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Yesterday I finally heard from Columbia, formerly the holdout among my schools. I got a no, which I wasn't surprised about--I was only surprised that it took them so long. But considering I applied back in October, I guess it's something that they took this long to tell me no.

But this means I can finally make my decision! Or rather, confirm the decision I'd pretty much already made. Therefore...

Georgetown Law class of 2014! Three years in Washington DC!

Also, a couple things that amused me in a really geeky way:

1. My mom asked me to put Tangled in my Netflix queue because she hadn't seen it in theaters. I did, and enjoyed it enough that I'd already had it in my queue. Yesterday it came, and we watched it last night, and my mom had plenty to say about Disney Princesses -- and also story archetypes, with reference to Carl Jung.

Yes, academic-style analysis of random movies does run in the family. XD

(My mom also enjoyed Tangled a lot more than she was expecting to. I feel sort of vindicated, because while I don't think the movie is flawless, it's definitely one of my favorite Disney princess movies.)

2. At work today my coworkers kept bursting into laughter. Finally someone came to show me what it was they were laughing about -- an email from a government agency...with absolutely horrible grammar. I also burst out laughing.

I love my job. I may not be getting paid, but at least I'm working with kindred spirits. XD
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Last post of 2010! However silent I've been over the past months, I had to post now.

So, things of significance since I last updated...

All my law school apps are in. Most of them are still being considered. I got waitlisted by Fordham, and no news from anyone else. Well, except for Georgetown, because they wanted one of their alumni to interview me. That's happening on Tuesday, so I'm practicing for interviews. I've never had such an important one before.

I'm done with my undergrad! Grades are supposed to come out on Monday so then I'll know how I did, but considering I've done all my work, I can't have failed, so. I won't get the diploma until the ceremony in the spring, but I've finally earned my BA.

I saw Voyage of the Dawn Treader today. I did enjoy it, though it could totally be subtitled My Plot Is Pastede On Yey.

I got a new computer! Shiny, shiny Macbook Pro. I am very happy with it, and more happy that I'm done with the old one, because the old one was certainly about done with me.

I've been getting really into Star Trek TOS/XI. I don't know why now, but a few months ago I watched the movie again and something clicked. So then I watched the original series and the TOS movies and OH MY GOD I can totally see why Kirk/Spock started slash fandom. They're like, the most canon pairing to never actually be canon. So, there we go. It really was inevitable. I always go after this kind of ship. And at least, it being such an old fandom and pairing and having just been revitalized by the new movie, there's plenty of fic for me to read. I don't particularly want to write fic myself at the moment, but I am trying to resist the urge to meta.

I have no plans for tonight right now. One of my friends is going barhopping with her boyfriend, and I don't like barhopping, so I'm not doing that. I'm not sure about the other friend, since she hasn't texted me back yet. I would not be opposed to a quiet night at home, but we'll see what happens.

Happy New Year, everyone!
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Okay, so...it's been over two months since I last updated. Um. I'll try not to do that again. It's not so much that nothing has been happening as much as I just haven't really felt like posting.

But anyway! There's one very important thing going on and a few other things that have just grabbed my interest.

i. Big important thing is that I've decided I want to go to law school. It was sort of a spur-of-the-moment decision (my mom's bugged me about the idea for the past few years, but I hadn't really thought about it), but it actually feels really right. I've been adamant for a long time about not wanting grad school because I'm tired of school, but I'm really getting excited about law school, so I think it's a good decision. Especially after studying abroad, I'm really wanting to go into international law. I think that'd be awesome.

I'm signed up for the LSATs in October. Ack! Normally I do very well with standardized tests, but I've only been getting about 160 on the practice LSATs I've taken, which is not good enough. The Logical Reasoning sections keep kicking my ass. I'm doing great with Reading Comprehension and Logic Games/Analytical Reasoning (I've seen that section called both ways), but I keep making mistakes with the Logical Reasoning. *sigh* I've only been studying for about two weeks, which is maybe too soon to expect real improvement, but whether or not it is too soon, I'm going to look into taking an LSAT class when I get back to Tacoma.

