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Am in New Orleans for spring break/pro bono trip. It's awesome so far. Our hotel is just off Bourbon street, close enough to...see the sights, but far enough that we don't hear it all night. Tonight we're going for dinner and jazz. And today I went to work at the public defender's office, where I did research in preparation for writing an actual memo. Good trip so far.

I signed up for Remix again. I love it, but I really hope I can manage it this year. It's probably the first one where I'm dubious. And I'd been hoping to finish more Star Trek fics so I could qualify there. :p And speaking of that...

At risk of sounding like a huge broken record -- I seriously need a beta for more fics in the Start Infinity Again universe.

I would really like someone who's willing to stick with the universe. I just finished a one-shot, so the fics I currently have are a short one-shot, a ~33,500 word chaptered fic, and a ~22,500 word chaptered fic. I currently have a few more shorter (probably less than 20,000 words) chaptered fics, plus at least one more one-shot, in mind. None of this will have any deadlines beyond my own impatience, and I promise I won't take that out on you. :p

What I'm looking for in a beta is someone who can mostly help with plot and character. Telling me if my plot doesn't make sense, and my characters don't make sense, and then having some suggestions for fixing that. Grammar is not a priority, so don't think you can't help if you think your grammar sucks. I'm pretty good at finding and fixing my own grammar mistakes -- what I need help with are the things that go more in depth.

I would also really appreciate someone willing to help me brainstorm some issues I'm having. Over IM would be convenient and therefore preferable, but even email would work.

Please, someone. I really need the help.

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