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Miscellaneous interesting things actually happening to me:

1. I...got a tumblr. I have no idea how this thing works. Mostly what I want is a place to post all the Kirk/Spock stuff I want to say that most of my flist doesn't care about. XD I...will figure it out? Maybe.

2. I've finally been offered a job with Smarthinking, which is an online tutoring position. I'm going to be a writing tutor, and I'm going to get paid for it. I applied back in December, but they didn't want anyone until the new school year, so only now do they offer me the job.

I am going to take it, since I'm pretty sure I can set my own hours. This is important because I have no idea how much time I'm going to have this fall. And I will already have a job, because Georgetown is giving me work study. Two jobs in my first year of law school...AHAHAHAHA WTF self? I'm an idiot. But I'm not going to turn down Smarthinking until I know how much time I'll have, since I'm pretty sure I can just do it when I have an hour to spare.

3. On Saturday I went to the Renaissance Faire at Lake Tahoe and got my hair done up in these awesome elaborate braids. I've left them in for days now, but I haven't been able to wash that part of my hair, so I think it's time for them to come out. I did, at least, get pictures.
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Not going to go visit Cornell. The travel subsidy they gave me was only about a third of my plane ticket alone, to say nothing of other expenses, so I can't afford it. *sigh* Oh well. But I'm really going to have to make my decision soon, considering seat deposit due dates are coming up. I did get into UC Davis, though, so now the only school I'm waiting on is Columbia.

I mostly started this post to inform you all that I have updated my fic masterlist, and that this took several hours today because I was seriously updating it. Previously all I'd done was give the link, characters/pairings, and ratings, and it was completely in chronological order, but now I've cleaned it up. A lot.

It now lists fic by fandom, with the fandoms in alphabetical order. Stories are still chronological within fandom, but now I've included the summary and length as well as the date, character/pairing, and rating, so now hopefully it's a lot more user-friendly. I can also say that I've written 163 fics in 17 fandoms, numbers which have not changed much in the past few years, but which still boggle my mind a bit. I really wrote that much?

Now I just need to try to write more often...
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Last day of class of the semester. The next two days are finals, on Saturday I leave for Cardiff, and then on Monday I leave the UK. A lot of the people in my program I've talked to or I've seen on facebook seem to be counting down the days and looking forward to going home, and I'm...rather not. I mean, it'll be nice to be home because there are people there that I miss and living expenses are somewhat cheaper, but I love London. I don't want to leave! XD

I had my last history class in a pub. We were just reviewing so my teacher said we might as well have a drink while doing it. This is one reason I don't want to leave London.

I also wrote some of my Remix longhand in the pub and then in my last class. I'll probably finish it tonight. I'm pretty excited about it. :D

Gordon Brown resigned! And the Tories and LibDems are forming a coalition! This is really interesting to watch, and I'm glad to have been here while something so historical has been happening.

I'm listening right now to the soundtrack from Billy Elliot, which I've seen three times this semester. Just because I loved it that much. Tomorrow I'm going to see Avenue Q, and then Friday I'm gonna see Legally Blonde. That's another thing I'll miss--all the theatre.

Last weekend I was in Oslo, which was awesome, though very expensive. But because of Oslo, I didn't get a chance to watch last week's Bones until this morning. And this one I have an actual reaction for.

Last week's Bones )

Also, in the past couple weeks I've been playing Final Fantasy: Crisis Core. Some thoughts on that as well.

Crisis Core )

Now I'm going to go play a bit more, then finish Remix.
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Wow, where has the year gone? *sigh* It's rather odd to think that tonight is the last night of the year and the decade. Come midnight tonight, I'll have seen four different decades--80s, 90s, 2000s, and 2010s. Not bad for being 22. :p

I've seen a lot of people on my flist doing various year end memes, but I'm not going to bother. I haven't written enough fic in 2009 to make the fic meme worthwile (though that's depressing--I need to write more fic). My life has also not really changed from how it was last year, so the year in review meme won't say much.

This year was more good than bad for me, but it did not treat some of my friends very well, which brought it down somewhat. Personally, though, there were really only two things that stood out--Obama's inauguration, and me feeling like I got my shit together in terms of school. Both of those were very good, but otherwise it was basically unremarkable.

