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My lecture on Fan Fiction and Feminism today was awesome (though more about fanart and fanvidding than fic). The professor who gave the lecture said she's a member of OTW, so I just looked her up there and she's even a former board member and involved with several committees.

Why this makes me excited is that the lecture wasn't just an academic look at the phenomenon of fandom from an outside observer. I've been to a few lectures and read several articles like that. Today's lecture was from someone who is actually in fandom, and loves and understands it. It was from a legal perspective, of course, but we talked about fair use and the nature of a transformative work and a lot of other interesting things.

Some highlights of things that amused me:
-The very first thing she showed was a Star Trek (2009) vid, so I knew we were off to a good start.
-Clex fanvid (Clark and Lex from Smallville)
-Wincest fanvid
-Apparently the kind of transformative work than will pass the fair use muster most easily is one involving sex. Meaning, porn will get by the courts the easiest.

There were a lot of other interesting things in the lecture, and the professor chose her examples really well. That was totally worth missing the first half of my Contracts class. :D
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Last night I finished that third fic -- 22,400 words. It actually feels very bare, though -- not a skeleton, but certainly a very gaunt body. I think there might be more to this story, but I also think I need either some distance, some help, or both, to bring it out.

I think that's it for the longer fics in this series, though! Everything else I have planned will be one-shots, and much shorter. There's only one that I think might pass 10,000, but that's still a might. That will make things much easier -- I can do one-shots. :p

But I also think I'm going to take a break from this universe. There are still things I want to write this summer, while I still have time, but those things have nothing to do with Kirk Prime. That will be nice. XD

In more real life news, my job finally decided to actually PAY ME. It's a stipend, but it applies retroactively to the entire time I've been there, so when I'm done in a couple weeks I will actually get a check. So totally awesome. :D

On the other hand, though, they did want me to start coming in an hour earlier. And I agreed, because I would like to be paid. But getting up an hour earlier is going to be hard until I get used to it. *sigh*

I only have less than a month left in Reno, though. In less than a month, I'll be in DC! But this does mean I have to finish the things I want to do before my life gets swallowed up by law school, and I just hope I can get to the things I most want. I think I might. This has pretty much been my most productive summer ever. :D

Oh! And in another awesome turn, there is actually going to be a sci-fi convention in Reno next month! Anyone coming to WorldCon? :D
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Okay, I said I was going to cut down talking about my Big Bang, and I will. This will, in fact, probably be my last post about it for awhile. Because...



It is 76,000 words. Thirteen chapters. DONE.

You know, I think I actually wrote the last 40,000 words in a week. Wow.

Now comes the hardest part -- waiting. I was in such a hurry to finish this thing that I didn't care that the rough draft isn't due until September and that my posting date won't be until October at the earliest, but now I'm sort of looking at the fic and thinking...I have to sit on this for four months? I'm an idiot.

But whenever I think that I didn't have to start it so early, much less finish it so early, I remember why I did -- I was afraid that if I didn't start it now, and finish it now, I never would.

But I don't have to worry about that anymore, BECAUSE IT'S DONE!

And, hah, it hasn't even been a month. I remember I told [livejournal.com profile] ladyblahblah when I was a week or so into it that I didn't think I could finish in May, but I could probably finish in June.

Hah. It's still May. The very last day of May, but still May.

It's too bad that May isn't NaNo month, or else I would totally have won. 76,000 words in three and a half weeks. Totally a new record for me, in many different ways.

Now what I'm going to do is close my document and not open it again for at least two weeks, probably closer to a month. I am not going to poke and prod at it. I am going to read some books and play some video games and just not think about it.

I do, at least, have plenty of time to deal with all the revisions it will need later. For now I'm just going to exult in OMG I FINISHED IT AND IT'S EPIC OMG.
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My parents are the most awesome parents in THE ENTIRE WORLD.

Not only did they pay for my entire undergraduate education, at an expensive private school, they are going to pay for TWO THIRDS of my law school. My dad and I spent some time tonight going over my loan requirements for next year, and he said that they can pay about $50,000 EACH YEAR. I will only have loans of roughly $20,000 a year (why is law school $70,000 a year why why why), and they will be the loans with the lowest interest rates and the subsidies and the forgiving repayment plans.