I've updated my resume and wrote my personal statement, though the personal statement needs definite editing. I might ask around here for concrit at some point. But I really need to do well on the LSAT. (Obvious statement is obvious. :p)

ii. I finally saw Avatar: The Last Airbender! The show, not the horrible movie, though I did see that too. (I only went because I knew I wouldn't have to pay for it, and after it was over I was so glad I hadn't spent money on that thing. There were some things adapted that I didn't mind, they made sense, but mostly it was a big pile of DO NOT WANT.) And the show was awesome! Thank God it's on Netflix Instant, because I've already watched the whole thing twice and my favorite episodes several times.

So of course I went to look for fic, as you do. I like the canon pairings, but was bemused to look on ff.net and find myself in the minority. Usually canon pairings are not the minority. But I did find some good fics, and I will always have the show, so I'm happy.

iii. Twin was home for the middle two weeks of August, but she left on Saturday. My parents decided to give us our birthday presents a month early, while we were both home. I did not object to this, because I have a brand new XBox 360, and Final Fantasy XIII. Finally! I have been waiting months to play this game!

Even though I know I should be studying for the LSAT, I couldn't resist starting the game. It's very fun. The battle and leveling systems remind me of a mix between the FFX and X-2 systems, though I appreciate the addition of the AI. I'm really enjoying the characters and the story, and I think Lightning is full of awesome. Right now I'm in the middle of chapter nine, but I'm probably not going to get the chance to play much in the next few days because I am leaving on Saturday for Tacoma and I have to clean and pack and say goodbye to friends. And study for the LSAT. Bloody Logical Reasoning...

I think that's about it for new stuff in my life.
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Today I saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D IMAX on the biggest screen in Britain. It was rather more expensive than I like my movies (though I imagine I'm also a bit spoiled from having worked at a theater and gotten to see movies for free), but worth it, not just for the movie (which I very much enjoyed) but because I actually got invited to see it. When I first got here a lot of people just seemed to click into their own groups and I was sort of drifting on the outskirts, and pretty much had to invite myself if I was going to do anything with anyone. It's taken me several weeks, but finally I'm not the one making the first move all the time, and that's worth more than expensive cinema.

Anyway, Brief spoilers for the film )

Oh, also, before the movie started my friend and I were discussing books and she just asks me "So you read fanfiction, right?" Apparently that's pretty obvious. XD I said yes, and for some reason added that I write it too, and she got so excited. She said writing fic made me like sixteen times cooler. Best reaction to the writing-fanfic revelation ever.
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Today I rewatched Boondock Saints, which I'd been meaning to do since I saw BDS II: All Saints' Day over Thanksgiving break. (All Saints' Day was, actually, a very good movie. Much better than I was expecting from a sequel. I'll definitely want it when it comes out on DVD.)

I have no idea why I like these movies so much. Normally I'm not into excessive violence, overt religious themes tend to make me uncomfortable, vigilantism creeps me out, and so on. Maybe it's just the extremely charismatic cast. I just find myself laughing along with Connor and Murphy with their...rather extreme jokes, and tonight I just wondered why I find that so funny when ordinarily I'd be horrified and/or squicked. Hmmm...oh well. *shrugs*

Rambling about finals this semester )
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Wow, I am so boring.

Haven't posted recently because I just haven't had much to say. Mostly I've just been working, which is all right. My feet are enduring better, mostly. Yesterday it was ridiculously slow and boring, but today Transformers came out so it was ridiculously busy.

Though, hey, flist--please tell me you are courteous movie-goers and do not leave your trash in the theater when your movie's over. I mean, yeah, we'll clean it up if you do, but it's so much easier for us if we don't have to, and considering you carried it in there, it shouldn't unduly inconvenience you to carry it out again. *sigh*

Going to see Star Trek right now with a friend and free movie tickets, whoo.
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I had a very full day. Very much fun.

A couple friends and I went downtown to hang around the river since it was nice outside. Apparently everyone else in the city agrees, because it was packed there. And there were lots of people with tattoos, including one guy with one on his throat. Dude, I cannot even imagine getting a tattoo there.