Tomorrow does mean new Doctor Who, though, and the end of an era. I still have not seen either Waters of Mars or End of Time part 1, because I've been waiting for tomorrow's episode. It's odd to think that it's practically here already, but my apprehension is increasing. I suppose all I can do, though, is wait for tomorrow and hope I don't have a hangover because I remember Journey's End literally making me sick and I don't need more of that. XD

I'm going out tonight with my friends, an am definitely anticipating a good time. Goodbye, 2009. I'm looking forward to 2010. :)

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Today's my sixth LJ-versary. I've had this thing for six full years now, and tomorrow begins year seven. Damn, that's a long time. This is definitely the most consistent journal I've ever kept, even if in recent years I haven't posted as often as I did in the beginning.

Not much has been going on with me. Yesterday I watched the Fourth Doctor serial The Deadly Assassin, of "Four in Time Lord robes" fame. Which made me sporfle, because ahahahaha Time Lord robes are utterly ridiculous, and Four just makes them funnier since it's, well, Four. It's also basically the only serial in the series without a companion, which was interesting but also sad.

I've also started learning Old English (or at least, how to pronounce Old English phonemes), and it's crazy. By the end of this unit we're supposed to be able to speak and write some simple sentences, but it has such odd pronunciation and spelling. I think it's awesomely cool to learn actual Old English, but just from what I've seen so far, it's also going to be really hard.

I have to go to California for a wedding this weekend, so I'm flying down on Saturday and back on Sunday. I'm looking forward to the wedding itself, since I'm very fond of the cousin getting married, and it'll be the first time I've seen my twin since early January, but I hate flying. *sigh*

I also have more paperwork to finish up for study abroad. I'm going to try and get that done this week, though I still have a few weeks until it's due. I am definitely not going to let my laziness get in the way of me going to London.
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Today I cooked dinner. This is significant enough to merit a mention because it is actually the first time I have ever cooked by myself. As in, real cooking and not microwave stuff. It's not the first time I've cooked ever, because I've cooked with my mom, but she was always there to make sure it came out all right. Today it was just me. Heh.

So there are two main things I learned about cooking, things that seem obvious in hindsight:

1. Don't fill a pot practically up to the brim with water if you're going to boil things in it. Get a bigger pot, or cut the recipe in half. XD

2. I think I will remember this time what boiling water actually looks like. I've never boiled things that often, but now I will try to remember that boiling water is actually bubbling and not just steaming.

I just made tortellini, since that's pretty easy--though apparently I can come close to screwing even that up. :p The whole time I was pretty much watching my tortellini with the water spilling over the sides of my pot and steam rising and being afraid something was going to catch fire and we'd have to evactuate the dorm. But that didn't happen! :D

The tortellini was all right. It probably could have boiled a bit more, but well, I was afraid I'd set something on fire with every increasing minute. But it was fine and I ate it and I have leftovers that I'm going to make into pasta salad for lunch tomorrow.

On Wednesday I'm planning to make banana bread, since I like that more than cake. Probably my parents will send me a giant cookie, because they usually do on my birthday, but I like banana break more than cookies. Though one thing I noticed about our oven is that it...doesn't seem to keep track of temperature. I'm sure I'll figure out how to heat the thing to 350 degrees (I'm still pleased with myself for getting the stove to turn on tonight XD), but eh. Not a nice oven.

In other news, I am going to be very busy this semester. Very busy.

I got into two dances for RDG (the school dance group), each of which practices two hours a week, so there's four hours just for dance. This is good, because it will keep me active, but I don't even know when practices are yet. Also I'm a bit miffed. There are three tap numbers this year, at each of the basic levels (advanced, intermediate, beginner), and I ranked my choices in that order. I am an advanced dancer, for all that I'm not in the best shape and I can't do double or triple turns, but the dances I got were the intermediate and beginner ones. There are probably a variety of reasons I didn't make the advanced dance--there are a lot of people in that dance already, and I fumbled some of the audition piece (though the auditon piece was only jazz, lyrical, and hip hop, which are not my styles)--but I danced with the choreographers last year as an advanced dancer and I did just fine. So I'm trying not to be miffed, but I am a bit. *sigh* Well, at least I'm still dancing.

Also two jobs. Both have very limited hours (up to five a week), but still. Also various clubs. And I haven't even mentioned homework yet. XD

But I think I'm happy to be busy now. It feels good to have a lot of stuff to do.

