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Last day of class of the semester. The next two days are finals, on Saturday I leave for Cardiff, and then on Monday I leave the UK. A lot of the people in my program I've talked to or I've seen on facebook seem to be counting down the days and looking forward to going home, and I'm...rather not. I mean, it'll be nice to be home because there are people there that I miss and living expenses are somewhat cheaper, but I love London. I don't want to leave! XD

I had my last history class in a pub. We were just reviewing so my teacher said we might as well have a drink while doing it. This is one reason I don't want to leave London.

I also wrote some of my Remix longhand in the pub and then in my last class. I'll probably finish it tonight. I'm pretty excited about it. :D

Gordon Brown resigned! And the Tories and LibDems are forming a coalition! This is really interesting to watch, and I'm glad to have been here while something so historical has been happening.

I'm listening right now to the soundtrack from Billy Elliot, which I've seen three times this semester. Just because I loved it that much. Tomorrow I'm going to see Avenue Q, and then Friday I'm gonna see Legally Blonde. That's another thing I'll miss--all the theatre.

Last weekend I was in Oslo, which was awesome, though very expensive. But because of Oslo, I didn't get a chance to watch last week's Bones until this morning. And this one I have an actual reaction for.

Last week's Bones )

Also, in the past couple weeks I've been playing Final Fantasy: Crisis Core. Some thoughts on that as well.

Crisis Core )

Now I'm going to go play a bit more, then finish Remix.
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i. Spending the night in an airport is extremely uncomfortable, especially when one has no better blanket than a coat. At least I had a real pillow.

ii. Looks like there's a hung parliament with a Tory plurality. It'll be interesting to see what happens from here, though I'll only be in Britain for the next week of it.

iii. One more week in Britain! WTF? Where did the time go?

iv. In Oslo right now. Very cool. Am definitely enjoying it so far.

v. Am quite tired. *snoozes*
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For Shakespeare's birthday, I went to Stratford-upon-Avon and saw King Lear, and it was seriously awesome. Then on the train ride back a bunch of us played MASH, which I don't think I've played since middle school, but according to MASH, I'm going to marry Gordon Brown. GAH! It's better than a choice between George W. Bush, Steven Moffat, and Davros, but not by much. *shudders*

But I brought my PSP and Crisis Core on the trip and now I'm like WHY DID I DO THAT? Now I've spent most of today playing Crisis Core, even though I've got a presentation for tomorrow to work on and betaing to do. Well, at least the presentation shouldn't take that long to write up, but the betaing I am determined to get to tonight. *fingers twitch towards PSP* Just...a bit later. XD
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Watching the leaders' debate live. It's pretty cool to be watching British politics from the outside. It's interesting, but I'm not so invested, which is nice. And I like Nick Clegg. :p

Tomorrow is Shakespeare's birthday, and I will be in Stratford-Upon-Avon for it! And I'll get to see King Lear! This is going to be so awesome.
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Spring break starts tomorrow! This semester has gone by so quickly. How am I halfway done?

I've got...pretty much all my preparations done. All of my essays are finished and turned in. I printed out maps and directions from train stations to my hostels and to my tour and have the phone numbers of all these places.

Tomorrow I'll be in Ireland! For a week! I've always wanted to go to Ireland. This is going to be so awesome, even if apparently it's supposed to rain the entire time. *sigh*

I just have one test today, and then I'm done until next Tuesday, because Britain is awesome and gets Easter Monday off.

I should have internet in Ireland--it's at my hostels and I think possibly on my trains as well, but my computer might like it as well as it likes the wireless at my homestay and school (which is to say, it doesn't). I hope I will have internet, but I suppose we'll see. I have to go take my test soon, so I think I'll try to answer my long-unanswered comments tonight. XD

Ireland! Whoo!
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Back from Scotland. It was very much cold and wet (it rained pretty much the entire time we were there, except when it was snowing), but I still really enjoyed it. I managed to forget my camera, but people said they'd email me pictures.

I went to Edinburgh Castle, the National Gallery, the High Kirk of St. Giles, the Museum of Scotland, Linlithgow Palace, Carlton Hill, and the Parliament. I think my favorite was Linlithgow. It was just a lot of fun, exploring castle ruins.

It's now been three weeks since I got here, which means this is the longest I've ever been out of the US in one trip. It doesn't feel like it's been three weeks, though--the time's gone by really quickly. Then I think about it and realize that I've only got two and a half months left here, and it feels like such a short time. There's so much I want to do.
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My computer is having issues with the internet here. It's being very sporadic. I've had this problem several other places but I never really cared before since I wasn't in those places for long, but I'm going to be here for three months and I can't have sporadic internet. So I might have to take my computer to an Apple store and see if I need a new wireless card or something.

Otherwise, been very busy! Today we took a boat down the Thames and went up to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich and I got lots of pictures of stuff. Like the London Eye. And Canary Wharf. I couldn't stop thinking about Doctor Who. XD

I have an early day tomorrow, so g'night.
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OMG. Am in London.


Am in London! For the next three months! Where people drive on the wrong side of the road and the intersections are funny and it's eight hours later than it should be and and and!