I can graduate from law school only $60,000 in debt. Hah. Only, I say. Except that compared to being $200,000+ in debt, that is an awesome number. And Georgetown has a great loan repayment assistance program for people wanting to go into public interest work, so I think $60,000...will be something I can handle.

My parents are just...so incredibly full of awesome and also foresight. They set up college funds for us before we were born, and have always lived below their means so they have money for things like putting their daughter through law school and letting us go study in Europe and Africa. (Twin is now an intern at CERN in Switzerland, and Younger Sister is going to study in Africa next year.)

And also, in a slight Big Bang update...37,000 words. This story is so awesome! In this chapter it took me off on a tangent I didn't expect but ended up loving. I am so happy with this fic. :D
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I just got into Georgetown. Georgetown. That's one of my top choices, so dude, I am so happy and excited right now. I'm going to law school! I've been a bit nervous since I applied months ago but omfg I got into Georgetown. I'll only have a tough decision to make if I also get into Columbia and/or NYU, but otherwise...going to Georgetown. Oh yeah. :D

I opened my letter on my way back from the mailbox, and I think I might have scared my neighbors with my jumping up and down and shouting YES. XD
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Last day of class of the semester. The next two days are finals, on Saturday I leave for Cardiff, and then on Monday I leave the UK. A lot of the people in my program I've talked to or I've seen on facebook seem to be counting down the days and looking forward to going home, and I'm...rather not. I mean, it'll be nice to be home because there are people there that I miss and living expenses are somewhat cheaper, but I love London. I don't want to leave! XD

I had my last history class in a pub. We were just reviewing so my teacher said we might as well have a drink while doing it. This is one reason I don't want to leave London.

I also wrote some of my Remix longhand in the pub and then in my last class. I'll probably finish it tonight. I'm pretty excited about it. :D

Gordon Brown resigned! And the Tories and LibDems are forming a coalition! This is really interesting to watch, and I'm glad to have been here while something so historical has been happening.

I'm listening right now to the soundtrack from Billy Elliot, which I've seen three times this semester. Just because I loved it that much. Tomorrow I'm going to see Avenue Q, and then Friday I'm gonna see Legally Blonde. That's another thing I'll miss--all the theatre.

Last weekend I was in Oslo, which was awesome, though very expensive. But because of Oslo, I didn't get a chance to watch last week's Bones until this morning. And this one I have an actual reaction for.

Last week's Bones )

Also, in the past couple weeks I've been playing Final Fantasy: Crisis Core. Some thoughts on that as well.

Crisis Core )

Now I'm going to go play a bit more, then finish Remix.
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Spring semester starts tomorrow.

Or at least, it does at UPS. Hah! I am feeling somewhat smug because I've got another three weeks before I have to go back to school. And when I do, it'll be in London. Hah!

Of course, a shorter semester means less time actually in London, but then I'm taking another three and a half weeks to wander around Europe. Germany is a definite, since I'm visiting [livejournal.com profile] heart_of_man, but after that I'm planning on Austria (Vienna! Salzburg!), Italy, and France. Italy and France I've been to before, but I haven't been to Venice and I definitely want to go there, and I only spent like two days in Paris. Also I really want to see Versailles. I think my parents are willing to buy me a Eurail pass, which will hopefully make things easier.

God, I'm getting so excited. I still have another three weeks to wait, but after that...four months in Europe! *bounces*

The last time I went to Europe was ten years ago, I'm pretty sure. I think it was 2000, and I was twelve. I didn't appreciate it very much. Well, there were parts I definitely did appreciate (Rome was awesome, and what I saw of Paris, and the traveling around England like to Stonehenge and Warwick Castle), but I was a stupid kid and I carried a book with me everywhere and a lot of the time I'd get bored and find a bench and read. I remember doing that at the Tower of London. I glanced at the Crown Jewels, got bored as my family ooohed and ahhhed over them, and went to read a book by the ravens.