And I'm getting along with my suitemates very well. We've already had several scattered hours where we just sat around and chatted, and tomorrow we're going to Costco to get various supplies and a pizza. This is a huge improvement from my roommates of previous years. :D

We're only two weeks into the semester and I'm already having a good one. I just hope it keeps up.
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i. I feel like Roman numerals today.

ii. I am so ridiculously tired. Gah.

iii. I have to go back to work tomorrow. Bah. Through a reduction in hours and a quirk of scheduling, I got eight days off in a row. I got called in on one of them, but that still left me with a lot of time off when previously I'd been working basically full-time but never with more than one day off in a row. And it's nice to make more money, but I do love lazing around. :p

iv. Though speaking of work, this week I am going to give in my two weeks' notice! It feels odd to leave so soon because I'll have only worked there for two months by the time I leave, but I do have to go back to school.

v. Also, some friends and I are going to Vegas in mid-August. A few days in Vegas, and then we go to Sacramento for some concerts. Well, the friends are going to Warp Tour and Green Day, but Warp Tour's not my thing so I'm just going to Green Day. And I have family in Sacramento, so I don't have to worry about a place to stay or anything. So basically I'm going to be out of town August 16 through about the 25th, which is why I'm giving notice at work so soon though I'm not going back to school until like the 29th.

vi. My computer's power cord is crapping out. Again. After only like six months. Fortunately, though, that means it's still under warranty, so I do not need to pay $90 for a new one! On the other hand, apparently the Apple store requires me to even have a reservation to make an exchange, which is...whatever. But I couldn't do it today, so I made an appointment for right after work tomorrow. An appointment to make an exchange. *shakes head*

vii. I'm still so tired, and I have work early tomorrow. I'll answer comments later. Good night.
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I have been so tired lately. I have avoided doing almost everything that requires effort. Including writing, which makes me feel guilty, because I still have to do the Support Stacie fic (gah I am so late, sorry, [livejournal.com profile] wiggiemomsi). Also, [livejournal.com profile] shinyopals, I am so going to be on IM more often and get a move on with Vegas-fic.

I don't think I've hit my saturation point for lazing around--I don't think I have a saturation point for lazing around XD--but I need to be more active and not spend all my time reading books and fic and watching DVDs.

School just made me feel so tired. I sort of want to tell my mom that when she starts nagging me about getting out of the house more, but since she's been a high school teacher for thirty years, plus having a Master's when I'm not even done with my BA yet, I don't really have that many grounds for complaint. :p But I was just getting so weary at the end of the semester that I was almost to the point of not caring about school so long as I had time to rest. Which feels silly to me, because I didn't even really have that big a load. My classes were not that hard, since I could keep up after not reading more than half whatever reading was assigned. I didn't have any papers or assignments so onerous that I couldn't just do them the day before. I only really studied for one of the three finals I had. Why was I so tired?

(I mean mentally more than physically, though I am physically tired as well. But I'm pretty sure that being physically tired often comes with being out of shape and having an inactive lifestyle, so I know I'm getting pretty much what I bargained for with that. Is mental tiredness a side effect?)

But on the other hand, I'm pleased I didn't let my fatigue affect me that much. I got the best grades I've had in years, and, I just found out, made the Dean's List for the first time ever. (Whoo!) So hey, even if I do get ridiculously tired, it's nice to know that I can rise above it.

Which means, it's now time to rise above it. I've had a very nice three weeks off, but now I really need to get off my ass and turn in my damn job applications and start writing my fics.

At least [livejournal.com profile] remixredux09 is about to start. My favorite ficathon, yay! I could always write fic I liked for this ficathon, even during my 2006/2007 Years of Deadness.

So. Soon I will go to bed, but definitely starting tomorrow, I will do job apps, fic, collaborating, and updating LJ more often. *firm nod*

ETA: OMG it's raining! *bounces* It's been raining so often the last week. And thunderstorms! I love thunderstorms. We get lots of rain in Tacoma, but very few thunderstorms. More of those in Reno, for all that there's so much less yearly rain.

ETA 2: Apparently I can't shut up and I'd rather edit my post than make a new one. I was just thinking about some fic reviews I left recently. I've always been a long reviewer when I have the time (as in, reviews so long that they take multiple comments), but I think I've really improved in noticing and talking about the nuances of a story because of my writing classes. Like, really noticing specific word choices and what they add to a story. In reviews I wrote years ago I could rhapsodize about more general things--beautiful language, characterization moments, etc--but I think taking writing classes has helped me become a better reader. My professors have always told me that reading will make me a better writer, but I didn't realize it worked the other way around too. Very cool.
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I actually managed to win an auction. Huh. I was totally not expecting that--I posted several hours before the end, and the entire time I was just waiting for [livejournal.com profile] wiggiemomsi to come up and outbid me. XD

I am so not complaining, though. *bounces* Now I just have to come up with the most perfect request... :p

