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[livejournal.com profile] shinyopals is a cruel, cruel person. I was silly enough to ask her to give me names for the cliff, shag, marry meme, and she gave me GEORGE W. BUSH, STEVEN MOFFAT, AND DAVROS.

!!! )
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I hate how I can go to bed a full nine hours before I have to get up and still not get enough sleep. THANK GOD it's the weekend and I can sleep in.

Then tonight [livejournal.com profile] heart_of_man came over and we watched Silence in the Library through Journey's End. What are probably the three most difficult episodes for me to watch in the entire show, and I watched them all tonight. That was...an experience. Mostly fun, but wow I'm tired, I think almost as much from emotion as from my recent difficulty sleeping.

It's funny. On the one hand I think it's sort of sad that a TV show can evoke this depth of emotion in me--still, more than six months and more than one viewing after these episodes have aired. But on the other hand, I think it's brilliant that a TV show can evoke this depth of emotion in me. Even with me being a fangirl of various things (and all that being a fangirl entails), part of the reason I love Doctor Who is that I can love it so deeply. It's an endless cycle! *g*

And I was GOOD. For SitL/FotD, I mean, in terms of keeping quiet. I did keep talking all the way through Journey's End about various shippy things because of course I just had to make sure that [livejournal.com profile] heart_of_man was aware of all the implications (XD), but I shut up during SitL/FotD! I was determined not to prejudice her against them, because just because I hate them doesn't mean she has to, and I guess I succeeded, because she said she didn't think they were that bad. But she is also willing to read my posts on the episodes, and [livejournal.com profile] shinyopals's Moffat essay...

In terms of other things today, that essay I was whining about yesterday? I am completely astounded at the response I got from my professor.

Because, seriously? I only read about a third of the book I was writing the paper on. I skimmed the rest of the book as I was writing the paper, and I thought my argument made sense, but I figured I'd get to class and the comments on my paper would be along the lines of "did you understand the point the book was trying to make? What about a, b, c, d, etc.?"

Except then I get to class, and my professor calls my draft substantive and accurate and a good resource for the rest of the class. This was just...wow. Completely awesome, but totally unexpected. I managed to understand a complicated book just by skimming it? Dude. Well, the in-class discussion also helped, but I talked about things in my paper that we didn't talk about in class.

That was just...a bit surreal.

Though there was a comment my professor made that totally amused me. He critiqued my grammar (which normally would not amuse me, considering I tend to pride myself on my grammar, at least when I'm not completely zonked (like I am now) and am thinking even marginally about what I'm saying or writing), but the critique was about my use of "which" when I could have used "that".

He said it was a British thing to do.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh internet, I have gotten far too used to writing as British as possible in most of my recent fic. Apparently I succeeded enough that I subconsciously use British grammar! And I need to try to remember my American grammar better!

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Today [livejournal.com profile] velesia came over and we watched Doctor Who, The Doctor's Daughter through Midnight. Which means that yes, we did watch Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead.

It was...not as bad as I was expecting it to be. Not the episodes, of course--they were still complete crap--but watching them again. I'd wanted to keep quiet when watching them, though of course that didn't last long because too often I just couldn't hold back my disgust, but [livejournal.com profile] velesia was also expounding on how this and that didn't make sense. There were some things I had to say "wait and see" to because they later would make sense, but many that didn't. But she didn't like the episodes and she didn't like River Song, so if I had to watch these episodes again, at least I got to do them with someone who understood why I was complaining. XD

So we've finished through Midnight, which means that what's left is Turn Left, The Stolen Earth, and Journey's End. Eeep. I am still...apprehensive about watching JE again. So what if it's been half a year since I saw the episode? XD I think it's going to be just as difficult to watch as SitL/FotD, in its own way.

