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It was snowing this morning as I was leaving for work. Hello, June. *sigh*

You know, even when I think that I have nothing left to say for awhile about my Big Bang just because it's finished, I get proven wrong. I have been having compulsive revising urges, probably because I wouldn't let myself revise as I went along. So now I keep thinking about all the things that are wrong with it and that I need to fix. Except I'm trying to give myself time away from it because that thing sort of took over my life for a month.

I'll also need to find a beta at some point, but that at least can wait. In the meantime, I will try to resist the urge to revise as long as I can, or else I will continue to obsess over this fic.

I...have been thinking a lot about the sequel, though. I just thought of a plot element that sort of crystallized the plot for me -- it gave me an A plot and a B plot and the means to tie them together. I'm not going to start writing immediately, though. I'll let the story shape itself further in my mind first, and maybe try an actual written outline. It'll probably be shorter than the Big Bang, at least, though I don't know how much shorter.

There is an entire universe in my head. This summer I might actually go pretty far in getting it out of my head and into a document. We'll see how that goes, but I am optimistic.

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