I have a bunch of comments to reply to, mostly for my post on Human Nature AUs, but right now I am so desperately avoiding schoolwork that I'm just not in the mood for thinky thoughts. And tomorrow and the day after I need to desperately not avoid schoolwork, so I'm not sure about time. Comments will be answered eventually, though. :p

It's midnight, but I strangely feel sort of hyper. Post-auction giddiness? XD I think what I need to do is beta reading. Grammar and other nitpicky details will help me calm down. :p

But before I go...HAH I WON YES *DANCES* :D:D:D
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Papers done. Still have reading to do, but am debating whether or not I actually want to do it. XD

Finally updated my masterlist of fics. Am thinking about reorganizing it. As it is, I've just got links, then fandom, pairing/characters, and rating. Am wondering if I should add summary as well. Hmmm.

Though that reminds me. I totally need to do a DW reclist, but I'm thinking this time about making it more of a reclist, rather than my previous ones, which were more links lists. My previous lists have mostly been more for myself than for anyone else, and while that would still be the case for a DW reclist (as in, mostly so I can have links to all the fics I like in one place, but it's nice if other people find it useful), I think I might add actual reasons why it's on the list, so that it'd be more other-people-friendly, even if it's still mostly for me. It'll probably depend on how lazy I am. XD

Also, I gave in an bought The Journal of Impossible Things. Amazon still hasn't sent me a confirmation email of my purchase, but eeee! Hopefully I will get that soon and then it will be awesome.

So, what do I want to do now? I could read fanfic, play backgammon, write fic, read textbooks, or watch more Classic Who. Hmmm...
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Apparently I almost never post on Wednesdays. Why does nothing ever happen in the middle of the week?

Not that I have much to say today. I still have some reading to do, but I will have time before class tomorrow to finish it. I didn't sleep very well last night, so I'm tired and will probably go to bed early tonight.

My fingers are feeling twitchy right now--I want to write. But I'm tired and I have reading to do, and also I don't know what to write. Nothing's pinging me right now, which makes me sad. But at least tomorrow is Friday so hopefully my fingers will still be feeling twitchy and then I'll have time to write this weekend.

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I am probably not going to be able to write any stocking stuffers for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide this year. I didn't get to pinch hit because I am slow at claiming them, and I'm leaving early tomorrow afternoon. So my only time to write stocking stuffers would be the rest of tonight and tomorrow morning, and for tonight at least I keep getting a busy server message. This makes me sad. I really enjoyed writing my stocking stuffers last year.

I know tomorrow's Christmas Eve, but it feels like tonight is. But then, my family always opens presents on Christmas Eve anyway, and we're doing it tomorrow morning so we can do it at home and not in a hotel. I asked for DW S4, so finally I will have that! XD

I'm not expecting to have internet access when I'm gone, though it's possible. Still, not likely. But I will be bringing my computer, so I can write, and beta, and watch Life on Mars. :p
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Today is my fifth LJ anniversary. Have some statistics!

Date created: 2003-10-05 12:48:41
Date updated: 2008-10-05 06:48:02, 22 hours ago
Journal entries: 1,242
Comments: Posted: 6,153 - Received: 9,175

Five years already on this journal, and hopefully many more to come. :)

In other news, You Know You're At A Liberal Arts University When...

...your science professor requires a 2-3 page single-spaced essay for your test on Friday.

I've never had to write an essay in a science class before. Lab write-ups and so on, yes. Actual essays, no. XD

I want the week to just get on with it already. My debit card expired in September and my bank hadn't sent me a new one, so I called them on Thursday and hopefully I'll get a new one soon. And I mean really soon because I have no money until I get that debit card. (Well, I do have a credit card, but I don't like using it that much because I hate being in debt.)

Also I ordered a bunch of books from Barnes and Noble, and those are supposed to get here on Tuesday. I want it to be Tuesday because I WANT THOSE BOOKS.
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Occasionally in high school, my English teachers would make me memorize various literary passages and so on. I still remember a lot of Portia's quality of mercy speech from Merchant of Venice from freshman year, so that would be seven years ago. But my senior year, my teacher had everyone in the class memorize the first bit of the prologue of the Canterbury Tales, the introduction. In Middle English.

And now I've got that stuck in my head. I'm just going along, reading fanfic, and in the background my head is going Whan that aprill with his shoures soote...

Well, it could be worse. XD

I'm also still sick. Today was the worst--woke up with an awful headache. It's abated somewhat, but never entirely gone away. I'm so glad that I didn't have class today, but I do have class tomorrow (which I can't skip, because I have important things due in one, and a lab), so I think I'll go to bed early tonight.
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Happy Mother's Day, to all the mothers on my flist. :) Hope you had a lovely day.