On the other hand, The Unicorn and the Wasp was even more fun than I'd remembered. :D

In non-DW news, I finally got my grades for last semester, with two As and two B+s. Whoo! Best grades I've gotten in all my time at college. I think the time off really helped. :D
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So I basically just spent an hour and a half writing a post in [livejournal.com profile] theemptywriter on why I don't want Moffat's views in television. With this thing, on one hand, I feel like I should say that I welcome debate, and of course people are welcome to post their thoughts, but...you're not going to change my mind on this issue. You're just not.

I've been busier this break than I anticipated. I spent a lot of time with my friends here, which of course was wonderful and I don't regret that, but it left me a lot less time to get fandomy things done than I'd hoped. I'm going back to school tomorrow morning, and once I get there, I'm going to have to get moving on some things.

I am reviewing my source for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide, though. I've got an idea for the fic, but it's been a long time since I finished the source, so I definitely need the refresher, and I'll be bringing the important stuff back with me.

Here's a little meme, most recently seen on [livejournal.com profile] ariastar's journal, though I've seen it elsewhere as well.

Bit of personal rambling )

Now back to reviewing my [livejournal.com profile] yuletide source before packing and going to bed.
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So today [livejournal.com profile] shinyopals posted a brilliant essay on why she doesn't like Steven Moffat. It's very comprehensive and something I agree with completely. Honestly, pretty much all Moffat has are some funny jokes and great one-liners--everything else falls apart with greater analysis.

In school news, I register for spring on Monday, and I was just looking at course offerings because registration started yesterday and I wanted to make sure the classes I picked were still open. They're all still open, but the time of one of them was changed, so now it conflicts with another one. Gah! Now I need to figure out my schedule again. *sigh*
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The DW casting news )

I'm still a bit sick, and ridiculously tired, so I'm going to bed now.
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Today I finished this essay I've got due tomorrow. I love this essay. A couple weeks ago we studied The Tempest in class, and we watched this movie version of it. It sucked. Badly. Especially in terms of feminism and women having power and independence and having their lives revolve around things other than men/sex/emotions. So this essay was basically a rant about that movie, explaining why it sucks so much, and the best thing is is that my teacher totally approved the topic and helped me with a rough draft and told me that my essay was especially strong in terms of evidence.

I love being able to write essays about topics I care about. :D And this thing was supposed to be 5-7 pages, which was too damn short, because I got to the end of the seventh page and there was more I could say, except that I couldn't. *sigh*

And then what's ironic is that I decided to reward myself for finishing my essay, so [livejournal.com profile] heart_of_man and I watched Doctor Who, Tooth and Claw through Girl in the Fireplace. And of course, Girl in the Fireplace is just a scaled-down version of this movie.

But I kept my mouth shut! (Well, mostly. I had to comment when Reinette and her friend were laughing about the fatal illness of the king's previous mistress. But other than that, and a few snorts here and there, I was quiet!) As [livejournal.com profile] velesia might remember, last time I watched Girl in the Fireplace, I did it with alcohol. XD This time I had perspective, though. I remembered Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead, thought of how much worse GitF could be, and managed to sit through it just fine.

(I think I will need alcohol when we get to SitL/FotD, though. Even months later, when I haven't seen them since they aired, the thought of those episodes and the relationship therein makes me want to smash things and swear. And I mean really swear, which I don't tend to do. I am still disconcerted that I can hate something fictional so much.)
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So yesterday [livejournal.com profile] velesia and I finally finished Doctor Who S3. I told her a bit about S4, which included some ranting about SitL/FotD, and I was inspired to create this picspam.

Because come on, what sort of army wouldn't be sensible enough to run away from this?

the man who makes armies run away )
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I spent several hours last night and today being angry at Moffat for things he said at Comic Con (as described by [livejournal.com profile] heidi8 here). I also started mentally composing a post about why I don't like Moffat and think he's overrated, including talking about problems in all his episodes (yes, including TEC/TDD and Blink, which I actually like). Except I think it would end up a bloody huge post, and I don't feel like it. Negative analysis can be exhausting.

