ships include Simon/Kaylee, past Harry/Luna, and UST with Harry/River and Mal/Inara, and as a warning, Harry is pretty powerful--I know some people don't like that. The story's also almost 300,000 words, so it's pretty epic, and it's posted on ff.net, so I don't know how many people might have read it, since I know a lot of people avoid that site. It's also complete, so no worries about WIPs.

I've read some HP/Firefly crossovers before, but I've never seen one that fits these two universes together so well. What, exactly, fits them together is part of the plot, so I won't give it away, but really, it's just...wow. Awesome. Characterization is great, with lines I thought were rather Whedonesque, and though Harry is different from canon, he's got reason, and it makes sense within the story. There's several original characters, and they're really, really well done. And the plot is just...eeee! Awesome, awesome plot. It's funny, and poignant, and everything I look for in an epic. Just...really. Wonderful, and definitely worth a read for fans of Harry Potter, Firefly, and long stories.
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Something I've been thinking about, off and on, since I read DH, and I wanted to put down in words.

The prophecy had to have been about Harry--it wouldn't have worked with Neville. Not because of anything inherent in Harry or in Neville, but because of Lily and Alice. It took me a bit to really understand why Lily's sacrifice was enough to protect Harry, because surely she wasn't the only mother willing to die for her child, or just one person willing to die to protect another. The difference was that Voldemort gave her a choice, and that she chose to die for Harry rather than live and watch her son be killed is what gave her sacrifice power. But Voldemort only gave her that choice because Snape asked him to spare her. Somehow I doubt that Alice had any inner-circle Death Eaters so in love with her that they'd beg their merciless Dark Lord to spare her life.

So if Voldemort had chosen to go after the Longbottoms first, I bet he would have just killed Frank and Alice on his way to Neville as a matter of course, and then Neville would have died. Then he probably would have just proceeded on to Harry, and thanks to Lily, Harry would have still been the Boy-Who-Lived.

Ever since OotP came out, there's been a bunch of Neville-as-Boy-Who-Lived AU written, and I guess I find it interesting that it's even more AU than originally thought. Neville fit the paramaters of the prophecy, but it wouldn't really have worked for him, not unless Voldemort would have been willing to spare either Frank or Alice, which I don't think likely.

I think I need to find some more HP icons. Hmmm...
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I've been meaning to do this for awhile, but I just...never quite got around to it. XD

My thoughts on canon ships in DH )

That was long enough. Sooner or later I'll get around to thoughts on the characters--and I have a lot of those. :p
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MWPP and Snape's Worst Memory--SPOILERS for DH )

More thoughts on other parts of the book, specifically characters and ships, to come later.

Sooo...has anyone written any good post-DH fic yet? I mean, set after the main part of the book and before the epilogue, because dude, I so want fic set then.
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spoilers )

I have thoughts on the rest of the book, but I have to go pick up my parents from the airport soon, and I want to reread, so I'll do it later.
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No spoilers, but...

I liked it. There were parts I have problems with, but overall, I really liked it.

I haven't been to bed yet, so I'll wait to write my thoughts until I've had some sleep, but overall I'm happy with it.
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So it's been awhile since I've posted. Er, quite a while. It's not that there's not anything going on; rather, I just haven't had any interest in posting about it. But since book seven's almost here, I figured I'd post a few things about that.

First of all, regarding spoilers--spoil me, don't spoil me, I don't care. I read the scanned epilogue a few days ago, but apparently now the entire book is being scanned and people are reading that, which I certainly am not. I do periodically seek out spoilers, but I prefer them to be single events rather than the entire bloody book. There are only a few more days before I can buy it, and I'd really prefer to read an actual book where I don't have to strain my eyes, so I don't mind waiting.

I don't know if the leaked book is real or not. On one hand, if it's real, I'm surprised no one official has cracked down on it yet. On the other hand, it's not like people don't illegally download episodes and music, so I wouldn't be that surprised if it was real and just keeps slipping through.

As for spoilers after the book is officially out, I'll put them under a cut with warnings and no indications of what the spoiler actually is. I may not care about getting spoiled, but I know other people do.

In other HP-related news, I haven't seen Order of the Phoenix, and I don't intend to. I'm even sort of iffy on rereading the book--I haven't read it since it came out, but I've reread the first four, and I might reread HBP, so not sure if I should leave it out or not.