I am going to do so much better this time. Not only have I (thankfully) grown up since my last trip there, but this is my trip, the one that I've planned and worked out and have made a bunch of calls and done so many tiny errands for. I am so going to make it an awesome one.
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Happy 2010. :)

Today I went shopping for new clothes for England with Mom and Twin. Wow, that was exhausting, mostly because my mom bought this vacuum thing that shrinks clothes so now she wants me to bring a lot. Well, I did get some very cute outfits out of it, and also the COOLEST SHOES EVER. THEY ARE SPARKLY RAINBOW CONVERSE AND I LOVE THEM OMG.

I'm going to have to take a picture of these shoes and post it here, because OMG COOLEST SHOES EVER.

I stopped in at GameSpot when Mom and Twin went off to buy some jeans and why did I not know that Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days existed? A new Kingdom Hearts game! WITH ROXAS. I have been so out of it in terms of video games. Well, at least this is a DS game, so I can take it to England with me. (I've been sort of frantically replaying some of my favorite games recently because I can't take my consoles to England. But my DS is so coming with me.) Er, once I buy it, that is. :p I need to see how much PSPs are, because I also saw Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core in there, and I wants it, precious, yesssss.

I have not watched End of Time yet, though I have read some reaction posts because I don't care about spoiling myself this time. :p But [livejournal.com profile] velesia is recording them off BBCAmerica so I think I'll be watching the last three specials with her. That'll be fun, at least, and I'll probably be glad to have someone to cling to as I watch for the first time. :p
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Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates! Well, Christmas Eve. :D

It's a family tradition for us to open gifts on Christmas Eve (Christmas morning is for breakfast and stockings), so I've already got most of my haul and I'm very pleased with it and the reactions to my gifts. I also opened the bottle of wine [livejournal.com profile] velesia gave me for Christmas and we drank that, which was nice.

This year my parents have finally given up on writing "from Santa" on our gifts (now that we're all in our twenties), but what they decided to do instead was give us gifts from famous people. I got gifts from JK Rowling and Alice Cooper, Twin got gifts from famous scientists, and Younger Sis from Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton. I am amused and somewhat incredulous at my parents' choice of people (Paris Hilton, seriously?), but it's better than Santa.

Now I just have to hope my recipient likes my [livejournal.com profile] yuletide fic. I only did one this year, my assignment, but I am fairly pleased with how my fic turned out, and I hope she will be too.
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11 full pages of paper, the one that I couldn't even think of a point for yesterday, DONE and sent off to teacher for feedback.


This means I am DONE with both of my final papers this semester, and before finals week has even properly started! I still have to revise them, of course, but unless my Lit and Gender teacher thinks it needs a substantial revision (OH PLEASE NO), that'll be a lot easier than the initial writing and I can get them done over the next couple days.

So now what I need to do is revise seven poems for my poetry class, which will also be easy, and study for my one test, in a class I've been well prepared for all semester.


Today was also nice for reasons other than paper-finishing. I decided to get some of my Christmas presents this year at the Tacoma Glass Museum, cos the museum store has some pretty awesome stuff. I took the bus because I didn't want to deal with parking (I hate driving downtown--it's hard to find parking spaces, it's even harder to find free ones, and it's too hilly), and I didn't want to deal with transfers so I decided that once I got to the main transfer area downtown I'd just walk. It was a bit further than I'd thought, but not much, so it was only about a fifteen minute walk, which was rather nice.

But the best thing was, after I was done with looking at the exhibits and shopping, it started snowing. So I was downtown, walking back to the bus stop with my Christmas shopping, in the snow.

I don't normally even like snow, but I was really struck by the atmosphere, I guess. Downtown, Christmas shopping, snow. What more did I need, really? :D

Okay. I've finished my papers and am right on track with my finals week personal schedule. Now I'm going to reward myself with Terry Pratchett.
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Awww, I've gotten more virtual gifts today than I've ever gotten. :p Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] pinkfinity, [livejournal.com profile] fiery_twilight, and [livejournal.com profile] coffee_n_cocoa! *hugs* Though considering how many similar acknowledgments I've seen on my flist tonight, I'm wondering if there is something significant about today that had to mean snowflake cookies. Not complaining, of course, but, you know, curious. eta: Oh, they're free. Were they just released today or something?

