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Oh my God, Star Trek is doing what even Harry Potter fandom never managed: I am plotting crazy supernatural AU and also reading mpreg.


I mean, mpreg! I can't say that I never read it, even in Harry Potter, but I still find it so o.O that I could only read parodies. But right now I'm reading actual serious mpreg, and it's not necessarily even good mpreg, it's far too sentimental for the characters involved, but...I am still reading it. I've never been interested in mpreg because I think it's sorta weird and crazy and fucks with characterization, and as a rule I think that's probably accurate. The stuff I've been reading hasn't really even been the diamonds in the rough that I'm sure are out there.

But I am still reading it. o.O Again, IDEK.

Also, for some reason I keep wanting to write fic where James Kirk is a selkie. I have, like, an actual plot and scenes mapped out and everything.

Probably what I need is for someone to remove my brain. Though even that is not too cracky for Star Trek, so possibly I am less crazy by comparison? I won't count on that.
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Oh my god, you guys. I must miss academia, because so far in my meta about the Star Trek movies, I have: 1, referenced Aristotle (the Poetics), and 2, quoted Joseph Campbell (The Hero with a Thousand Faces). It's also over 10,000 words and I'm not yet done with The Search for Spock.

Obviously, I am crazycakes. At least with my last 10,000 word fandom essay I wasn't trying to make myself sound reputable by quoting Joseph Campbell and Aristotle. XD I'm probably going to have to solicit someone to read when I'm done and make sure I haven't gone over the top with the academic stuff.
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I did end up buying the PSP. And Crisis Core. Both were $88 after all my gift cards, so in the past two days I've bought $220 worth of video games and only paid $88 for them, so I think that's a damn good deal.

Especially since I finally figured out the insurance thing. I called an agent today and figured out a policy that will completely cover my baggage (which is mostly what I want covered since I've got some expensive gadgets), but only will do the bare minimum of medical and trip cancellation and so on, and all for $90-$100. Score! My mom said she'd be happy with a $100-$150 policy, so I think maybe me finding a cheaper insurance policy that still gives me everything I want will make up for splurging on the PSP.

...Dear god, you know you've grown up when you're talking about buying insurance. How boring is that? Is it mitigated by talking about buying video games as well?
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It's been raining all night. Raining! Not snowing! As in, temperatures above freezing!

I approve.

Especially since I went ice skating with some friends, in an outdoor rink. What amused me is that I had the most endurance, which is a new thing for me since I'm out of shape and lazy. My friends were ready to stop long before I was. But I didn't mind, since we just went back to [livejournal.com profile] velesia's apartment and split a bottle of wine.

Somehow we got onto the subject of Star Wars, and I mentioned that I could sing the entire The Saga Begins, the Weird Al Star Wars version of American Pie. So the other friend asked me to do it, because apparently she'd only ever heard one or two verses of it. And though I am a crappy singer, I did it, and I do not blame the wine. Oh, Star Wars. I think we're at the let's-be-friends stage of our relationship, but I still love you.

In one month I will be on a plane to England. Hopefully there will be less snow by the time I get there.
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Today I cooked dinner. This is significant enough to merit a mention because it is actually the first time I have ever cooked by myself. As in, real cooking and not microwave stuff. It's not the first time I've cooked ever, because I've cooked with my mom, but she was always there to make sure it came out all right. Today it was just me. Heh.

So there are two main things I learned about cooking, things that seem obvious in hindsight:

1. Don't fill a pot practically up to the brim with water if you're going to boil things in it. Get a bigger pot, or cut the recipe in half. XD

2. I think I will remember this time what boiling water actually looks like. I've never boiled things that often, but now I will try to remember that boiling water is actually bubbling and not just steaming.

I just made tortellini, since that's pretty easy--though apparently I can come close to screwing even that up. :p The whole time I was pretty much watching my tortellini with the water spilling over the sides of my pot and steam rising and being afraid something was going to catch fire and we'd have to evactuate the dorm. But that didn't happen! :D

The tortellini was all right. It probably could have boiled a bit more, but well, I was afraid I'd set something on fire with every increasing minute. But it was fine and I ate it and I have leftovers that I'm going to make into pasta salad for lunch tomorrow.