I have started reading HP fanfic again. Mostly the ones on my favorites list at ff.net, along with a couple new epics, but I started looking through my R/S reclist yesterday, and now I'm debating asking for links for fics newer than November 2005, since that was when it was last updated. I'll probably wait and see if my interest remains after I finish Deathly Hallows.

*sigh* There's things going on in RL, but I don't feel like talking about them now. In other fandomy news, I'm in the middle of a West Wing fic, with a few more ideas for that fandom, and a Supernatural fic, intended to be for [livejournal.com profile] musesfool's birthday, but I guess I'm too late for that. Happy belated birthday anyway, [livejournal.com profile] musesfool, and I'll see if I can finish it any time soon.

Burnt by the Sun is continuing to be stubborn. I wish it could just be finished already.
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As I was falling asleep this morning, I had the sudden random urge to write Remus/Sirius again. This urge has not gone away yet, and I'm not sure whether to be glad about that or not. I want to write some R/S, since I haven't in...a long time, but there's less than three weeks of school left and I've got too much to do.

Which is also why I'm not going to start a new game of KH2 yet, even though I really want to. I loved the Organization. This is sorta weird, as I'm not usually a big fan of the villains, but...I felt so sorry for them! Especially Roxas! Oh, Roxas...

Okay, time to go work on Japanese speech and a paper on Locke. *sigh*
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I offer this as proof of three things: that I have not abandoned HP, that I still love R/S, and that I continue in my Christmas tradition of pervertedly filking Christmas carols.

Randomly, this is the first high-rated thing I've written since I turned eighteen. :p This is dedicated to my RL friend Rachel, who likes these, who wanted another one, and who I will eventually convince to get an LJ.

Merry Christmas! People who care about my SW stuff will get something later tonight. :)

Title: Remus the Werewolf
Rating: R/NC17
Summary: "Frosty the Snowman", only not.

Remus the Werewolf )


Jul. 16th, 2005 04:06 am
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So I got to Barnes and Noble in time to be in the "first fifty to get the book" slot, managed to be one of the first ten to actually buy it, and was home and reading it at 12:10.

Four hours later...spoilers )

*wants book seven right now OMG*
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Okay, practically everyone knows about my R/S reclist, but to prove that I do occasionally read things other than R/S...here's a new reclist of other HP fics I like. These are in alphabetical order as well; later, when I have time, I'll put in a bit more information, like genre or something.

Current total: 51 links )
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Remember these three filks?

Christmas is approaching, and so I did it again. Watch out for more later.

Title: Joy to the World
Rating: NC17
Summary: "Joy to the World". Only not quite.
Note: Randomly, I know the real version of this song better in Spanish than in English. :p

Joy to the world! Sirius has come... )
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A few notes, first of all. Some fics are archived in more than one place, but I just took the urls from the first place I found them. Also, these fics are on this list because I personally liked them and wouldn't mind rereading them, meaning this list is completely subjective. If a fic (R/S, of course) you like is not on here, you're free to comment and tell me about it (no self-plugs, please), but the possibility exists that I may have already read the fic and not liked it enough to put it on here. An author may have written a lot of R/S stuff, but these will only be my favorites of that author's fiction, and if I think that you should check out the rest of that author's stuff, I'll put an asterisk by the author's name. I used LJ usernames if I knew them, and just pennames if I didn't. They are in alphabetical order by title, followed by author, rating, chaptered or one-shot, complete or work in progress, and lastly by era (Hogwarts is Harry's Hogwarts years, post-Hogwarts is post-Harry's Hogwarts years, MWPP is Remus and Sirius's Hogwarts years up until Azkaban, Azkaban is those twelve years, and AU is...AU). If I later have the time and inclination, I'll be going back and adding a "why I recommend this fic" bit, but for now it's just the basics. Also, none of my fics are on here, but...just so you know, I recommend those too. *snicker*

This list will also be periodically updated. I'll usually add one directly when I find a new fic I like (especially as great stuff is forever being written), so check back every once in awhile and you'll probably find a few more each time. To make it easier to find the new ones, look for the red "New!" in front of the link. Also, any links that go to the Howl Kingdom don't work, just so you know. I'll probably replace them sooner or later, when I have time to go find alternate links.

THERE ARE TWO PAGES TO THIS LIST. To get to the second page, which contains links to fics with titles N-Z, click on the "Page two" link at the bottom of this list.

Now with that all over with...here we go!

Current total: 300

The recs )

Page two
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Title: Sirius, Sirius
Summary: "Jingle Bells". Only not
Rating: R

The NEW Jingle Bells! )

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