And this evening I was browsing my favorites list at ff.net (because there is the occasional diamond in the rough on that site, and I like finding them), and came across one of my favorites from Labyrinth. Rereading that reminded me of how much I love Labyrinth, especially after I spent hours being angry at Moffat's casual misogyny.

One of the things I love best about Labyrinth is the incredibly strong character of Sarah Williams. She's a selfish, naive teenager whose impulsiveness gets her into deep trouble, but through her determination, courage, friendliness, compassion, and wits, gets herself out of it as well. I adore the final confrontation betewen Jareth and Sarah, because there he is, offering her everything, and though the movie makes it pretty clear that she's a bit in love with him, she doesn't let that affect her; she proclaims herself his equal and says he has no power over her. Her will is as strong as his, and she wins.

I love Sarah Williams and all other fictional women like her. CJ Cregg, Leia Organa, Dana Scully, and so many others, including, yes, Rose Tyler--these are such awesome women, and there need to be more like them. Women who are competent and independent, who are not defined by the men in their lives, who learn and grow while still being wonderfully female. Women who are complete equals to men, who know it, and who aren't afraid to prove it. I want more female characters like this.

(Slight disclaimer, given that I'd mention Moffat's misogyny in this post as well--Moffat is capable of writing strong female characters. I don't deny that. But there are many facets to sexism, and where I tend to see Moffat's appear is in relations between the two genders, not in his ability to create strong women.)

So, flist! Tell me about your favorite women and why you love them. :)
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Today I went to a Renfaire up at Lake Tahoe, and it was completely awesome. My old bodice didn't fit anymore, so I got a new one, along with some other stuff. I spent...rather a lot of money, but it was worth it, and I don't expect to splurge on anything else anytime soon.

The Faire, plus the lovely chat I was in last night where a bunch of us ranted about Forest of the Dead, left me in a much better mood today. But because I apparently can't shut up even about things I don't like...

More on the Doctor and River Song )

Now it's late, and I'm going to bed. I've got my first day of my Statistical Methods class tomorrow!
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Today I read The Time Traveler's Wife. I don't have that many thoughts, except that it was an awesome book, with a really neat idea. Also, it rather reminded of me of At Swim, Two Boys, though more in general tone than any specifics.

Now, have some predictions for tomorrow's Doctor Who. :p

Serious predictions )

Now for some not-so-serious predictions. I was going to say "I mock because I love", but given that it's Moffat, that's...not really true. :p But I'd rather mock than be nervous, so.

Not-so-serious predictions )

Anyone else have any predictions, serious or not, that you'd like to share?
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More on Silence in the Library. Also, spoilers for the mid-season trailer and rumors for 4x09.

More critiquing of the episode )
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So, Moffat )

Basically, I'm going to be...cautious. Right now I'm really reminded of how The West Wing was never quite as good once Aaron Sorkin left (also after four seasons), so I'm just going to have to wait and see.
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I am very sleepy right now, but I just wanted to say, Girl in the Fireplace? Is so much more tolerable if you a. are tipsy, and b. have a sympathetic friend to rant to.

Went over to [livejournal.com profile] velesia's tonight. First I told her about the Open Source Boob Project and we had a mutual rant about how clueless men are, then we talked a bit about other things, and then we watched S2 of Doctor Who, New Earth through Girl in the Fireplace.

I'm not really that much of a drinker, so one beer lasted me through School Reunion, but it wasn't that late and she was all right with watching another episode, so I decided that if I was going to sit through Girl in the Fireplace, I was going to do it with alcohol. Vel made me a pretty strong screwdriver, which lasted until the snogging scene, and then she gave me the rest of her screwdriver, which lasted until the mind-meld scene. So I had a beer and two screwdrivers, and I mentioned every major thing that bugged me about this episode, and was able to end the evening still in a very good mood.

I am very sleepy though. I think I'm going to zonk out when I finish this post.

