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I know why I'm talking about this so much, even though I keep thinking that I can finally shut up about it -- I have nothing else to talk about. Work has been pretty boring lately and I have...pretty much nothing else in my life. Except occasionally friends, but I doubt anyone on my flist cares about the baseball game some friends and I went to last week where my city's minor league team let the other team get a game-tying grand slam in the top of the ninth inning and then managed to turn it around with a game-winning grand slam in the bottom of the ninth. No matter how exciting it was to watch. XD

Big Bang is the most interesting thing in my life right now, so of course I want to talk about it.

I don't think I've even mentioned what it's about, have I? Well, here're the basics:

Kirk survives Generations, reunites with Spock, and then eventually falls into Rebootverse with him. So there's me fixing Generations (because that movie sucked even beyond everything it did with Kirk), the approximately sixteen years in between Generations and Reboot, and Reboot and its aftermath with Kirk Prime. There's Kirk Prime/Spock Prime being old married couple space husbands, and pre-slash with nu!K/S.

This story came about because I couldn't believe it didn't already exist. I mean, dude. I've seen Kirk survives Generations and reunites with Spock, though only one-shots. I've also seen several Primes reunite in Rebootverse fics. I have not seen any fic that combines Kirk surviving Generations and Kirk Prime in Reboot, which makes me very sad. So I had to write it myself.

I've tentatively got four (!!!) longer fics planned for this universe set in Rebootverse, plus some side-stories set during those sixteen years in the Prime universe. The second story, which is currently shaping itself in more detail in my head, is the Primes on New Vulcan and having a plotty adventure there. Third story is currently just a central scene where there's a Journey to Babel kind of situation where Spock Prime is the Vulcan Ambassador and introduces Kirk Prime as "He who is my husband" (exactly as Sarek introduced Amanda in Journey to Babel, though of course she was his wife) and watching nu!crews' brains explode. Third story still doesn't get beyond pre-slash for nu!K/S though. The actual slash will come with the fourth story, which will be the only one that focuses on the Reboot folk rather than the Primes, but that's about all I have for it.

But hah, the best thing is is that all of these are stand-alones. They're in the same universe, but none of them really need a sequel. If I never manage to write all of them (which is a very real possibility, if not a probability), then whatever I did manage to write will at least be self-contained.

Anyway. The first one, my Big Bang, is finished and needs only editing. It probably needs some serious editing, though. I'm also inclined to look for a beta sooner rather than later -- the time in between the rough draft due date and my posting date will be my first month of law school, so I'd really rather have the story all edited and polished before the end of August.

Assuming anyone who is actually reading this is also interested -- would any of you like to beta for me? It's a long fic, so I'd prefer two. And considering it's the beginning of June and I won't need it back until at least early August, that would give you plenty of time for it.

Not that it's quite ready for beta yet. I didn't edit as I went along this time, so there's a lot of crap that I left stand because I wanted to move on. I would rather fix the crap that I know is crap before I give it to a beta, so I'll need at least a few more days for that. I've left the fic alone for nearly a week, though, which might be my limit -- I really seriously want to fix the crap. Maybe my brain will give it a rest after I've done that and I can go back to properly figuring out the next one. :p

I think that's about it for now. Very likely I will have more to say later (is that jinxing myself again? XD), but right now it's probably about bedtime.

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