The flight sucked. Really, really sucked. It was turbulent all across the Atlantic and I couldn't sleep more than at most two hours out of an eleven hour flight and when we got to Heathrow we had to stay in a holding pattern for fifteen minutes when all I wanted was to GET OFF THE PLANE and then we had to wait another fifteen minutes for our gate when I just wanted OFF THE DAMN PLANE. Flying never agrees with me, but through most of the flight I felt like I had a hangover without having had the fun of drinking first.

My host mom is in Australia until Wednesday, but her son is here and he's pretty cool. I like my housemate from the program (especially since we have our own rooms. The easiest way to start to dislike an acquaintance is to share a room with them, I've found), and I am very relieved the house has wireless.

Now I need to unpack. And figure out where to buy plug adaptors because I forgot about those and I need them since I don't want my computer to die on me.

Then a nap. *firm nod*

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I still totally suck at updating.

Something that amuses me, though--that long list of things I posted last week that made me happy, there was something I forgot to put on it. As in, my birthday a week from today. I think I should be too young to be forgetting about my own birthday. XD

On the other hand, 22. Pretty much done with the landmark birthdays for awhile (I mean, okay, at 25 I can rent a car, and at 35 I can run for president, but I don't want to be president and renting a car is rather eh in terms of significance). 22 still makes me boggle because omg how did that happen? Then again, pretty much every new age makes me boggle and wonder how that happened.

So yeah, birthday next week. I didn't ask for anything because there wasn't anything in particular I wanted, so my parents said that they will instead start a London fund for me, which is so much better. I'd rather have money for cool stuff to do in England and Europe than random crap I don't really care about.

I will try to be more consistent about updating this thing. We'll see how long that lasts. XD
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I posted exactly once in August. Damn, that's a new low. But things have happened now! Lots of things!

i. Vegas trip was fun. Not quite as fun as last time because there were a few immature guys staying with us, but still fun.

ii. Green Day concert was AWESOME. So totally awesome. It was also nice spending time with my aunt and uncle, and also having lunch with [livejournal.com profile] heart_of_man.

iii. Back at school now. I'm happy enough, but I'm going to miss the very little lazing around I managed this summer. XD

iv. I have a new job! One of my teachers from last semester got injured and needed an assistant for a class now, so I applied, and I got hired. It's only like five hours a week (if that), but it's about ten bucks an hour, so I'm making decent money for how much I'm working. Especially since it's a really easy job -- writing on the board, running errands, filing, that kind of thing.

v. I applied to graduate. Eep! I'm not graduating until next fall, but everyone who intends to graduate in 2010 has to apply these first few weeks of school. So I did. Graduation. From college. How did that happen?

vi. Last, but most definitely not least... I got accepted into the study abroad program I wanted.


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I live! Mostly.

Three of my four finals are done; the last is tomorrow. I was especially pleased with the two I had today--well, one of them was a final paper that I just turned in today, but the other was an essay test that I think I completely rocked. Considering that's one test that I'd actually really studied for (study sessions with other people and everything), I'm pleased with myself.

Also, the paper I turned in was fifteen pages. That I wrote yesterday. This is a new record for me--fifteen full pages of essay in one day. It was still pretty stupid of me to wait until yesterday to do it, but I felt fairly comfortable delaying it because I was confident in my ability to write well on the topic, as I feel I did, even with so little time. And this paper was supposed to be 10-20 pages, so a very wide range that I fell right in the middle of, which is a comfortable place to be. And I sincerely liked the paper when I finished it and reread it, which is always a good thing.

My last final is tomorrow, and it's the class where I pretty much have to fail the final altogether not to get an A. Since I'm not going to fail the final, I'm not too worried, and not too fussed about studying. I will, but probably not very much, and tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day for me, though. I need to get boxes, pack, and figure out what needs to come home with me and what I can store here. I need to take the final. I need to sell back some of my books.

I also need to deal with my study abroad application. I'm almost finished with it--all that's left is one essay response (which I'm in the middle of now and is not a hard topic), a few bits of the application I have questions about and need to see an adviser for tomorrow, and my budget worksheet.

This is one thing I really shouldn't have procrastinated on, sigh. For this worksheet, I need to figure out my personal expenses when abroad (or at least, a ballpark figure for them), plus local travel and international travel. I don't know how much traveling I'll be doing, so I'm not sure how to do expenses. I tend to be pretty cheap with the personal expenses here, but I don't know how I'll be in a foreign country especially with all the Doctor Who merchandise I'm sure [livejournal.com profile] shinyopals will persuade me I need.

Gah. Well, I'll figure it out. I need to see the international programs coordinator anyway, so I'll see if she'll help me with this or if I need to wait to talk to my parents and therefore have to wait to turn in the application until I come back in the fall. I hope not. Gah.

Also? I need to write my Support Stacie fic. I don't regret doing it since it was for a good cause, but this really wasn't the best timing. It doesn't have to be very long so it shouldn't take me that long to write, but I need to get it done soon.

