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Okay, I actually have a lot going on in my life right now. At some point I do intend to do a catch-up post, but right now I have a minorly-urgent request.

So this summer I mentioned I was in Uganda. My boss at the NGO I worked for was also a United Nations Special Rapporteur. Next week she is presenting at the UN General Assembly, and she invited me to attend her speech. And I am going! I just bought my train tickets. But it was cheaper to go to New York on Monday and come back Tuesday than to go up and come back on the same day. Which means I need a place to stay Monday night.

Is there anyone in New York City willing to let me stay on your couch/floor for the night of Monday, October 29? I promise I'm quiet and should not be a hassle. Or, failing that, recommend a cheap hotel/hostel?
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So it's been about two and a half months since I updated. I think that might be the longest I've gone without updating. There's been a lot happening. The most significant of which is, I'm in Africa. I've been living in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, for the past month and a half, working at a human rights organization. I do like Kampala, and East Africa (a couple weeks ago I went to visit my younger sister in Tanzania), but I am sort of homesick. Living in a country's capital city is not quite the amount of culture shock as if I were in a rural area, but it is still very different. Mostly I'm at the point of appreciating the different while starting to really miss the familiar. Also, I am so done with all the mosquitoes, and I still have five weeks left here. I finished my first year of law school. I didn't do as well grade-wise second semester, but I honestly don't really care all that much. I'm mostly just looking forward to starting my second year, now that I'm taking classes I've actually chosen. I finally finished my [profile] ksbigbang fic. I wanted to have that done back in May, but it didn't really happen. It took me until now partly because of work and Africa, but also partly because I decided to see the Avengers before I left for Africa. Which might not have been a good choice. I have no urge to write any Avengers fic, and no urge to go read the comics, so I think it's not going to be a lasting fandom. Part of the reason I knew Doctor Who and Star Trek would be lasting fandoms was because I started going back and watching old episodes because I wanted to be familiar with the whole universe, not just the reboots. So far, with the Avengers, I've been fine with reading fic based on both the movies and comics universes, and picking up anything I need to know about the comics from context and Wikipedia. Also, Tony Stark is my guy. I probably could have predicted that -- I have a deep weakness for angsty genius. Also, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark as OTP, which I also could have predicted. I just love the complementary opposites, particularly if they're also best friends (as apparently they were in the comics, even if Joss Whedon decided to emulate JJ Abrams and STXI's K/S dynamic with RDJ's Tony and Chris Evans's Steve. What is it with reboots turning the best friends dynamic into antagonistic-until-forced-to-work-together?). I think those are all the things of significance right now.
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Am in New Orleans for spring break/pro bono trip. It's awesome so far. Our hotel is just off Bourbon street, close enough to...see the sights, but far enough that we don't hear it all night. Tonight we're going for dinner and jazz. And today I went to work at the public defender's office, where I did research in preparation for writing an actual memo. Good trip so far.

I signed up for Remix again. I love it, but I really hope I can manage it this year. It's probably the first one where I'm dubious. And I'd been hoping to finish more Star Trek fics so I could qualify there. :p And speaking of that...

At risk of sounding like a huge broken record -- I seriously need a beta for more fics in the Start Infinity Again universe.

More details under the cut )
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Okay, so I have lots of news, and have actually had lots of news for a while, but never really felt like taking the time to update. So...here we go, in no particular order.

i. Today I went to see an argument at the Supreme Court. Law school in DC for the win! Also I never want to do appellate advocacy.

ii. I am going to New Orleans for spring break! I am excited. I've never been to New Orleans, and I've always wanted to go. It's for a school-sponsored trip, so I will actually be working at the public defender's office, but I will be in New Orleans and also gaining legal experience so awesome.