We also went into this antique store, and I? Found a first edition Goblet of Fire, wand order mistake included. This made me ridiculously happy because GoF had been the only HP book where I didn't have the first edition hardcover. I used to have one, but then my younger sister lost it several years ago and eventually I bought a paperback version of GoF, but I had always been very sad because it rather ruined things. But now I have a complete set of first edition hardcover Harry Potter books, so go me!

Then we hung around Borders for awhile, because that is what my friends and I do: hang around bookstores for fun. But there was nothing new that I wanted, so I was sad, except not really because first edition GoF! Then we went to World Market, which is hiring! For some position having to do with wine! If I have to work, I'd love to have a job working in World Market with wines.

We went out to sushi for dinner, and mmmmm, sushi. I love sushi.

And then we watched Star Trek.

Some spoilers for Star Trek )

Also, I applied to work at the theater. Since one of the managers is my best friend's boyfriend, and I've known him for like eight years, I'm hoping I have an edge. Though it was sorta weird, 'cause it was a computer application that I did right in the theater. They didn't ask me for any references, and also on the page with school, apparently they were just asking for high school because they wanted to know my last completed grade and only accepted numbers, so I could only tell them that I'd graduated high school, not that I was now a senior in college. They apparently didn't want to know about college at all. Very odd.

It is also the Glorious 25th of May, which is quite appropriate for being Memorial Day. I need to go reread Night Watch now.
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So pretty much ever since I first watched Boondock Saints I've wanted that beautiful Celtic song in the beginning, except I never knew what it was. I don't know why it's taken me so long, but I finally looked it up on imdb, and it was happily on iTunes, so now I'm listening to "The Blood of Cu Chulainn" on repeat because I love this song.

Also, I saw on imdb that there is apparently a sequel to Boondock Saints in the works. Sequel! I really hope it isn't a sequel that sucks.

Speaking of movies, apparently my flist is going crazy over Star Trek. I didn't even know there was a new ST movie until people on my flist saw it. Then again, I've seen a grand total of one Star Trek episode ever and I don't remember much except that there was Q. So, my question to you, flist: can even people who haven't seen the show appreciate the movie?
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Today I slept in, played a lot of computer backgammon (which is somehow SO ADDICTIVE), and then watched Return of the King, the extended edition.

First, the extended edition is effing long. I've never watched it all the way through before. Wow.

But that didn't matter because oh I love it. When the movies first started being made I was dubious, and when I watched them the first time I kept nitpicking at the things they changed, but now when I rewatch I'm still aware of the changes but I don't really care because I still see the spirit of my books here.

I love Lord of the Rings so much. SO MUCH. As in, I am so completely satisfied with it that I have no interest in the fandom. There is no way that these books could be improved for me, and I can't think of anything else I can say that about. Oh, Tolkien.

Also? It's made things even better because I am now inspired to write more in the "With a Little Help from My Friends" universe.

So now I'm going to go do that.
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Have finished three of the four papers due on Monday. At least two of them need some editing, and I'm sure the one I'm going to do tomorrow and Sunday will as well, but I can do that.

Tonight I went to campus films with [livejournal.com profile] heart_of_man, and this weekend's was Mamma Mia, which I love. And of course it got me into the mood to listen to ABBA, but I don't actually have that many ABBA songs. So I went to iTunes to buy a few more, but iTunes is being annoying. I try to listen to that thirty-second preview they have of each song, but every few seconds it needs to "rebuffer stream", so the song ends up taking two or three times to load.

Anyone know what's up with this, and what I can do to fix it? I've got the latest version of iTunes, so I know it isn't that.

Also, I am ridiculously tired and am so going to bed soon. *snoozes*
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Apparently there will be no LJ for some time tomorrow. This is probably a good thing for me, as it means one less thing I can use to procrastinate with. Thanksgiving break is next week, and it seems like all my teachers want to have something due the Monday before break, so I've basically got 15-20 pages of papers to write. *sigh*

In my American Lit class, we're watching Dr. Strangelove, which I've never actually seen before. I hadn't realized it would be so funny! (Jack Ripper. Bodily fluids. *sporfle*) We're going to finish it next class.

