Jun. 29th, 2011

rynne: (mighty pen)
Today I passed 20,000 words...on the sequel to my Big Bang. I haven't even been writing that quickly, compared to the first fic. What I have been doing, at least, is writing steadily. I usually get at least a thousand words, usually more, each day. I won't let myself go to bed without doing some writing. It's really making a difference. I not only have my Big Bang done, but the sequel is long enough to be a BB itself.

What's sort of mind-boggling, though, is that in just another couple thousand words, I will have written over 100,000 words in this universe. In less than two months. That is so utterly amazing to me, both the number and that it's only in two fics. I also have more fics planned, and two of them at least are shorter (I think even one-shots! XD), which is also amazing to me. I have a real universe going.

This is so awesome.

I think I can actually do quite a bit this summer. I still have two months until school starts, and I think I'm probably going to finish the current fic early next week. I can then do the two shorter fics I have in my head, and think about the next longer fic, which I only have a basic idea for. I think I can get quite a lot done before school begins, much less before I can actually post anything, because I have to wait for my Big Bang posting date, which is October at the earliest.

But still, I am excited. Now what I really need are fic ideas that have nothing to do with this universe... XD

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