She liked School Reunion best of the four, which made me happy, because I do too. And she disliked Girl in the Fireplace, and I'm pretty sure on its own merits (or lack thereof), rather than my influence, so I'm glad for that. And she agreed with me on Tooth and Claw too (specifically, that parts of it are totally wince-worthy), which also makes me happy, since I don't see that many people agreeing with me on Tooth and Claw--mostly I just see people loving it, and I...rather don't.

And we both kept squeeing about how sexy David Tennant was, but, you know, that's sort of a given. *g*

She also read what I have so far of my Parting of the Ways essay, and really liked it, which is another thing that makes me happy. I am such an English major, and I love this essay.

Also, there was an earthquake! Seriously, real earthquake. There have been several earthquakes in the past week or so, but none of them big enough for me to really notice--mostly I only knew there was an earthquake because my parents would ask if I felt it. But with this one, the ground really shook, and Vel and I went to stand under doors, and though it wasn't bad enough for things to fall over, it was...definitely noticeable. This is odd, because I've lived in this area nearly my whole life, and I can't recall another earthquake around here of that magnitude.

Now I'm really tired, and I'm going to bed. New Doctor Who and [livejournal.com profile] remixredux08 reveal tomorrow!
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[livejournal.com profile] velesia and I went to the Earth Day celebration at the park today. Fun stuff, even if it was bloody cold. There was a really good turn out, and it was nice to see so many people there.

Both of my remixees liked the stories I wrote, so that makes me happy. And one of my stories is doing pretty well, comment-wise--certainly better than I was expecting, and better than last year. It's interesting, since Remix is usually a low-feedback ficathon. Well, I can't wait to claim them as mine, since I'm pretty proud of both. :D

Now for the real point of this post. :p [livejournal.com profile] velesia and I have slowly been making our way through New Who. Last time we watched Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways/The Christmas Invasion (note to self: make that post I've been meaning to do about PotW), so now we're getting into S2.

I like New Earth and School Reunion, and I can sit through Tooth and Claw, but then there's Girl in the Fireplace.

My quandary with GitF )
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Yesterday I went over to [livejournal.com profile] velesia's and made her watch "Fear Her". Mwah. Probably not the best introductory episode, but the other ones I had were Impossible Planet/Satan Pit, Love and Monsters, and Army of Ghosts/Doomsday. Out of all those, Fear Her is definitely better introductory material. Plus, flirty! She said she thinks the Doctor is cute (looks and personality), though as that's clearly what the episode is about, she got the gist. *g* (Oh, Vel. You should be glad I had this disc, rather than season 3, on hand. He's not very cute, personality-wise, in that season.)

We were also going to make snickerdoodles. Except we started pretty late, and by 11:30 the batter wasn't done chilling, so we decided to hell with actually baking the cookies, we could eat the dough! So we did, and it was good.

I got the DW S2 Confidentials today. There were also David Tennant's Video Diaries, and I squeed through much of that. How sexy does he look with his glasses? And stubble! And just, you know, all the time! And he kept licking his lips. :D He also seems like a real sweetheart, and I totally wouldn't have minded if they'd gone on a lot longer than they had.

How many of the S2 Confidentials are actually worth watching? 'Cause I watched all of the S1 Confidentials, but half of them (or maybe more, I forget) were technical stuff I wasn't really interested in. I want talking about the characters/plots, plzkthnx. Or, on the other hand, lots of David Tennant.

Now, O Wonderful Flist, I need your help. I am trying to watch .avi files on QuickTime, but they won't play! My computer is completely up-to-date, software-wise, so I have no idea what the problem is. It's just, I download something, but when I try to play it, I get nothing but a blank screen. QuickTime keeps telling me there's a component I need to download, but I've downloaded it twice and nothing happens. I have no idea what's going on or how I can fix it. Maybe I shouldn't even be bothering trying to watch .avi files with QuickTime, but in that case, I don't know what else I can use.


eta: And why can't I find any good icons of the TARDIS? Gah. *frustrated*

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