On Wednesday I'm planning to make banana bread, since I like that more than cake. Probably my parents will send me a giant cookie, because they usually do on my birthday, but I like banana break more than cookies. Though one thing I noticed about our oven is that it...doesn't seem to keep track of temperature. I'm sure I'll figure out how to heat the thing to 350 degrees (I'm still pleased with myself for getting the stove to turn on tonight XD), but eh. Not a nice oven.

In other news, I am going to be very busy this semester. Very busy.

I got into two dances for RDG (the school dance group), each of which practices two hours a week, so there's four hours just for dance. This is good, because it will keep me active, but I don't even know when practices are yet. Also I'm a bit miffed. There are three tap numbers this year, at each of the basic levels (advanced, intermediate, beginner), and I ranked my choices in that order. I am an advanced dancer, for all that I'm not in the best shape and I can't do double or triple turns, but the dances I got were the intermediate and beginner ones. There are probably a variety of reasons I didn't make the advanced dance--there are a lot of people in that dance already, and I fumbled some of the audition piece (though the auditon piece was only jazz, lyrical, and hip hop, which are not my styles)--but I danced with the choreographers last year as an advanced dancer and I did just fine. So I'm trying not to be miffed, but I am a bit. *sigh* Well, at least I'm still dancing.

Also two jobs. Both have very limited hours (up to five a week), but still. Also various clubs. And I haven't even mentioned homework yet. XD

But I think I'm happy to be busy now. It feels good to have a lot of stuff to do.

And I'm getting along with my suitemates very well. We've already had several scattered hours where we just sat around and chatted, and tomorrow we're going to Costco to get various supplies and a pizza. This is a huge improvement from my roommates of previous years. :D

We're only two weeks into the semester and I'm already having a good one. I just hope it keeps up.
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I still totally suck at updating.

Something that amuses me, though--that long list of things I posted last week that made me happy, there was something I forgot to put on it. As in, my birthday a week from today. I think I should be too young to be forgetting about my own birthday. XD

On the other hand, 22. Pretty much done with the landmark birthdays for awhile (I mean, okay, at 25 I can rent a car, and at 35 I can run for president, but I don't want to be president and renting a car is rather eh in terms of significance). 22 still makes me boggle because omg how did that happen? Then again, pretty much every new age makes me boggle and wonder how that happened.

So yeah, birthday next week. I didn't ask for anything because there wasn't anything in particular I wanted, so my parents said that they will instead start a London fund for me, which is so much better. I'd rather have money for cool stuff to do in England and Europe than random crap I don't really care about.

I will try to be more consistent about updating this thing. We'll see how long that lasts. XD
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So, Reno recently gained a Minor League Baseball team, and last night some friends and I went to watch the game. (Our team lost, by one point, in the tenth inning. Very disappointing. Somehow I never care about baseball unless I'm watching it live.)

After that we went out for a few drinks and I got more than a bit drunk, but I don't think I realized how drunk I was until just now, because omg. See, when I got home last night, there was this huge spider crawling around the top of my wall and my ceiling. And I just lay on my bed and watched it crawl until it went out of sight, whereupon I promptly forgot about it.

Just a few minutes ago, it reappeared, and omfg that thing was huge. And last night I seriously just watched it crawl around my room and then forgot about it when it disappeared and could have been doing anything? I mean, I'm not afraid of spiders (despite its size, I was just fine trapping this one and setting it free), but they do creep me out, and I hate the idea of bugs crawling on me.

I can't believe I forgot about it. Dude.

Well, should go to bed now. Going to Lake Tahoe at seven in the morning tomorrow, so I need to get some sleep.
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More thunderstorms today, whoo! I thought they ended a few days ago, but then it started raining again today. Always nice. :D

In other news, yesterday I got a job. Starting Friday, I'm going to be working in a movie theater.