Then I looked up December 6th on Wikipedia and apparently today is the day Saint Nicholas died, so now I'm filled with morbid amusement. Also I'm pretty sure St. Nicholas's death has nothing to do with virtual cookies.

In other news, this week is the last week of classes, next week is finals, and then I'm done with the semester. I'm also two months away from England. How did it get so soon? I need to stock up on warm clothes.
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Birthday today! 22, wow. And hah, I'm writing this at 22:22, which is enough to amuse me. :p

It was pretty tame, as my birthdays usually are. I made my banana bread, and it was good. I went out to dinner with my suitemates, and it was fun. I got money from my family, and it was appreciated. XD

I do still have homework to do, but I think I can get away with doing it tomorrow. The class isn't until two, so even with work, unless I sleep in ridiculously, I should have time. But right now I just want to lay down and read, so I'm gonna go do that. And at some point I need to watch Bones; probably this weekend.

Nice day. :)
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Today I cooked dinner. This is significant enough to merit a mention because it is actually the first time I have ever cooked by myself. As in, real cooking and not microwave stuff. It's not the first time I've cooked ever, because I've cooked with my mom, but she was always there to make sure it came out all right. Today it was just me. Heh.

So there are two main things I learned about cooking, things that seem obvious in hindsight:

1. Don't fill a pot practically up to the brim with water if you're going to boil things in it. Get a bigger pot, or cut the recipe in half. XD

2. I think I will remember this time what boiling water actually looks like. I've never boiled things that often, but now I will try to remember that boiling water is actually bubbling and not just steaming.

I just made tortellini, since that's pretty easy--though apparently I can come close to screwing even that up. :p The whole time I was pretty much watching my tortellini with the water spilling over the sides of my pot and steam rising and being afraid something was going to catch fire and we'd have to evactuate the dorm. But that didn't happen! :D

The tortellini was all right. It probably could have boiled a bit more, but well, I was afraid I'd set something on fire with every increasing minute. But it was fine and I ate it and I have leftovers that I'm going to make into pasta salad for lunch tomorrow.

On Wednesday I'm planning to make banana bread, since I like that more than cake. Probably my parents will send me a giant cookie, because they usually do on my birthday, but I like banana break more than cookies. Though one thing I noticed about our oven is that it...doesn't seem to keep track of temperature. I'm sure I'll figure out how to heat the thing to 350 degrees (I'm still pleased with myself for getting the stove to turn on tonight XD), but eh. Not a nice oven.

In other news, I am going to be very busy this semester. Very busy.

I got into two dances for RDG (the school dance group), each of which practices two hours a week, so there's four hours just for dance. This is good, because it will keep me active, but I don't even know when practices are yet. Also I'm a bit miffed. There are three tap numbers this year, at each of the basic levels (advanced, intermediate, beginner), and I ranked my choices in that order. I am an advanced dancer, for all that I'm not in the best shape and I can't do double or triple turns, but the dances I got were the intermediate and beginner ones. There are probably a variety of reasons I didn't make the advanced dance--there are a lot of people in that dance already, and I fumbled some of the audition piece (though the auditon piece was only jazz, lyrical, and hip hop, which are not my styles)--but I danced with the choreographers last year as an advanced dancer and I did just fine. So I'm trying not to be miffed, but I am a bit. *sigh* Well, at least I'm still dancing.

Also two jobs. Both have very limited hours (up to five a week), but still. Also various clubs. And I haven't even mentioned homework yet. XD

But I think I'm happy to be busy now. It feels good to have a lot of stuff to do.

And I'm getting along with my suitemates very well. We've already had several scattered hours where we just sat around and chatted, and tomorrow we're going to Costco to get various supplies and a pizza. This is a huge improvement from my roommates of previous years. :D

We're only two weeks into the semester and I'm already having a good one. I just hope it keeps up.
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I win! Mostly.