Twin is home! She's leaving at the end of the month for an internship in Oklahoma, and when that's done there's not long before school starts again so she won't be coming back for more than a week or so, so she won't be home for very long. :( But still, Twin is home! My little sister's also gone, and I miss her too, and I miss my parents when I'm away at college, but Twin is different. She's...my twin. I'm sad that we won't have very long together, but I guess that's just part of growing up and making our own lives.

The apostrophe/qutotation marks key on my keyboard sort of fell off today. I have been able to stick it back on, but I'm not sure how long it'll stay there. Eek. This computer is only two years old--it's way too early for it to start falling apart like this. Oh, and now it fell off again. Gah.

Random Doctor Who fic thing, spoilers for The Doctor's Daughter )
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Tuesday is my last day of classes, and both of my finals are on Thursday. I only have two assignments left, both due on Tuesday.

In my Ethics class, we're supposed to do this chart about the philosophers we've read since the midterm, including name, school of thought, important points, key terms, etc. We had to do one of those for the midterm too, but since I was in Thailand when it was due, the teacher gave me a pass on having to do it. She said I should do it anyway, as a way of studying for the midterm, but I didn't bother, and I still got a 97%. And I really don't want to do the one due on Tuesday. Part of it's me being really lazy, but part of it is me figuring that if I can do that well on the midterm without it, I don't really need it to study for the final. I've turned in nearly all the assignments we've had this semester, plus I've gotten As (not even A-) on the essays/test, and the smaller assignments like this chart aren't weighted very heavily. I'd probably still get an A in the class even if I don't do it. Now I'm debating whether or not I will. I might end up doing it because it's better to be safe than sorry, but...it's the end of the semester and I want to be lazy! :p

In my Critical Thinking class, though, I've got a report due on the presentation that I did last week. This was actually a group presentation, and the report is supposed to be jointly written by all of us (it's only 3-5 pages, so not that long). I told my other group members that we should all write one page, then they could send theirs to me, I'd put it all together, and add an intro and conclusion. I told them this over a week ago, the report is due on Tuesday, and none of them have sent me their pages. I sent an email reminding them on Saturday, and still nothing, not even a reply telling me they're working on it. I'll give them till Monday evening (er, this evening, I guess) to get me their pages before I write the entire thing myself, but if I do have to do it all myself, I think I'll make it clear to the teacher that it was entirely my effort. This, combined with the fact that I'm the one who's coordinated and organized our group meetings, and I was the one with the most information and who was best prepared during the actual presentation, means that I am not very happy with my group. *grumpy*

I finally posted my Parting of the Ways essay! So far it's gotten a good reception, about which I am very happy. I love that essay a ridiculous amount. I really hope it continues to do well.

Now it's getting late and I need to go to bed, especially if I've got a lot of work to do when I get up. *sigh*
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Did not sleep very well last night. I fell asleep around 2:30, after more than an hour of tossing and turning, then I kept waking up, and then I woke up at 8:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. I think I might have skipped class, if I hadn't had a presentation to do that was worth 15% of my grade. I went out to lunch with [livejournal.com profile] velesia, and we went back to her place and she let me crash on her couch for a bit. But then I had to go to class, only when I got there, I found out it was canceled! That was awesome, because I really needed a nap. :p So now I slept for a bit this afternoon, and am very awake.

Um, I dislike having to beg, but no one answered my last post, and I really want someone to look at my Parting of the Ways essay before I post it. 20 pages...isn't that long, really. XD And it's not like I need it back really soon, so you could take your time. I just put a lot of effort into this thing, and I want it to be the best it can be. eta: I have a couple volunteers now. :) Thanks!

Now, I think I'm going to write fic. :)
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Quick post, though at some point there's more stuff to say. But it's getting closer to midnight here, so I couldn't resist one last post on New Year's Eve. Goodbye, 2007. You weren't the best year I've ever had, but you were far from the worst, and I did very much appreciate a year without school.

Happy New Year, all! :D
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I keep wanting to post something, but I don't really have anything to say. Well, except that my birthday is in exactly a week and I turn 20, which is sorta...odd. No more teenager...just. Odd.

Also, HP seems to have swung around to being my primary fandom again. I haven't written anything new yet, but I've been reading a whole lot. I just wish it was easier to find good novel-length fics of the type I want to read, but that I haven't read before.
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Zombies ate my desire to post anything more complicated than this sentence.

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