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Yesterday I finally heard from Columbia, formerly the holdout among my schools. I got a no, which I wasn't surprised about--I was only surprised that it took them so long. But considering I applied back in October, I guess it's something that they took this long to tell me no.

But this means I can finally make my decision! Or rather, confirm the decision I'd pretty much already made. Therefore...

Georgetown Law class of 2014! Three years in Washington DC!

Also, a couple things that amused me in a really geeky way:

1. My mom asked me to put Tangled in my Netflix queue because she hadn't seen it in theaters. I did, and enjoyed it enough that I'd already had it in my queue. Yesterday it came, and we watched it last night, and my mom had plenty to say about Disney Princesses -- and also story archetypes, with reference to Carl Jung.

Yes, academic-style analysis of random movies does run in the family. XD

(My mom also enjoyed Tangled a lot more than she was expecting to. I feel sort of vindicated, because while I don't think the movie is flawless, it's definitely one of my favorite Disney princess movies.)

2. At work today my coworkers kept bursting into laughter. Finally someone came to show me what it was they were laughing about -- an email from a government agency...with absolutely horrible grammar. I also burst out laughing.

I love my job. I may not be getting paid, but at least I'm working with kindred spirits. XD
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In which I totally geek out about grammar )

I also now have more concrete plans for tomorrow. I'm going to make banana bread, and I'm going out for dinner with my suitemates. Possibly I will get a couple of them to come have a drink with me afterwards, but not sure about that. Still, banana bread and dinner are definite plusses. :D
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I hate how I can go to bed a full nine hours before I have to get up and still not get enough sleep. THANK GOD it's the weekend and I can sleep in.

Then tonight [livejournal.com profile] heart_of_man came over and we watched Silence in the Library through Journey's End. What are probably the three most difficult episodes for me to watch in the entire show, and I watched them all tonight. That was...an experience. Mostly fun, but wow I'm tired, I think almost as much from emotion as from my recent difficulty sleeping.

It's funny. On the one hand I think it's sort of sad that a TV show can evoke this depth of emotion in me--still, more than six months and more than one viewing after these episodes have aired. But on the other hand, I think it's brilliant that a TV show can evoke this depth of emotion in me. Even with me being a fangirl of various things (and all that being a fangirl entails), part of the reason I love Doctor Who is that I can love it so deeply. It's an endless cycle! *g*

And I was GOOD. For SitL/FotD, I mean, in terms of keeping quiet. I did keep talking all the way through Journey's End about various shippy things because of course I just had to make sure that [livejournal.com profile] heart_of_man was aware of all the implications (XD), but I shut up during SitL/FotD! I was determined not to prejudice her against them, because just because I hate them doesn't mean she has to, and I guess I succeeded, because she said she didn't think they were that bad. But she is also willing to read my posts on the episodes, and [livejournal.com profile] shinyopals's Moffat essay...

In terms of other things today, that essay I was whining about yesterday? I am completely astounded at the response I got from my professor.

Because, seriously? I only read about a third of the book I was writing the paper on. I skimmed the rest of the book as I was writing the paper, and I thought my argument made sense, but I figured I'd get to class and the comments on my paper would be along the lines of "did you understand the point the book was trying to make? What about a, b, c, d, etc.?"

Except then I get to class, and my professor calls my draft substantive and accurate and a good resource for the rest of the class. This was just...wow. Completely awesome, but totally unexpected. I managed to understand a complicated book just by skimming it? Dude. Well, the in-class discussion also helped, but I talked about things in my paper that we didn't talk about in class.

That was just...a bit surreal.

Though there was a comment my professor made that totally amused me. He critiqued my grammar (which normally would not amuse me, considering I tend to pride myself on my grammar, at least when I'm not completely zonked (like I am now) and am thinking even marginally about what I'm saying or writing), but the critique was about my use of "which" when I could have used "that".

He said it was a British thing to do.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh internet, I have gotten far too used to writing as British as possible in most of my recent fic. Apparently I succeeded enough that I subconsciously use British grammar! And I need to try to remember my American grammar better!

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So over the past six months or so, I've betad [livejournal.com profile] shinyopals's DW fic and blithely pointed out every time she had the Doctor say "There's [something plural]", on the theory that the Doctor would be correct, dammit! He's even canonically corrected someone else's spoken grammar!

Now she tells me that in New Earth, he said "There is ten million people".

You have failed me, Doctor! Now I have to curl into a ball somewhere and mourn.

that vs who

Apr. 9th, 2006 01:07 am
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I see this all the time and it's getting really annoying.

"Who" and "that" are both indicative pronouns. "Who" is used for people, and "that" is not.


And speaking of "who"...

"Whose" = possessive pronoun

"Who's" = contraction of "who is"


"It's/its" is not the only case where the possessive pronoun doesn't have the apostrophe. Though so many people get that wrong, too... *grumblegrumble*

Alas for the rules of grammar, so often horribly abused...
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Note to self: if you're going to take a nap, you should probably do it in the afternoon, not seven/eight pm. And you should get up earlier than midnight. Just, you know, a tip if you want to eventually get to sleep again before the sun comes up.

Oh well. At least I have no classes tomorrow (er, today), so it doesn't matter if my sleeping schedule is a bit weird.

Also, random grammar frustration--numbers. Please to be spelling out numbers less than one hundred, kthnx. Spell out all numbers in dialogue and all ordinal (first, second, third, etc.) numbers. Also various other rules, but these are just the more common things I see, and it's jarring to see something like "He was 14" in prose (especially if that prose is trying to mimic the more formal writing of a textbook). It just seems a bit...dunno, lazy, to me. Honestly, fourteen doesn't take much more time to write than 14 does, and it looks much better to have a sentence be full of words rather than mostly words plus a couple numbers.
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I should either be in bed or finishing my essay, but instead I'm reading fanfic, and I keep coming across something that's getting really damn annoying.

In two days time.

In three weeks time.

In four months time.



I guess people don't get that those are short and non-awkward ways of saying something like "the time belonging to two days/three weeks/four months/etc."? 'Cause that's what they're supposed to be, and it should be "two days' time", "three weeks' time", "four months' time", and all that.


It just makes no sense without the apostrophe. Without it, those time periods are pluralized, and it's just...what? What the hell does that mean? Maybe it's that it's 3:30 am right now, but I can't think of any meaning at all if there's no apostrophe when you're talking about something happening in two days' time. The time is being possessed by the time period (days/weeks/months/etc.), and therefore needs the apostrophe to indicate that possession.


Okay, done ranting. Back to your regularly scheduled...whatever it is that I usually post. :p
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Going home for Thanksgiving tomorrow, but wanted to post this before I left. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] tinitinytina for looking at it and making sure it makes sense and all.

Ah, the dreaded dialogue formatting—something that many people get right, but many more get wrong. Where do you use a comma and where a period? What should be capitalized and what shouldn’t? And why? Dialogue formatting isn’t easy to get right, and it’s easy to forget the rules, especially when published authors do it too. But, just as in the rest of the rules of grammar, dialogue formatting has its own reasons for what’s correct and what’s not, and hopefully once you know why commas go here and periods go there, and this is capitalized and that isn’t, you can get it correct when you write it. Note that all of my examples are off the top of my head.

The tutorial, with examples using HP characters )

Connections. That’s what grammar is—how sentences and parts of sentences are connected to each other, how they’re related to each other. And just like a family tree, those relationships can be pretty complicated and easy to confuse, but once you understand exactly how one part of a sentence relates to another, it’s much easier to remember. I hope that I helped with that understanding, though if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask, and I will explain to the best of my ability.

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