You know, on the one hand, I'm grateful. This is not the best economy for job-hunting, so the fact that I could get a job is very good. (Well, I actually only got this one because my best friend's boyfriend is one of the managers and he put in a good word for me.) Also, I will be glad to be making my own money rather than having to ask my parents (always makes me feel guilty), and also getting my mom off my back about getting a job. But on the other hand, there are so many people who actually need the job more than I do. Even my parents, who want me to work, told me that if I couldn't find a paying job, it was fine with them if I just found somewhere to volunteer. And honestly, I don't want to work. I can put on a good show of enthusiasm for the interview, but at heart I am still ridiculously lazy--seriously, sloth is the deadly sin I constantly grapple with, and frequently lose to out of apathy and, well, sloth. So I feel a bit guilty for having a job I don't really want and don't really need when there are lots of other people who do want and need this job.

But working will still keep my mom off my back, will make me stop feeling like a freeloader, will give me something for my resume, and will get me money of my own that I don't have to ask my parents for and that I can put towards England. So I'll deal with the job, but I think I'm going to be a bit whiny here. XD
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I live! Mostly.

Three of my four finals are done; the last is tomorrow. I was especially pleased with the two I had today--well, one of them was a final paper that I just turned in today, but the other was an essay test that I think I completely rocked. Considering that's one test that I'd actually really studied for (study sessions with other people and everything), I'm pleased with myself.

Also, the paper I turned in was fifteen pages. That I wrote yesterday. This is a new record for me--fifteen full pages of essay in one day. It was still pretty stupid of me to wait until yesterday to do it, but I felt fairly comfortable delaying it because I was confident in my ability to write well on the topic, as I feel I did, even with so little time. And this paper was supposed to be 10-20 pages, so a very wide range that I fell right in the middle of, which is a comfortable place to be. And I sincerely liked the paper when I finished it and reread it, which is always a good thing.

My last final is tomorrow, and it's the class where I pretty much have to fail the final altogether not to get an A. Since I'm not going to fail the final, I'm not too worried, and not too fussed about studying. I will, but probably not very much, and tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day for me, though. I need to get boxes, pack, and figure out what needs to come home with me and what I can store here. I need to take the final. I need to sell back some of my books.

I also need to deal with my study abroad application. I'm almost finished with it--all that's left is one essay response (which I'm in the middle of now and is not a hard topic), a few bits of the application I have questions about and need to see an adviser for tomorrow, and my budget worksheet.

This is one thing I really shouldn't have procrastinated on, sigh. For this worksheet, I need to figure out my personal expenses when abroad (or at least, a ballpark figure for them), plus local travel and international travel. I don't know how much traveling I'll be doing, so I'm not sure how to do expenses. I tend to be pretty cheap with the personal expenses here, but I don't know how I'll be in a foreign country especially with all the Doctor Who merchandise I'm sure [livejournal.com profile] shinyopals will persuade me I need.

Gah. Well, I'll figure it out. I need to see the international programs coordinator anyway, so I'll see if she'll help me with this or if I need to wait to talk to my parents and therefore have to wait to turn in the application until I come back in the fall. I hope not. Gah.

Also? I need to write my Support Stacie fic. I don't regret doing it since it was for a good cause, but this really wasn't the best timing. It doesn't have to be very long so it shouldn't take me that long to write, but I need to get it done soon.

Okay, now to finish the application essay, then maybe get started on the fic. Everything else will be done tomorrow. Ohhh, so close to being done with the semester, finally...
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Right. omfg. Just wrote an entire 10-page paper today. As in, the entire thing, because I was stupid and procrastinated forever.

Still, now it's done, and it's due tomorrow, so I'm not going to be late. It's certainly not the best paper I've ever written, and I have no idea how coherent it is, but I've done papers for my other politics class that I didn't think were very coherent and I ended up with A-s, so maybe I'm not the best judge of my own coherency.

But on the other hand, I think it's worth at the very least a C, if my teacher is a particularly hard grader (which I don't know, because this is actually the first paper I've had to turn in for him). And honestly I don't really care about the grade because I just want to turn something in and not get a zero.

And! This means that I am done with all of my assignments except for finals! So awesome! I really need a good sleep in celebration. XD

ETA: And my professor emails us at 11 at night to say that we've got an extension on the paper until Monday. Dude, you couldn't have told us this before I spent seven straight hours writing the damn thing? Now I just need to decide if I want the teacher or the writing center to look at it and give me feedback, or if I just want to be done with it and don't care if it's not the best it could be. *sigh*
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Things to do this weekend:
-Answering comments
-4-5 page paper
-Write Support Stacie fic

Well, the fic writing I might not get to this weekend, but the others I am determined to do. The paper at least needs to be done before Tuesday, so the deadline there is less self-imposed than real. Urgh.

