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KH2 drabble inspired by my icon and this gorgeous picture of Demyx by [livejournal.com profile] ponderosa121.

Title: Spoony Bard
Author: Rynne
Rating: PG
Summary: Donald tries to goad Demyx into fighting without those blasted water forms.
Notes: ...I'm sorry. Except I'm not. *g* But Demyx would have made such a good Edward... FFIV knowledge is not required, but it is helpful in order to get the joke. Also, KH2 spoilers.

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Title: Day to Day
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Rating: PG
Summary: Axel focuses on what he has. Axel/Roxas

Day to Day )
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So I started another game of KH2, and this demanded to be written. Just a ficlet, ~400 words.

Title: Stealing Roxas
Rating: G
Summary: Yes, the thief wanted to steal the real Roxas. AU, implied Roxas/Axel, if you squint.

Stealing Roxas )
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Last of the ficspam right now. This is a ficlet, approx. 600 words. More Demyx, because he is full of awesome.

Title: Illumination
Author: Rynne
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Rating: G
Summary: Demyx and Axel both know that Roxas is going to leave soon. Implied Axel/Roxas/Demyx, if you squint, though really it's gen.

Illumination )
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Five Kingdom Hearts drabbles (by which I mean exactly 100 words), all gen, rated G, centered around Demyx.

Title: Play It With Heart
Characters: Demyx, Atlanticans

Play It With Heart )


Title: Dissimilarities
Characters: Demyx, Sora, Roxas

Dissimilarities )


Title: A Game
Characters: Demyx, Luxord

A Game )


Title: Water the Flowers
Characters: Demyx, Marluxia

Water the Flowers )


Title: Hurt
Characters: Demyx, Sora, Roxas

Hurt )

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