iii. Speaking of travel, I have a summer job already and I will be going to KAMPALA, UGANDA to work in human rights. I am also really excited about that for multiple reasons. I'd really like to work in international human rights after I graduate, so it will be great to get some experience. And also my younger sister is in Tanzania again and will still be there this summer and she's already said she'll come visit me. This means I'll actually get to see her before next winter break. :p

iv. I started volunteering for the OTW. As a first year law student, I feel rather out of my depth and like I don't have much to contribute right now, but it's really nice to see people doing actual legal work, particularly related to fandom. I think I'm going to learn a lot.

v. I finally edited the first sequel to Start Infinity Again, one of the ones I wrote last summer. Hopefully I can get that to my beta soon, but first there are some other fics (shorter fics) in the series I want to write. I keep being hesitant about posting my chaptered sequels because, while they're complete, I want the universe to also feel complete whenever I post something. The third fic especially needs more story to round out the universe, but the second also raises some questions I would like to answer before I let it see the light of day. I just really don't want to post another universe that feels incomplete.

vi. Every so often it hits me that I actually am at a religious school. First with the birth control debate (which has been of particular interest for many reasons, one of which is that I sort of know Sandra Fluke. Not well, but we're in some of the same organizations.), and then today people were walking around with dark marks on their foreheads and then I realized oh, it's Ash Wednesday.

vii. More probably (hopefully) later. :p
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Things I have a greater appreciation for after being in Mexico:

--Toilet seats
--Toilet paper stationed regularly in bathrooms
--Being able to flush toilet paper, rather than having to throw it away
--Toilets that actually flush
--Cold drinking water
--Hot shower water
--Clean tap water
--Roads with minimal potholes
--Sleeping in (twice I was up before five)
--Air conditioning
--Meat (the mission was vegetarian, which was pretty good, but I missed meat)
--Regularly understanding the language (I spoke some Spanish, but not really enough)

It was a good trip, over all. I knew it was a mission going in, but even then I was surprised at how much religion there really was -- worship every morning and every night, prayer over every meal and before starting work...and the hours of church on the sabbath were sort of excruciating, for someone who doesn't go to church. But the religious stuff made the other people in the group happy, and the locals were appreciative, so it was all right. I might have more to say about the trip later, but right now I'm pretty tired.

In law school news, I came back to news of my financial aid award from Georgetown and my acceptance into Cornell. Cornell! I still would rather go to Georgetown, but damn, Cornell's another really good school, so I'm pretty pleased about that.
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Pi day! For dinner I roasted pork with apples and my mom said that it was like pork with apple pie. Except that was a coincidence. :p

Though on that note, I've started actually seriously learning to cook. And I'm enjoying it so far, which is nice. I've mostly been getting recipes by googling things, but do you guys have any favorite recipes? I'm not a big fan of Mexican or beans but otherwise I'll probably eat anything. I'm particularly trying to find good vegetarian main dishes.

I'm leaving for Tapachula, Mexico on Wednesday. It's sort of strange, because I'm going with my grandparents and their church group, and it's actually a mission, but I'm not religious. I don't even remember the last time I went to church, but, well, I guess I'll be going to church there. That should be interesting. Mostly I just said yes when my grandparents asked because I get to go to Mexico and actually do something useful there, not just be a tourist. We'll be building a church, but we'll also be building some clinics, so I'm trying to work around my discomfort about missionary work.

Though of course, I'm not bringing my computer. That is going to be...strange. A week and a half completely without internet access. When was the last time that happened? XD It's just as well that I'm not likely to have time to go on the computer anyway.

And finally, I've finished my Star Trek TOS-era movie essay. Or at least, as finished as anything is until it's posted, because I've already added almost a thousand words since sending it to the person who volunteered to beta it. I'm not even sure I should call it an essay, because it's practically a thesis -- it's certainly long enough. Current word count is, um, almost 24,000. Which makes it the second longest complete thing I've ever written. Yeah, I'm pretty crazy. In most fandoms I don't even write fic approaching that length.

So...that'll be posted sometime after I come back from Mexico. In the meantime, I will probably revise it like crazy. :p

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