Today has been very busy because I have this paper due tomorrow and it took me until about 4pm today to think of a topic for it, because that thing just did not want to be written. But I did manage to write it, and take it to the writing center to get edited, so it's also been revised, and might actually be an all right paper. Whoo!

I also have a poem due tomorrow for my poetry class, so I wrote one about working at the movie theater and how people who leave their trash in the theater suck. :p

I do still have about thirty pages on international politics to read, plus the world section of the New York Times, because apparently I have a quiz on that tomorrow. (Gah, two papers and a quiz in one day? What is up with that?)

But I am still happy and full of win, because this week I applied for a copy editor position at the school newspaper, and today I got notice that I got it! *dances* And it's a paid job! Finally I have a paid job relating to what I want to do for a living when I get out of college that I can put on my resume as actual related experience! Okay, I don't really want to work with newspapers, and I'm sure it's not going to take long before I'm gnashing my teeth at how badly people use grammar, but OMG I FINALLY HAVE A REAL EDITING JOB! :D:D:D

This does mean that I have two jobs this semester, which sort of amuses me because this is actually the first semester where I've even had a job at all, and now I have two. But both are supposed to be about five hours a week, and one's daytime while the other is evenings, so I'm sure I'll be fine.

Damn, this semester is going really well for me so far. :D
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I posted exactly once in August. Damn, that's a new low. But things have happened now! Lots of things!

i. Vegas trip was fun. Not quite as fun as last time because there were a few immature guys staying with us, but still fun.

ii. Green Day concert was AWESOME. So totally awesome. It was also nice spending time with my aunt and uncle, and also having lunch with [livejournal.com profile] heart_of_man.

iii. Back at school now. I'm happy enough, but I'm going to miss the very little lazing around I managed this summer. XD

iv. I have a new job! One of my teachers from last semester got injured and needed an assistant for a class now, so I applied, and I got hired. It's only like five hours a week (if that), but it's about ten bucks an hour, so I'm making decent money for how much I'm working. Especially since it's a really easy job -- writing on the board, running errands, filing, that kind of thing.

v. I applied to graduate. Eep! I'm not graduating until next fall, but everyone who intends to graduate in 2010 has to apply these first few weeks of school. So I did. Graduation. From college. How did that happen?

vi. Last, but most definitely not least... I got accepted into the study abroad program I wanted.


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[livejournal.com profile] remixredux09 is live!

My story is awesome. Mystery Remixer took one of my Harry Potter/Good Omens crossovers and wrote We Come and Go (The Angels in the Outfield Remix), and it's so funny. It's a remix of Karma, which I think might be my only Bring Back Black fic, and which had a fairly ridiculous premise (Crowley and Aziraphale getting Sirius out of Purgatory), but the remix is more focused on Good Omens than HP, and is so totally what happened behind the scenes of my fic. Awesome character voices, and tons of GO-style humor. Thank you, Mystery Remixer!

I wrote two fics, my assignment and a pinch hit. One of them, at least, is very, very obviously me. Anyone want a guess? *g*

But I had such a blast with Remix this year, despite working so much. This is why it's always my favorite ficathon--I end up writing things I never thought I would, and loving them. :D

Another good thing--I have to work today, but then I get four days off! In a row! I haven't had more than one day off in a row since I started work. So awesome.

I have to get ready for work now, but everyone should check out Remix!
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I had a very full day. Very much fun.

A couple friends and I went downtown to hang around the river since it was nice outside. Apparently everyone else in the city agrees, because it was packed there. And there were lots of people with tattoos, including one guy with one on his throat. Dude, I cannot even imagine getting a tattoo there.

We also went into this antique store, and I? Found a first edition Goblet of Fire, wand order mistake included. This made me ridiculously happy because GoF had been the only HP book where I didn't have the first edition hardcover. I used to have one, but then my younger sister lost it several years ago and eventually I bought a paperback version of GoF, but I had always been very sad because it rather ruined things. But now I have a complete set of first edition hardcover Harry Potter books, so go me!

