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I downloaded the free trial for Scrivener and have been playing around with it. I did get my Big Bang all squared away in it, but earlier today I finished my preliminary editing of it, so there's not really much more I can do with it until I have a beta.

Mostly what I did was some outlining of the sequel. I have all the chapters for that planned out, and know basically what I want to have in my chapters, but I don't think I'm ready to start writing yet since I want to have more detail about each scene before I get that far. Still, I am pretty pleased with what I already have, since I only came up with this idea a few weeks ago. It's definitely going to be shorter than the Big Bang, but even if I think about it more, I still think I can get it done this summer. Which would be seriously awesome.

In other news, today I asked one of my supervisors if it might be possible for me to get paid. I mean, I love volunteering at Big Brothers Big Sisters, and I'd rather work there without money if the paying alternative is another job like the theater from the past two years, but...it would be nice to be paid to do work I actually enjoy. Unfortunately, she said it isn't likely. Non-profits are definitely feeling the economy.

Thank god I have supportive parents, really, though I would like to be more independent. *sigh* Well, once I'm in law school, things will probably change. I should enjoy what I have while it's nice and easy. XD

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