Also, on Monday in my Oceanography class we're going to be talking about An Inconvenient Truth, which she wants us to watch outside of class. I've actually never seen this either. I'll need to be getting it from Netflix before Monday.

Going to be quite busy this week, but then six days off! Also, a month before the semester's over! This has gone by really quickly.
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Happy birthday to Harry Potter and JKR! :)

The past couple days I've been writing my fic for the [livejournal.com profile] goin_my_way summer ficathon. I've already passed 6000 words, and I've still got one full section left to write. This will be the section with the sex, and it's literally been years since I've written sex, so this'll be interesting. Right now I'm debating how explicit I should go. On one hand, I like reading explicit sex, and I know other people do too. On the other hand, sex is something that can easily sound generic, and already I know I'm going to emphasize emotions more than what's physically happening, so I don't think I need to be that explicit at all.

Hmmm. I'll think about it. It's not due for two weeks, so I have time. In any case, though, this will almost certainly end up the longest one-shot I've ever written, so that's cool.

On Saturday, I'm going to Santa Cruz with some family and friends, and will be gone until the Saturday after. There is internet access, but it's dial-up, so don't expect me to spend too much time online. Though tonight at dinner, my mom brought up the idea of getting wireless there, which is kag;dklgakdjsa YES PLEASE. Dial-up is just...arg.

We usually see a movie while we're there, and we've already seen Mamma Mia, so I'm going to suggest X-Files. I've been looking forward to this movie for months, but have been waiting to see it until I could go with a friend. I've heard good things about it, and now I'm really anticipating it.

Now I'm going to shut up and get back to writing, since I'm pretty sure I can finish this tonight. :D
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I'm watching Remembrance of the Daleks now. I'm still in the first ten minutes, but four things:

1. Seven has the best opening sequence ever. Awesome theme song and images, much better than previous Doctors. I even like it better than the New Who opening sequence, which has been my favorite up until now.

2. OMG Coal Hill School! Totters Lane! London 1963! That's so awesome.

3. Seven tasted something. Ahahaha!

4. I have now seen all ten Doctors. Whoo!

In other news, I saw Mamma Mia today. That was such an adorable and awesome movie! I'd totally see it again.
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I spent several hours last night and today being angry at Moffat for things he said at Comic Con (as described by [livejournal.com profile] heidi8 here). I also started mentally composing a post about why I don't like Moffat and think he's overrated, including talking about problems in all his episodes (yes, including TEC/TDD and Blink, which I actually like). Except I think it would end up a bloody huge post, and I don't feel like it. Negative analysis can be exhausting.

And this evening I was browsing my favorites list at ff.net (because there is the occasional diamond in the rough on that site, and I like finding them), and came across one of my favorites from Labyrinth. Rereading that reminded me of how much I love Labyrinth, especially after I spent hours being angry at Moffat's casual misogyny.

One of the things I love best about Labyrinth is the incredibly strong character of Sarah Williams. She's a selfish, naive teenager whose impulsiveness gets her into deep trouble, but through her determination, courage, friendliness, compassion, and wits, gets herself out of it as well. I adore the final confrontation betewen Jareth and Sarah, because there he is, offering her everything, and though the movie makes it pretty clear that she's a bit in love with him, she doesn't let that affect her; she proclaims herself his equal and says he has no power over her. Her will is as strong as his, and she wins.

I love Sarah Williams and all other fictional women like her. CJ Cregg, Leia Organa, Dana Scully, and so many others, including, yes, Rose Tyler--these are such awesome women, and there need to be more like them. Women who are competent and independent, who are not defined by the men in their lives, who learn and grow while still being wonderfully female. Women who are complete equals to men, who know it, and who aren't afraid to prove it. I want more female characters like this.

(Slight disclaimer, given that I'd mention Moffat's misogyny in this post as well--Moffat is capable of writing strong female characters. I don't deny that. But there are many facets to sexism, and where I tend to see Moffat's appear is in relations between the two genders, not in his ability to create strong women.)

