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So yeah. Been awhile, again. I really am crap at keeping this thing updated lately. I have a quick update on real life, but honestly most of this post is going to be talking about Star Trek. XD

Real life stuff. There are still several schools I'm waiting to hear from, including Columbia, but I've pretty much decided on Georgetown at this point. Maybe Columbia, if I get into it, will dissuade me, but I'm leaning pretty heavily towards Georgetown now.

I still haven't found a paying job, but I'm starting some volunteer work soon, so finally I'll have something to do all day besides dick around on the internet.

I've been watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, and am currently in season three. I'm enjoying it, but not as much as I did The Original Series. TOS had its issues, but it held my attention rather better than TNG is. TOS was a show I watched online as quickly as I could because I kept wanting more. TNG I've been getting from Netflix, and watching on TV while I keep my laptop open and divide my attention between the two.

The ensemble-style of TNG is great -- yay, wide variety of characters who all get pretty developed! Data is my favorite so far; he's adorable. And Picard is undeniably a great captain. But...I'm a Kirk girl. Oh yeah. And a Kirk/Spock girl. TOS had its three main leads and most other people didn't get much attention, and there are flaws to this approach, but I loved the main leads, so I was happy.

I've...actually started writing meta. About the TOS movies. But it turns out that there's a lot I have to say about these movies, because I've hit 8000 words and only just finished The Wrath of Khan. I have four more movies to talk about, five if I include Reboot! This essay...is going to be really long. Yeesh.

I'm...going to try to update more often. We'll see how that works out. XD
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