Though on the other hand, this is one of the last three papers I have to do this semester. Today I turned in my last American Lit paper, so there's a good month left until the final where I don't really have to do anything for that class. When I turn in the paper due this week, all that's left in that class is also the final. Then for one class I have a long paper and no final, and for the other, a long paper and a final. *sigh* Well, at least I'm getting close to being done.

I am also totally getting my act together for study abroad next spring! I need a faculty recommendation for the application, so today I went to my adviser and asked her. I don't actually need it until September (when the application's due), though I told her it'd be nice to have it at the end of this semester (which is still a month away, so plenty of notice). But then she emailed me this afternoon, only a few hours after our meeting, and said that she'd finished the recommendation. I hope the speediness of my academic adviser bodes well for how likely I am to get accepted.

So basically, if all goes well and according to plan, next spring I am going to be IN LONDON FOR FOUR MONTHS.

Though note to self: I do need to have a good GPA for this, so must do all my bloody papers. Yes. *firm nod*

And for some other minor happiness, I think I got flirted with today. Flirting I did not initiate! Yes, this is rare enough to merit a mention. XD It went nowhere because I am so out of practice that it took me forever to recognize flirting, and okay, maybe he was just being friendly, but I prefer to think of it as someone wanted to flirt with me. And I will probably never talk to him again so he can't tell me different. :p
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I am a horrible procrastinator. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE PROCRASTINATOR.

Tomorrow there will definitely be paper-writing. Definitely. *firm nod*

Over at the Support Stacie author auctions, there is one particular author I'm trying to win. But alas, my credit card is in limbo and my bank account only has a few hundred dollars, so if it goes too high, I'll probably have to stop bidding. Dammit! I just want one author, just one--is that really so much to ask? XD

Though on the other hand, one of the Twilight auctions has reached $1400. ONE. ONE AUCTION. ONE TWILIGHT AUCTION. $1400.

The world is crazy. It's not really a bad thing, since this is for a good cause and all, but...dude.
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I hate how I can go to bed a full nine hours before I have to get up and still not get enough sleep. THANK GOD it's the weekend and I can sleep in.

Then tonight [livejournal.com profile] heart_of_man came over and we watched Silence in the Library through Journey's End. What are probably the three most difficult episodes for me to watch in the entire show, and I watched them all tonight. That was...an experience. Mostly fun, but wow I'm tired, I think almost as much from emotion as from my recent difficulty sleeping.

It's funny. On the one hand I think it's sort of sad that a TV show can evoke this depth of emotion in me--still, more than six months and more than one viewing after these episodes have aired. But on the other hand, I think it's brilliant that a TV show can evoke this depth of emotion in me. Even with me being a fangirl of various things (and all that being a fangirl entails), part of the reason I love Doctor Who is that I can love it so deeply. It's an endless cycle! *g*

And I was GOOD. For SitL/FotD, I mean, in terms of keeping quiet. I did keep talking all the way through Journey's End about various shippy things because of course I just had to make sure that [livejournal.com profile] heart_of_man was aware of all the implications (XD), but I shut up during SitL/FotD! I was determined not to prejudice her against them, because just because I hate them doesn't mean she has to, and I guess I succeeded, because she said she didn't think they were that bad. But she is also willing to read my posts on the episodes, and [livejournal.com profile] shinyopals's Moffat essay...

In terms of other things today, that essay I was whining about yesterday? I am completely astounded at the response I got from my professor.

Because, seriously? I only read about a third of the book I was writing the paper on. I skimmed the rest of the book as I was writing the paper, and I thought my argument made sense, but I figured I'd get to class and the comments on my paper would be along the lines of "did you understand the point the book was trying to make? What about a, b, c, d, etc.?"