Then we hung around Borders for awhile, because that is what my friends and I do: hang around bookstores for fun. But there was nothing new that I wanted, so I was sad, except not really because first edition GoF! Then we went to World Market, which is hiring! For some position having to do with wine! If I have to work, I'd love to have a job working in World Market with wines.

We went out to sushi for dinner, and mmmmm, sushi. I love sushi.

And then we watched Star Trek.

Some spoilers for Star Trek )

Also, I applied to work at the theater. Since one of the managers is my best friend's boyfriend, and I've known him for like eight years, I'm hoping I have an edge. Though it was sorta weird, 'cause it was a computer application that I did right in the theater. They didn't ask me for any references, and also on the page with school, apparently they were just asking for high school because they wanted to know my last completed grade and only accepted numbers, so I could only tell them that I'd graduated high school, not that I was now a senior in college. They apparently didn't want to know about college at all. Very odd.

It is also the Glorious 25th of May, which is quite appropriate for being Memorial Day. I need to go reread Night Watch now.
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Things to do this weekend:
-Answering comments
-4-5 page paper
-Write Support Stacie fic

Well, the fic writing I might not get to this weekend, but the others I am determined to do. The paper at least needs to be done before Tuesday, so the deadline there is less self-imposed than real. Urgh.

Though on the other hand, this is one of the last three papers I have to do this semester. Today I turned in my last American Lit paper, so there's a good month left until the final where I don't really have to do anything for that class. When I turn in the paper due this week, all that's left in that class is also the final. Then for one class I have a long paper and no final, and for the other, a long paper and a final. *sigh* Well, at least I'm getting close to being done.

I am also totally getting my act together for study abroad next spring! I need a faculty recommendation for the application, so today I went to my adviser and asked her. I don't actually need it until September (when the application's due), though I told her it'd be nice to have it at the end of this semester (which is still a month away, so plenty of notice). But then she emailed me this afternoon, only a few hours after our meeting, and said that she'd finished the recommendation. I hope the speediness of my academic adviser bodes well for how likely I am to get accepted.

So basically, if all goes well and according to plan, next spring I am going to be IN LONDON FOR FOUR MONTHS.

Though note to self: I do need to have a good GPA for this, so must do all my bloody papers. Yes. *firm nod*

And for some other minor happiness, I think I got flirted with today. Flirting I did not initiate! Yes, this is rare enough to merit a mention. XD It went nowhere because I am so out of practice that it took me forever to recognize flirting, and okay, maybe he was just being friendly, but I prefer to think of it as someone wanted to flirt with me. And I will probably never talk to him again so he can't tell me different. :p
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Today I slept in, played a lot of computer backgammon (which is somehow SO ADDICTIVE), and then watched Return of the King, the extended edition.

First, the extended edition is effing long. I've never watched it all the way through before. Wow.

But that didn't matter because oh I love it. When the movies first started being made I was dubious, and when I watched them the first time I kept nitpicking at the things they changed, but now when I rewatch I'm still aware of the changes but I don't really care because I still see the spirit of my books here.

I love Lord of the Rings so much. SO MUCH. As in, I am so completely satisfied with it that I have no interest in the fandom. There is no way that these books could be improved for me, and I can't think of anything else I can say that about. Oh, Tolkien.

Also? It's made things even better because I am now inspired to write more in the "With a Little Help from My Friends" universe.

So now I'm going to go do that.
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My internet came back! By itself! I was hoping it would, but not expecting it because normally my computer doesn't like me enough for that, but then the internet came back without me needing to take it to the tech people!

I am still sick, and now on my period as well, bugger that, but I have my internet back.

And I started randomly following links today and a BRILLIANT NEW FIC AUTHOR. Well, new to me. I think I didn't realize she existed before because she's at ff.net, but she's got quite a lot of fic, some of them LONG (depressingly rare in DW fandom), and I've only just started devouring her. But the very first fic of hers I read was just as romantic as I like, which is actually extremely hard to do because I tend to like 'em so sweet they could rot my teeth.

I...don't think I'm being very coherent. XD But...awesome new author!

*excited flailing*

I don't care about being sick, and I don't care about being crampy.

*still flailing*

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