So, flist! Tell me about your favorite women and why you love them. :)
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Er. Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans. :)


Yeah, the environmentalism is sorta heavy, but... *flails* ADORABLE.

As you may have gathered, I went to see Wall-E with my parents this evening. After that, we watched the fireworks in Sparks, since they're always better than the ones in Reno. And they were very pretty fireworks, though it's hard to say more than that. :p They play music to these things, but I was only able to discern two songs over all the shouting and fireworks--"Proud to be American", which I hate, and which the people behind us started singing to badly, ugh; and the national anthem. I like the national anthem.

Otherwise, I am trying very hard not to flail. Also, I'm not sure if I want to watch Resurrection of the Daleks before or after the S4 finale. Hmmm...

This week has gone by so slowly, but finale tomorrow. Tomorrow! *is still trying not to flail, omg*
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I admit, I wanted Hillary Clinton to be the nominee, and I wanted her to win in November. Not because I favor her policies over Obama's (I think both have their good and bad points), but because I wanted that particular glass ceiling shattered. You know, it's awesome and all to have a black candidate, yay for the strides this country is making, but I still wanted it to be a woman I could say that about. I'm not particularly proud that the Democratic nomination has often been about race or gender issues, with cries of racism and chauvinism all over, but I do think that it is valid to want a particular candidate if only to pave the way for such more candidates in the future.

Still, I am glad that we finally have a nominee, and I will have no objections to voting for Obama in November.

In other news, my friends and I got together again tonight. We went bowling, where I did rather more poorly than usual, but it was still fun, and then we went back to one of my friend's apartment and started to watch Superbad. I was reminded of why I've never seen that movie before (it's not a kind of humor that appeals to me), and everyone else had seen it already, so we stopped it like ten or fifteen minutes in. I don't think I'll be trying to watch it again.

And on Sunday, we are going to go to a Renaissance Faire up at Lake Tahoe, whoo! I love Renfaires, though I haven't been to many recently. Now I can finally get my Renfaire clothes out and dress up again! :D
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So Twin is gone, on her way to her summer internship. She'll be back in August, but then it'll only be a couple weeks before school starts. Little Sister, who is currently in Australia, will also be home in August. I saw her a few months ago when we went to Thailand, but it'll be nice to have her home for a bit (before all three of us leave for college :p).

And speaking of college, I finally got my housing sorted for next year. I've been trying to get things set up for weeks, but it was only this morning that I was able to get a hold of the person everyone was telling me I needed to talk to. So now I have a dorm and a roommate, which will be a bit odd, but hopefully I can make friends with her.

Last night my two best friends and I got together, and we rented The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai in the Eighth Dimension, which one of my friends and the video store clerk both raved about. It was made in 1984, and was...rather cracky. I think RTD would like it. XD But one of the characters was named Reno Nevada, which cracked all three of us up. Though I guess it wouldn't have been so funny if we didn't live in Reno, Nevada. :p

Finally, a meme I snagged from [livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar.

Fic meme )
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We seem to have gone from winter into summer with only a very slight detour into spring. A few weeks ago it was still cold enough that I needed three blankets on my bed at night, and now it's bloody hot. And my car's air conditioning is acting up, which is not fun. I was driving home from my dance class today, all hot and sweaty 'cause, you know, dancing, and I had to practically hang my head out the window in order to get some cool air.

Anyway. Today I saw Prince Caspian.

Some thoughts )

Now off to read the book again.
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I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide. It's my first year doing this fest, but I'm really looking forward to it. I need to get back into my writing groove.

A couple nights ago [livejournal.com profile] velesia and I watched "The Last Unicorn". *happy sigh* I've always loved that movie. But now I want the soundtrack, except I couldn't find it on iTunes. Don't suppose anyone else has it?
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On Monday night I saw PotC: AWE... )

I might have more to say about this movie later, but I think I'll shut up about it for now. And I still want good fic.

I also got the first DVD of Sports Night from Netflix, and I liked it. It's a good show, but unless it becomes amazing later on, I think it'll be a casual like.

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