Except then I get to class, and my professor calls my draft substantive and accurate and a good resource for the rest of the class. This was just...wow. Completely awesome, but totally unexpected. I managed to understand a complicated book just by skimming it? Dude. Well, the in-class discussion also helped, but I talked about things in my paper that we didn't talk about in class.

That was just...a bit surreal.

Though there was a comment my professor made that totally amused me. He critiqued my grammar (which normally would not amuse me, considering I tend to pride myself on my grammar, at least when I'm not completely zonked (like I am now) and am thinking even marginally about what I'm saying or writing), but the critique was about my use of "which" when I could have used "that".

He said it was a British thing to do.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh internet, I have gotten far too used to writing as British as possible in most of my recent fic. Apparently I succeeded enough that I subconsciously use British grammar! And I need to try to remember my American grammar better!

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So over the past six months or so, I've betad [livejournal.com profile] shinyopals's DW fic and blithely pointed out every time she had the Doctor say "There's [something plural]", on the theory that the Doctor would be correct, dammit! He's even canonically corrected someone else's spoken grammar!

Now she tells me that in New Earth, he said "There is ten million people".

You have failed me, Doctor! Now I have to curl into a ball somewhere and mourn.
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This afternoon I ended up taking a nap. I was trying to read a book in bed, but I kept nearly falling asleep until I finally gave in and put the book away. I'm not sure why I felt the need to nap, since I've been able to consistently get around eight hours of sleep every night, but I do feel somewhat better for it.

I'd been trying to reread Dorothy Sayers's Gaudy Night, because yesterday I watched the BBC adaptation of it. It wasn't really a bad adaptation, but there were several changes made, and I felt the need to go back to the true source, which I love ridiculously. It's really a perfect example of character-drives-plot-drives-character, the character and the plot influencing each other in a manner that's truly delightful to read.

I do generally prefer the original books to their movie adaptations, and this was certainly not an exception, but I think I'm going to be quite fond of the film version here just for a specific visual--Lord Peter's monocle. And it's funny, because of course I'd read through the books always knowing that he wore a monocle, but then I saw it.

It was one of my childhood ambitions to wear a monocle. Or at least, it was once I started going near-sighted in the one eye that is of any use to me. I'd wear my glasses and think that there was no point in have two lenses when I really only needed one, and the solution to this would be to wear a monocle. I was a bit confounded by how exactly the monocle would stay perched in front of my eye, but I still wanted one.

I still am confounded, especially after watching how Lord Peter kept needing to put the monocle back on, which wouldn't do for me since I can't see really anything without my glasses. But still. I've always wanted a monocle...
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Yesterday I went to [livejournal.com profile] velesia's and friends and I played some board games, including Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. I disappointed myself--I wasn't really expecting to win, since [livejournal.com profile] velesia's boyfriend knows a lot more trivia and has been a fan longer than I have, but it has obviously been too long since I've seen the movies and was active in the fandom.

Though it probably didn't help that he was completely sober and I was drinking. XD Had a bit too much to drink, really. And I think that might have been my first real experience with impaired judgment. Previous times when I've been drunk, it was because I didn't know my limits. This time I knew I should probably not have had that last drink, but I did anyway. I hit my limit and then deliberately went past it. I usually try not to do that.

I managed to get home fine, but despite drinking a bunch of water, was a bit hungover today. This was only my second time with any sort of hangover at all, and it wasn't that bad, especially once I got up and moved around a bit. I was more queasy than anything else, but still had lunch fine. But I'm also on my period atm, so this afternoon and evening my body plagued me with cramps that kept coming and going, so that was not helping.

I finally had about a three hour nap, but napping in the evening means I won't be able to sleep until late at night. This afternoon my internet kept blinking in and out on me when I was trying to talk to [livejournal.com profile] shinyopals, so that wasn't fun, either. This day was really just eh.

Though on the other hand, I did start watching the DW S4 DVD extras. I was sad that there were so few video diaries, but then I watched "The Journey So Far", and awww. That was really nice, and there were several more really good Doctor/Rose quotes from the production team. In the next few days I might watch it again and transcribe them, because I haven't seen anyone else posting them--unless someone has and I just haven't seen it, which is entirely possible.

Anyway. Starting to feel sickish again so think I will be going. G'night.

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