Okay, now to finish the application essay, then maybe get started on the fic. Everything else will be done tomorrow. Ohhh, so close to being done with the semester, finally...
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Things to do this weekend:
-Answering comments
-4-5 page paper
-Write Support Stacie fic

Well, the fic writing I might not get to this weekend, but the others I am determined to do. The paper at least needs to be done before Tuesday, so the deadline there is less self-imposed than real. Urgh.

Though on the other hand, this is one of the last three papers I have to do this semester. Today I turned in my last American Lit paper, so there's a good month left until the final where I don't really have to do anything for that class. When I turn in the paper due this week, all that's left in that class is also the final. Then for one class I have a long paper and no final, and for the other, a long paper and a final. *sigh* Well, at least I'm getting close to being done.

I am also totally getting my act together for study abroad next spring! I need a faculty recommendation for the application, so today I went to my adviser and asked her. I don't actually need it until September (when the application's due), though I told her it'd be nice to have it at the end of this semester (which is still a month away, so plenty of notice). But then she emailed me this afternoon, only a few hours after our meeting, and said that she'd finished the recommendation. I hope the speediness of my academic adviser bodes well for how likely I am to get accepted.

So basically, if all goes well and according to plan, next spring I am going to be IN LONDON FOR FOUR MONTHS.

Though note to self: I do need to have a good GPA for this, so must do all my bloody papers. Yes. *firm nod*

And for some other minor happiness, I think I got flirted with today. Flirting I did not initiate! Yes, this is rare enough to merit a mention. XD It went nowhere because I am so out of practice that it took me forever to recognize flirting, and okay, maybe he was just being friendly, but I prefer to think of it as someone wanted to flirt with me. And I will probably never talk to him again so he can't tell me different. :p
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Recently I started watching Bones. I like it very much, but I don't think it'll become a fandom. I really need to latch onto a ship to latch onto a fandom, and I am strangely not OTPing Booth/Brennan. I like it, but not OTP. I just finished episode sixteen of season one, and that's definitely soon enough for me to know--I think I was OTPing Doctor/Rose within the first few episodes of DW S1. XD

Though on the other hand, Booth? Pretty much hits my hardcore kinks of Fictional Guys I Love. Vague bad past over which he feels guilt and for which he feels he must atone? Check. Frequently fights crime/saves the world? Check. Is intensely loyal? Check. Very pretty when he hurts? Check.


I also really like Hodgins, though he does not really hit my Fictional Guys I Love buttons.

Also, You Know You're Too Obsessed With British Things When...it feels odd to watch a show and hear American accents. :p
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I hate how I can go to bed a full nine hours before I have to get up and still not get enough sleep. THANK GOD it's the weekend and I can sleep in.

Then tonight [livejournal.com profile] heart_of_man came over and we watched Silence in the Library through Journey's End. What are probably the three most difficult episodes for me to watch in the entire show, and I watched them all tonight. That was...an experience. Mostly fun, but wow I'm tired, I think almost as much from emotion as from my recent difficulty sleeping.

It's funny. On the one hand I think it's sort of sad that a TV show can evoke this depth of emotion in me--still, more than six months and more than one viewing after these episodes have aired. But on the other hand, I think it's brilliant that a TV show can evoke this depth of emotion in me. Even with me being a fangirl of various things (and all that being a fangirl entails), part of the reason I love Doctor Who is that I can love it so deeply. It's an endless cycle! *g*

And I was GOOD. For SitL/FotD, I mean, in terms of keeping quiet. I did keep talking all the way through Journey's End about various shippy things because of course I just had to make sure that [livejournal.com profile] heart_of_man was aware of all the implications (XD), but I shut up during SitL/FotD! I was determined not to prejudice her against them, because just because I hate them doesn't mean she has to, and I guess I succeeded, because she said she didn't think they were that bad. But she is also willing to read my posts on the episodes, and [livejournal.com profile] shinyopals's Moffat essay...

In terms of other things today, that essay I was whining about yesterday? I am completely astounded at the response I got from my professor.

Because, seriously? I only read about a third of the book I was writing the paper on. I skimmed the rest of the book as I was writing the paper, and I thought my argument made sense, but I figured I'd get to class and the comments on my paper would be along the lines of "did you understand the point the book was trying to make? What about a, b, c, d, etc.?"

Except then I get to class, and my professor calls my draft substantive and accurate and a good resource for the rest of the class. This was just...wow. Completely awesome, but totally unexpected. I managed to understand a complicated book just by skimming it? Dude. Well, the in-class discussion also helped, but I talked about things in my paper that we didn't talk about in class.

That was just...a bit surreal.

Though there was a comment my professor made that totally amused me. He critiqued my grammar (which normally would not amuse me, considering I tend to pride myself on my grammar, at least when I'm not completely zonked (like I am now) and am thinking even marginally about what I'm saying or writing), but the critique was about my use of "which" when I could have used "that".

He said it was a British thing to do.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh internet, I have gotten far too used to writing as British as possible in most of my recent fic. Apparently I succeeded enough that I subconsciously use British grammar! And I need to try to remember my American grammar better!


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