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My internet came back! By itself! I was hoping it would, but not expecting it because normally my computer doesn't like me enough for that, but then the internet came back without me needing to take it to the tech people!

I am still sick, and now on my period as well, bugger that, but I have my internet back.

And I started randomly following links today and a BRILLIANT NEW FIC AUTHOR. Well, new to me. I think I didn't realize she existed before because she's at ff.net, but she's got quite a lot of fic, some of them LONG (depressingly rare in DW fandom), and I've only just started devouring her. But the very first fic of hers I read was just as romantic as I like, which is actually extremely hard to do because I tend to like 'em so sweet they could rot my teeth.

I...don't think I'm being very coherent. XD But...awesome new author!

*excited flailing*

I don't care about being sick, and I don't care about being crampy.

*still flailing*

Date: 2009-02-11 06:20 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] heart-of-man.livejournal.com
Do you want to plan on Friday night for the Vagina Monologues? I'm going to try to get my ticket in advance on Wednesday.

Date: 2009-02-11 06:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] rynne.livejournal.com
Friday night sounds good.

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