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Also: watching more The Next Generation. Just watched the episode Data's Day.

OMG, Data and Dr. Crusher tap danced! It was a great episode in general, but that made me extremely happy. I want to dance with Data.

Though I do have to wonder why Dr. Crusher started Data off with a time step. I mean, it's not exactly advanced, but it's probably better to start with a flap or a shuffle. Which are both in a time step. XD

Now I really need an icon of Data tap dancing.
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I have finally, for the first and possibly the only time, seen Doctor Who as it aired. No having to download it, no watching it the day after on BBC America, no watching it on SciFi, but as it aired. So awesome. I mean, I'm not particularly enthused with having added to the viewing numbers, but I'm still glad I could have done that at least once.

Anyway, reaction )

In other news, I was in Oxford yesterday, and that was awesome. But it was for a school excursion and therefore I didn't get to do much of what I wanted to do. I'm going to try and go back and spend some time there properly.

I did, though, eat lunch at the Eagle and Child, the pub where The Inklings would meet. How awesome is that? I got to eat in the same room as Tolkien and Lewis. Awesome. We also did a tour of Christ Church College, which is where parts of Harry Potter were filmed. I'm not as big a fan of the movies as I am of the books, but that was still pretty exciting.

And now I really want to reread Gaudy Night, so I can read all the place references in Oxford and pick out ones I recognize. :p Too bad my copy is at home in America. *sigh*

I've also pretty much decided that I'm going to Norway for a weekend in May. One of my classmates found the cheapest flights ever--I can get a return ticket for sixteen pounds. Sixteen pounds! To visit another country! I can't pass that up, so, Norway in May!

Tomorrow I'm going to see Alice in Wonderland in IMAX. Whoo!
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So today I had something that has become very rare: a five-hour stretch of free time. So I thought, hey, I'll finally get around to watching Torchwood: Children of Earth! I'd been waiting to watch it until I could watch it all together, and I'm glad now, because wow I would have hated having to wait as they aired. XD

But I just finished Day Four.

Spoilers )
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Home again. Also, just watched the DW Christmas special.

The Next Doctor )

Also, I've watched the first three episodes of Life on Mars (UK version, of course). Another show I need to completely devour and then probably read fanfic for! (Though likely not write it, unless seeing the rest of the show makes me want to.) Also, good for John Simm--it only took me five minutes to stop thinking of him as the Master and believe in him as Sam Tyler. XD

Anyway. Now to watch more LoM.
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I'm watching Remembrance of the Daleks now. I'm still in the first ten minutes, but four things:

1. Seven has the best opening sequence ever. Awesome theme song and images, much better than previous Doctors. I even like it better than the New Who opening sequence, which has been my favorite up until now.

2. OMG Coal Hill School! Totters Lane! London 1963! That's so awesome.

3. Seven tasted something. Ahahaha!

4. I have now seen all ten Doctors. Whoo!

In other news, I saw Mamma Mia today. That was such an adorable and awesome movie! I'd totally see it again.
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Tomorrow is my mom's birthday. We're going out to see Mamma Mia, and probably out to dinner. I got her this really cool copper and iron rose I bought at the Tahoe Renaissance Faire several weeks ago. I would have got one for myself, but they were a bit too expensive for me to get more than one. *sigh*

I haven't written that much of my post-JE fics yet. I think I know why I'm so bad at writing long fics--I keep wanting to skip to the good bits and ignore the transitions. :p

Watching Timelash right now, which is apparently a sequel to an untelevised Three and Jo serial. Peri was shown a picture of Jo and correctly identified her. I've noticed that Classic Doctors don't seem as reticent on the subject of previous companions as he's been made out to be in the new series, and this is more proof.

I've sort of been assuming that Peri was like Ian and Barbara--the Doctor constantly unable to get her home. I mean, looking at an episode guide, I've seen most of the Peri serials (though not, unfortunately, her introduction), and she doesn't come across as enjoying the traveling. But in this serial, he offered to take her home, and she refused. I'm not sure what's holding them together. I mean, they clearly care about each other, but they don't often seem to really like each other. She's usually complaining about where he's taken her and he gets exasperated, blunt, and shouty. I actually like both of them individually, but I don't understand their relationship.

This is my last Six serial, but I've also got a few Seven from Netflix right now. Seven and Ace, at that--apparently Netflix has no Mel serials. I'm curious about Mel, but I'll be glad to finally see some Ace.

One last thing about this serial (er, for now, since I'm not done), but H. G. Wells is being adorable. *g*
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I spent most of the past two days away from the internet. That felt...really rather good. Journey's End no longer makes my stomach sort of knot up--I think I've come to terms with it, even if there are parts I don't like and parts I have to fanwank. XD

And speaking of time away from the internet, tomorrow I'm going to Las Vegas with a friend. I will bring my computer, and I'm pretty sure there's some sort of internet access, but I don't know how reliable it is. I don't think I'll mind, though, since it has been refreshing. But I don't think I'll be replying to comments for a few days yet, since I still want time. Depending on internet access, it might not be until I get back, which is on Wednesday.

My summer school class ended yesterday, and I'm very sure I got an A. (Frankly, I'm astounded at how easy UNR's been.) Though what's funny is that yesterday I told my younger sister my class just ended, and she was like, "So that's why you've been asleep at night and up in the day!" I completely cracked up. I stopped being so nocturnal even before she left for Africa, but I guess she just didn't notice? XD

And because I seem to be incapable of not talking about Doctor Who lately--yesterday I watched The Caves of Androzani. I have three main thoughts:

1. I'm not sure which is worse, Peri's American accent, or the ones in Daleks in Manhatten/Evolution of the Daleks. XD Peri's was all right for most of the serial, but in the beginning, I never would have guessed that she was supposed to be American if I didn't already know it.

2. This serial is so totally a cross between Doctor Who and Phantom of the Opera. o.O ([livejournal.com profile] thunderemerald, maybe you'd like it? :p)

3. Okay, I could sorta see Five/Ainley!Master before now, but this made it more...dunno, obvious? Seriously, thinking about the Master as he's regenerating, even though the Master didn't even show up in this serial.... I have no interest in Doctor/Master in the usual course of things, but maybe I could get behind Five/Ainley!Master.

And because I want to talk about my ideas for post-JE fic (with some meta for background, because apparently I also can't help but meta)...

Spoilers for Journey's End )
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Because I finally managed to get the episode downloaded...

Journey's End )
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I just watched the Fifth Doctor serial Earthshock )

Also, a bit from the Radio Times RTD interview, with a bit from the mid-series trailer.

Unsurprisingly a D/R quote... )
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More on Silence in the Library. Also, spoilers for the mid-season trailer and rumors for 4x09.

More critiquing of the episode )

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