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I've passed 11,000 on the third fic, and I think I'm just over halfway done. I think I'm probably finish it this weekend, especially because the second half of my week sort of opened up and I can spend more time on writing.

Though I'm sort of in a particularly strange little funk. I'm progressing well and having no problems with writer's block or anything, but the lack of feedback is sort of messing with me. I don't write specifically for reviews and I'd never do something like hold a chapter hostage for reviews, but it's weird. I do have some sort of sense of if what I'm writing is any good, but now I'm starting to think that sense is based at least partially on what people have said about my stories in the past.

So now I've written over 120,000 words of fic that no one else has given me an opinion on, plus it's all out of my comfort zone in that these fics have actual plot, and I've barely written these characters, and there's so much I don't know about the universe, and in the second story there's actual science happening...

So I'm writing the third story and my brain starts freaking out about how my plots suck and my characterization sucks and my pacing sucks and the whole universe sucks, wtf was I doing thinking anyone would want to read this?

At least I have a few advantages over my negative brain, including the fact that I want these stories told, no matter what anyone else does, so I'm finding satisfaction for myself in telling them. There's also that I don't think they're total crap, even if I haven't had any positive reinforcement about them.

So it's a strange little funk, yet, but I WILL PREVAIL. And then in a few months I'll actually be able to post this stuff. That will be a huge relief.

It doesn't help that there are so few K/S people on my flist. I really sort of suck at making friends. A friending meme would be awesome, but I don't know how often they come around and I really don't have enough gumption to do one myself. XD Maybe I'll feel differently in a few months.
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