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...I hate these things. I never quite know what to say. *ponders*

Well, I'm big into fandom and fanfiction, so while I do talk about my life, I also talk about fandom. Fic will often show up, and periodically you'll get meta. The main fandoms I'm into right now are Star Trek, Doctor Who, various Final Fantasies, Star Wars, Kingdom Hearts, X-Files, The West Wing, and Harry Potter, though I also read a variety of other movies, TV shows, books, video games, and anime. You can check my interests for pairing preferences within those fandoms, though I do like het, slash/femslash, and gen. I like grammar, a lot, and I'm usually very happy to beta something if I'm asked.

In case that list of fandoms wasn't a big enough clue, I'm a fandom magpie -- I see something new and shiny, I collect it, and I hold onto it. Current shiny will get the most exposure on my LJ, but I regularly read fic in all my fandoms, and I'm always happy to talk about any of them. I've written more than 150 fics in more than 15 fandoms, and those numbers are liable to go up at any time.

I am a shipper. I have very few fandoms where gen is my preference; mostly I find a pairing to squee over, and will do just that. Please don't rain on my squee. I don't care if you don't like my ship, as long as you're polite and don't bash the ship itself or me for liking it.

I am an unashamed romantic, and I love happy endings. I also love AUs, just in case happy endings don't work in canon. :p

There will periodically be adult content; please be responsible. I don't care if you're underage as long as you don't make trouble.

CURRENT SHINY: Star Trek, with an emphasis on Kirk/Spock.

Real life also happens to me somehow, and I do talk about it. Lately the fandom/real life ratio has been tipping more towards real life, but that's not to say it will always be that way. I'm currently in law school, so I'm probably going to talk about that quite a bit.

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